Net Neutrality VPN Warning

**Update 15 December 2017** – Yesterday’s open meeting on FCC’s proposal to repeal net neutrality protections in 2015 has sadly passed. The implications of this new change include broadband internet being no longer classifiable as a Title II service. As such, the regulations that go along with it will now be replaceable and ISPs will be able to practice paid prioritization, blocking, and throttling. To bypass these new restrictions, it is imperative you invest in a Net Neutrality VPN solution, before they are banned too!

What is ISP Maximum Speed Limit Throttling?

Throttling is defined as intentional ‘bandwidth choking’ or slowing down of internet speed by an ISP. It is usually described by internet service providers as a technique used to “regulate network traffic” and “minimize bandwidth congestion”. The ISP usually has freedom to throttle bandwidth in different locations at the same time and sometimes targets a single user specifically to reduce their bandwidth usage.

Bandwidth throttling has become a growing vice for internet users across the world. Net Neutrality in the USA should have been the end of it but new rules dictated by the FCC have compounded bandwidth throttling from various US ISPs.



ISPs track users’ activities, observing what content they are accessing. This allows them to see what users’ are streaming, downloading and browsing. The ISP then takes charge and reduces the speed limit for all users’ or a particular user based on their activity.

Today, millions of users’ are using top cheap VPN to bypass ISP throttling with a massive populace based in the United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom.

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Once under the protection of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) the ISP, or anyone for that matter, has no idea what users’ are browsing, downloading & streaming. VPN were primarily developed for one thing, accessing secure business servers & databases from another city, country or any other remote location. Recently VPN have evolved into multi-purpose tools to bypass ISP throttling, to bypass geo-restrictions, for security over public Wi-Fi networks, to secure communications and for anonymous online browsing.
bypass throttling

Figure 1 – A Simple Illustration of how ISPs Throttle Bandwidth

The ISP is the moderator observing the network for irregular usage events (flow & use of bandwidth) and if all of a sudden a user start’s consuming majority of bandwidth while streaming HD movies on Netflix, the ISP tightens the tap on the network to restrict that user from receiving high speed.

For instance, Comcast & Verizon (both large scale US internet service providers) have been caught in the act throttling customers’ bandwidth when they use Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming services. Our readers can check if their connection is being throttled by the ISP using the Battle for The Net Throttling Test.



How to Bypass Throttling on iPhone

Although the Apple iPhone is a powerful smartphone, it is still vulnerable to network throttling from the ISP side. Our recommended solution is to have a VPN always in handy for their multiple benefits including keeping you anonymous online, keeping your data & activity secure and bypassing throttling to name a few.

In her CNet article “How to tell if your wireless carrier is throttling data”, Sarah Jacobsson discussed how mobile carriers treat customers over different data limits. Using the Ookla Broadband Speed Test app, she conducted tests before and after exceeding her mobile data limit of 35GB. However, she concludes that after only consuming 5 GB of her mobile data, the provider began throttling her internet speed.

Once under the VPN’s protection, all your online requests & activities pass through the secure VPN tunnel ensuring that even the ISP can’t see anything. All the ISP will see is a connection to a server based in another country. Most throttling is generally conducted by ISPs over user connections that regularly stream video, play online games and download large size media.

To bypass throttling on your iPhone:

  1. Signup to a VPN service
  2. Download the VPN provider’s iOS app for iPhone or configure manually
  3. Sign in to the app with login credentials
  4. Connect to a server based in Canada, UK, Germany, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Belgium etc.

*Always remember to test connection speed over different servers to know which regions are best for your mobile internet connection.


How to Bypass Throttling on Android

It is common knowledge that mobile carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile and Virgin mobile throttle their subscribers’ 3G & 4G internet speeds even before they exceed the monthly data limit. After consuming the monthly data limit, ISPs sometimes permanently slow down your connection until the billing data has been reached, otherwise you can buy more data for wallet breaking add-ons (e.g 10 GB for $10).

Following these simple tips to ensure your Android device uses less data to avoid ISP throttling:

  1. Sign up to a VPN service
  2. Download the VPN provider’s Android App or configure manually
  3. Sign in to the app with login credentials
  4. Connect to a server based in Canada, UK, Germany, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Belgium etc.

*Always remember to test connection speed over different servers to know which regions are best for your mobile internet connection.


  • Use Chrome’s Data Compression

The Data Compression feature can be easily utilized by Android users in their smartphones to decrease their monthly bandwidth usage. To use this feature, users could go to Settings>Bandwidth Management>Reduce Data usage to enable compression.


  • Enable Data Saving Apps

There are different data saving apps available including Onavo Extend and browsers like Opera Max that can help users to consume less data.


How Does a VPN Bypass ISP Throttling?

ISPs tend to monitor their users’ online activity looking for events where a particular user is consuming a lot of network speed. Although this may be considered an invasion of privacy, ISPs do it regardless. A VPN, in this case, tends to bypass ISP bandwidth throttling techniques by accomplishing the following:

  1. Route all user traffic through a VPN server
  2. Replace real user IP address with one from its server
  3. Makes user activity anonymous using tunneling protocols
  4. Secures user traffic using encryption algorithms

bypass isp bandwidth netflix throttling

If you observe Figure 2 above, the same user from Figure 1 is now connected via a VPN server, the ISP has no idea what the user is accessing. Simultaneously, the VPN is actively bypassing ISP throttling allowing the user to browse online without speed limits or “slow lanes”.  Below is a screen capture from my Windows VPN client:

vpn for bypass isp limits

Notice on the bottom right (marked with red outline) that our IP address has been replaced with one from Luxembourg and the VPN shows my location within Luxembourg. The ISP will now see nothing but a connection to the Ivacy VPN Luxembourg server and nothing else.


How to Bypass ISP Throttling without VPN

There are ways to overcome ISP throttling without VPN too. Here are some tips to ensure your connection is not throttled:

Conduct Speed Tests

You can routinely conduct speed tests to determine the speed of your internet connection. Consider testing your mobile internet speed over or every time you cross the 5, 10, 15 & 20 GB thresholds.

bypass isp restrictions without vpn

You must perform speed tests to explore the weekly comparison of your internet speeds hence you will be able to see at what data limit your network is actually throttled. Similarly you will know at what times your network attains maximum bandwidth or speed.


How to Bypass Throttling By Rooting Devices

To proceed with the root you will need some prerequisites:

Once you have all three steps completed, let begin rooting your device to bypass ISP throttling.

  1. Connect your android device to the PC and turn on ‘file transfer’ mode
  2. Browse for your current Android Rom using Windows explorer and unzip with an extractor (WinZip, WinRAR etc.)
  3. Now, go to System > framework folder and extract jar file to your desktop
  4. Next, open jar and extract the file classes.dex to your desktop
  5. Cut and paste the dex file to your SDK-tools folder
  6. jar & baksmali.jar from the link provided above, rename these files smali.jar and baksmail.jar
  7. Move both jar & baksmail.jar to the SDK-tools folder
  8. Open a command prompt, change directory (cd) to SDK-tools folder
  9. Now type, java -jar baksmali.jar -o classout/ classes.dex, look within the SDK-tools folder you will now see a new folder named classout.
  10. Open the classout folder and find 7 files with ‘throttle services’ in their title. Delete all 7 files. In the command prompt type, java-Xmx512M-jar smali.jar classout/-o new-classes.dex. This should repack your edited files and create a new file called new-classes.dex.
  11. Move (Cut+Paste)the new-classes.dex to your desktop, and rename the file dex
  12. Open the services.jar file on your desktop using your zip software (WinRAR, 7zip or WinZip). Right click and choose “Add file”, then add dex to this zip archive, proceed by clicking Save or Replace (whichever option appears)
  13. After adding dex to theservices.jararchive, copy and paste it to your SDK-tools folder. Now, connect your phone to the pc using a USB cable.
  14. Before finishing up, boot into the recovery mode of your backup software (ClockWork, TWRP etc.). Select ‘mount& storage’ and mount/systembefore moving to the next step.
  15. Go back to the command prompt, change directory to SDK-tools folder, if you’re is already therethen move to the next step
  16. Type in the command prompt ‘adb push services.jar/system/framework/’
  17. Reboot your phone and enjoy throttle free internet

Note: this is a very ancient way to bypass throttling, do remember that AT&T & Verizon do not use client devices to throttle anymore (so this guide is useless for subscribers of these two ISPs)


Before we move ahead with this section, do remember that this is not a recommended or even suggested method to bypass throttling on your Android device. The editor highly discourages ‘rooting’ you device in the first place. There is no fun in messing up the routine functionality of your Android phone or tablet, for a bit of internet speed. and its members are not responsible for malfunctions in your phone& tablet, boot loops, or cancellation/suspension of your contract due to excessive data use!

You are agreeing to edit your Android rom, if you are not skilled to root an Android device “DO NOT CONTINUE” with the following process.


What to do if your ISP throttles VPN traffic

While all VPN traffic is securely encrypted and routed through a secure tunnel and hidden from all entities including your ISP, the ISP can still see the VPN tunnel itself. Therefore, your ISP can choose to throttle or completely block the connection from accessing the internet. It may be a viable strategy for ISPs to implement but a very bad one nonetheless. Businesses especially employ VPN services to securely connect their traveling employees to their servers when in the field, conduct online interviews &conferences, make secured payments, and protect their systems from data breaches. Throttling or blocking VPN tunnel traffic altogether can prove devastating from the economic point of view.

A known vulnerability known over when connected over the OpenVPN UDP/TCP protocols with random ports. The ISP can then block all VPN traffic on random ports, except TCP Port 443.Almost all websites & web-services use Port 443 with HTTPS (SSL protocol) to secure their traffic. By throttling Port 443 ISPs would cause a massive catastrophe or in modest terms “break the internet.” Known VPN throttling and blockades have been identified in China, Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia and North Korea, but, netizens have reported US ISPs including Comcast, Verizon and AT&T throttling their connections when using torrents. To counter the issue, netizens can simply switch to OpenVPN TCP Port 443.


The Pure VPN Open VPN Configuration file for UK-London Server with TCP Protocol 80

Since many VPN providers offer custom OpenVPN clients, it is easy to configure the protocol type and port using the default .ovpn configuration file. We installed PureVPN OpenVPN dialer and configured the UK Server for port 443.


We replaced the Port from 80 to 443 & saved the file to connect


How to Bypass Throttling On uTorrent

UTorrent being one of the most used file-sharing software is frequently monitored by ISPs all over the world. This is largely due to two major reasons:

  1. Torrents consume a huge amount of bandwidth on ISP networks
  2. Torrents use on networks can create legal issues & copyright infringement

While the concerns of torrent users remain valid, the limitations of ISPs also remain valid since an estimated 60% of global internet traffic (reported in 2015) is attributed to Bittorrent downloaders. This hogging of bandwidth leads to severe bandwidth throttling from ISPs, causing slower downloads and blocked P2P ports. Using what is called deep packet inspection ISPs determine which traffic on your device is going to which app or service, easily identifying your uTorrent downloads.

Bypassing ISP throttling on uTorrent however is no nuclear science, all it requires is a reliable VPN provider to keep you safely hidden behind a secure tunnel. To keep it simple I will not encourage modifying settings within the uTorrent software, all you need to do is:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service
  2. Download & Install the VPN app for your device or configure manually if easier
  3. Depending on where you are located, connect to a server in a Torrent allowed location (usually Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, Romania & South Korea are ideal)
  4. Go to, check if your IP corresponds to the one showing in your VPN app dashboard
  5. Launch uTorrent and enjoy throttle free torrents

The added benefit of VPN is that the ISP will never get to know what you accessed, downloaded or watched while behind the VPN service. You will also be protected from any malware, spyware, hackers or malicious scripts attacking your network.


Identifying and Avoiding BitTorrent Throttling

Throttling Torrent traffic seems to be the favorite hobby of ISPs even in regions like USA, UK & Canada where net neutrality laws exist. This throttling is based on the assumption that the user may be downloading copyright material from torrent trackers.
avoid bittorrent throttling

Scientific internet speed statistics monitor, Measurement Labs, provides real time throttling test statistics for regions around the world through it brilliant testing tools. Next time you are ready to download torrents, especially media that may be considered copyright material check the Measurement Labs tools to see if ISPs are throttling the network.


How to Bypass Throttling On Etisalat Network

Using a VPN remains illegal & punishable in the United Arab Emirates, but what most people don’t know is something that the legal experts of the country failed to mention. The actual law dictates that “using VPN to commit criminal activities and hiding criminal activities is illegal & punishable by law.”

In case you feel that your network or your activities like torrents, streaming or downloads are being throttled by Etisalat a simple VPN is harmless and in this case not illegal to use. In case your bandwidth is being intentionally throttled by Etisalat on both mobile & PC devices, a simple VPN preferably with apps will easily remove the throttling.

Some good brands that will definitely give you a complete privacy experience including ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Zen Mate, and IPVanish. The availability of apps across all major devices including Windows PC, Windows Phone, iOS, Apple Mac, Android and even routers has made it easier for users to instantly bypass throttling on Etisalat networks.

To bypass throttling on Etisalat network here is what to do:

  1. Shutdown all apps using internet
  2. Subscribe to a VPN service
  3. Download VPN app or configure manually
  4. Connect to a VPN server in UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, South Korea, Belgium etc.
  5. Enjoy throttle free internet on Etisalat


How to Bypass ISP Speed Limit Throttling in Streaming Services

When it comes to using streaming services like YouTube and Netflix, it is a common occurrence for some ISPs to induce bandwidth throttling. Not only does this result in videos buffering extremely slow, but is also hinders the experience of a fast-internet. Below we discuss ways to bypass the throttling on popular services.


How To Bypass Throttling on Youtube

If you have been encountering slow speeds while watching YouTube videos, chances are your ISP is throttling your bandwidth allocation. It is rather uncanny for ISPs to throttle speeds on YouTube, but you never know as network congestion on peak hours may increase, resulting in videos not loading without a lot of buffering. Some ISP’s may even use throttling for greed purposes to make sure users are not streaming many HD (1080p) videos on YouTube in real time, as they drain a lot of bandwidth.

To counter the issue, follow the same steps mentioned above for iPhone and Android. Re-routing your internet using a VPN connection will ensure all your data packets remain encrypted and untraceable to your ISP provider. This ensures they cannot detect which website you are visiting. Subsequently, they cannot apply bandwidth restrictions on YouTube. Make sure to use a strong protocol like OpenVPN with 256-bit AES encryption.


How to Bypass Netflix Throttling

There is nothing more irritating than watching your favorite movie/TV show online on Netflix and experiencing issues with streaming. Netflix becomes more like Waitlix. If you are tired of these buffering issues, despite have a fast internet connection, it is a clear sign your ISP is throttling your bandwidth. To get rid of these restrictions, it is a good choice to opt for a VPN service.

From the list of servers, choose a fast US connection. This will mask your identity by switching your IP address, hence making it impossible to track your online activity. At the same time, VPNs boast solid encryption and unblocking features, which bypass bandwidth restrictions. This enables users to enjoy watching their favorite TV shows/movies with uninterrupted service!

Nevertheless, it is imperative that users opt for a reliable and powerful VPN that unblocks the streaming site, while also getting rid of throttling. Some of the best providers for accessing Netflix include PureVPN, ExpressVPN, VyprVPN, and


How to Bypass ISP Gaming Speed Limit

In the technologically advanced world we live in with innovations constantly being introduced, gaming has reached a level that defies the odds between reality and fantasy. Amazing graphics combined with fascinating gameplays have enhanced the gaming experience overall with many introducing online play as a generic feature. However, many ISPs use bandwidth throttling, which may cause interruptions while playing your favorite game!


How to Bypass Valve Throttling

One of the most commonly used gaming platforms that manages and distributes thousands of games globally, Valve is a victim of such throttling practices. If you want to bypass the restrictions imposed via speed limiting, it is necessary for gamers to subscribe to fast VPN services. We already mentioned above how masking your IP address helps in bypassing throttling. The same goes for when using the Valve client. To receive maximum speed, opt for a VPN that boasts fast, dedicated servers.


How to Bypass Steam Throttling

After going through a heap of user forums and Steam FAQs I was still unable to determine if it was Valve servers being throttled by Steam itself or user ISPs throttling connections based on network congestion. It wasn’t until I went through an article (published back in 2012) by Christian Cawleyin which he discussed how steam throttles users’ bandwidth to manage congestion on its servers.

steam throttling

You can also browse through the Steam Download Statistics page that offers complete download bandwidth statistics on its servers from different regions. This page will help you change the server you are downloading games through. For instance, if you are in the United Kingdom you will always download through Europe West servers.

From the Steam Statistics page select a server that has fewer users’ and closer to you. You can change your default download region from within Steam. Here is how to change region and bypass throttling on Steam:

  1. Go to your steam console
  2. From the top menu click View>Settings
  3. Next, click the ‘DOWNLOADS + CLOUD’ tab
  4. Click the ‘Download Region’drop down menu
  5. Now, select the server you identified with fewer users & closer to you
  6. Restart Steam, enjoy downloading with you full bandwidth!

If the trick above doesn’t work for you, the only other way is testing download speeds using a gaming VPN service on different regions. Now do remember, a VPN will cause data packet loss so make sure you already have a faster broadband connection. To bypass Steam throttling what you have to do is:

  1. Subscribe to a gaming VPN service
  2. Change download region on Steam using the steps above
  3. Connect your VPN to a server the same region as your download region
  4. Test your connection speed on Ookla (if still slow reconnect to a different server)
  5. Download your desired games without throttling


Bypass Data Throttling

Data throttling is a reactive measure used in communication networks like mobiles to regulate network traffic and minimize congestion. Many phone carriers may also use this for making sure that their users do not end up exceeding their bandwidth limit, as they get close to the expiration. However, the act is of throttling is still criticized, as most carriers boast about “unlimited data”.


How to Bypass T-Mobile ISP Speed Limit

If you feel your phone carrier is throttling your bandwidth, you can confirm by conducting a speed test or monitoring your data usage. If there are irregularities in the speeds received at different times, it is a good probability your bandwidth is throttled. VPNs are the ultimate solution to bypassing these speed limits, as it encrypts sent/received data packets, which prevent providers from seeing the content.

This way, you can move large amounts of data, but your ISP will have no way of telling what kind. It is imperative though that you choose a good VPN service that boast strong encryption features, along with good speeds and server performance. Look at the recommendations above for bypassing T-Mobile ISP speed limits instantly!


Real User FAQs


Question 1 – T-Mobile Sprint Throttling (USA)

So far my normal download speeds rarely break 100 Kbps on Sprints “Now” Network. It should be renamed the “whenever the f*** we get around to it” network.

In case you have had an experience like the unfortunate T-Mobile customer above, no worries we’ll get you sorted out in a minute. Throttling usually occurs when the ISP is monitoring your online activities looking for high speed & high bandwidth events. Once they notice such activities, users are placed in the low priority or ‘throttled’category.
As always VPN is the only pill that can sort out your ISPs throttling fever permanently.The Virtual Private Networkconnects you to a secure US server securing you behind leading edge encryption &tunneling protocols. This allows you to browse, stream, communicate and download without the ISP monitoring your activities.You can consider VPN an invisibility cloak for the internet.
Since you are in the USA it is recommended that you try ExpressVPN since the provider is established with a superb server network in the US. Multiple serversacross 15 US cities strategically placed for turbo speeds allow ExpressVPN to provide users with a perfect solution to ISP throttling. ExpressVPN’s US Servers are located in:

  • Los Angeles,
  • Santa Clara,
  • San Francisco,
  • San Jose,
  • Seattle,
  • Chicago,
  • New York,
  • New Jersey,
  • Washington DC,
  • Miami,
  • Tampa,
  • Las Vegas,
  • Denver,
  • Dallas,
  • Atlanta


Question 2 – Globe Network Throttling (Philippines)

Apparently this month Globe went back on their word and started throttling GoSurf 999 users who have Anti-Bill Shock (paying 1499 combined). So my 4G/LTE connection is now achieving 10 kbps, which is not even enough to load websites. I was assured by Globe sales staff that this would not happen during my 2 year contract duration but apparently that was nothing but a flat lie.
Being on a throttled network is always a massive fun kill especially on tablet devices. Take this poor Globe user on Philippines for instance even after a guarantee from the “honest”sales staff of Globe he is enjoying super 10 kbps speeds on a 4G network.
The simplest solution for this is to use a VPN without even contacting your provider. Staying behind a VPN server enhances data security and online privacy through state of the art encryption & tunneling protocols.The best thing about using the VPN service is that you can also route all your online traffic to pass through a Philippines server, allowing you to do what you love but securely.
Industry icon PureVPN located in Hong Kong is an ideal choice and provides 2 high speed torrents& VoIP optimized servers in the Philippines plus servers in Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Singapore, Malta, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. PureVPN is ideal for a number of reasons including zero data retention laws, more than 550 servers across the world, 5 logins using one account in addition to apps for Windows/Mac/iOS & Android.
Once you are connected to the VPN the provider will not be able to throttle your connection based on usage. Usually ISPs throttle traffic for streaming, gaming and torrent downloads, in simpler words anything that they can cap by bandwidth or data. This is usually done to up-sell users more data for as much as $20 per 10GB, this is a loophole telecom providers have found after the net neutrality laws in 2015.

Question 3 – Chromecast Throttling on Vuze Torrent Client

I’m a Chromecast subscriber, how do i bypass them to get high speeds using Vuze client?
To bypass T-Mobile throttling on torrents you have one choice. Use a VPN service with P2P & Torrent optimized servers I will recommend either ExpressVPN or PureVPN. I have used both and they are working absolutely fine with my utorrent client. Using what is known as tunneling the VPN will allow you to hide your torrent connections from the ISP and the VPN server will download on your behalf. Here is another user on Reddit with the same issue.
In accordance to T-Mobile’s terms of use you cannot use the unlimited $70 & $80 packages to download torrents. You can check this on T-Mobiles website in the Terms of Use document. The VPN will allow you to bypass the ISP and hide your torrent activity from being noticed by the provider.
I will advise you however to change from T-Mobile since they don’t support torrent downloads over their unlimited data plans. They throttle and place users in the low priority category even if they are not downloading torrents. They have an issue with streaming, torrents and any other activity that uses higher bandwidth.


How to Bypass Straight Talk Throttling

After going through a ridiculous number of user forums, news articles and social feeds I arrived at the conclusion that there is now way to bypass throttling placed on Straight Talk 4G LTE connections.

Previously TracFone, the company that operates Straight Talk for Wal-Mart, used to throttle user connections when they have reached the 2.5 GB threshold. The Conditions were revised in 2015 allowing users to get to the 5 GB threshold before being throttled. However, one particular user comment cancelled out Wal-Mart’s bold claims. This user’s connection was throttled after he had used 125 MB of data (less than a 100th of 5 GB):


straight talk isp throttling

In case you are being throttled on Straight Talk the best idea is to change providers. Wal-Mart & TracFone have already been sued and punished by the FTC for throttling users after advertising unlimited data in on their website & in print ads.

You can always try to use a VPN within your 5 GB usage limit, but that will stop working after you have gone over the 5 GB limit. Mobile plans do not work well with VPN since some data is lost due to packet loss. If you do have use well above 5GB of data we recommend you use a MIFI (mobile Wi-Fi) device, here are some options:

  1. Verizon MIFI
  2. AT&T MIFI
  3. Virgin MIFI
  4. Comcast MIFI
  5. Time Warner AOL


Another user on the isp forum thread did identify that only users that choose AT&T’s network on Straight Talk get throttled. But the comment was followed up by the one below so there is no guarantee that a particular network will not be throttled. Like I mentioned earlier invest in a cheaper and better MIFI device with better security & more features.

Always use a VPN service is you are using a Wi-Fi hotspot, there are no guarantees of security even when you are connected a provider hot spots.


How to Bypass Straight Talk Data Cap

Straight Talk is the preferred choice for many customers, who want to use a no-contract, prepaid phone. Initially, the provider claimed to offer unlimited data, text, and talk for $45 per month only. However, after using the service, many users reported to experiencing slow speeds. This brought to light that Straight Talk does indeed impose a data cap, after exceeding a 2.5 GB markup. As a result, many customers began questioning how to bypass Straight Talk data cap.

However, what they do not realize is that there is no way to bypass throttling, but you can certainly fool your provider. A VPN helps in boosting speeds by encrypting your internet connection and forcing it to pass through a secure tunnel, free from limitations of ISPs. This will certainly boost the speeds you receive. If you are in search for a different solution, you could always get GoSmartMobile’s 5GB plan for the same $45 per month. Throttling will begin after you use up the 5GB.


Straight Talk Data Cap Reset

Bear in mind that Straight Talk is a provider similar to Verizon and other leading names. As a result, it induces plenty of protocols to prevent users from using high-speed bandwidth. If you want to learn how to perform a Straight Talk data cap reset, a good choice would be to renew your plan. Another alternative is to use a VPN service. By masking your IP address and changing your location, ISPs will no longer be able to control your data speeds. This ensures freedom in exploring the internet at fast speeds, even without a straight talk data cap reset.


How to Bypass BSNL Broadband Speed Limit

It does not matter which mobile provider you are using in whatever part of the world. If you want to bypass speed limits, the solution comes in the form of a VPN service. Fool the BSNL network by connecting to a VPN. This will collect all data and encrypt it by sending through a secure pipeline. When data passes through this gateway, it becomes undetectable for ISP to decode the information. As a result, you can receive full disclosure to use the internet at high speeds for whatever task you want! This is because VPNs also provide shelter and protection from data snooping and hacking.


How to Bypass Verizon Bandwidth Speed Limit

Similar to the above mobile phone providers, Verizon also imposes bandwidth limitations that may hinder the overall internet experience. Recently, there has been news of Verizon specifically throttling all video streams on its unlimited data plans. If you want to bypass these speed caps, using a VPN solution is the number one Verizon data-throttling hack 2017. NordVPN has even confirmed that users of VPN services avoid the limits to Netflix and YouTube traffic.

Almost all reliable VPN services will work the same way in Verizon data throttling hack 2017. To avoid the speed caps, simply invest in a VPN like PureVPN or NordVPN. Connect to a high-speed server from within the U.S or outside. This will induce a Verizon data-throttling hack 2017, which will allow you to explore the internet at fast speeds, without the worry of your mobile provider keeping track of your activity. Encryption from VPN services protect all incoming and outgoing traffic.


In a Nutshell

Throttling maybe a growing issue these days, but, it is nothing that a VPN can’t solve. Netizens around the world are using robust VPN services to bypass throttling techniques deployed by ISPs. Torrent downloaders, online VoD streaming fans and even routine browsing users’ can use a VPN to ensure the ISP is not tracking and slowing down their connection.

Take the throttling test above and see if your ISP throttles your internet. In case they do, check out our tested VPN services to bypass throttling and choose the best one for your region.

Ameer Abbas

Ameer Abbas is a senior editor and a most viewed writer on Quora in Internet Privacy, Cyber Security, VPN and Torrents. He has continued work as a privacy advocate with Best VPN Provider and is working towards becoming an established privacy & security author online. Ameer takes a keen interest in technology, geo-political affairs and international cyber laws. Ameer loves outdoor sports including cricket, swimming, athletics, and football.
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  1. emad hamid says:

    I’m from a disputed land and here the internet is shut off(total blockade) commonly or i say at regular basis , so to overcome i use your freedom on Android with DNS server settings , the speed is almost equal to nothing because it shows some 3bits/sec ,but i can receive some Whatsapp texts and all ,
    actually your freedom needs a premium account to give a better speed , but it’s pricey . can i have an alternative to it , and when government don’t block the internet they simply slow down the speeds to 15kbps and no vpn bypassed the isp which is frustrating
    just need your help

  2. Ahmed Shogi says:

    hi, i am from sudan and i have suscribed to unlimted internet but they give u 1.5GB a day then only browsing is there a way to bypass it

    • admin says:

      Hello Ahmed. Thanks for commenting. The solution is simple and mentioned above. You can bypass bandwidth limitations by investing in a VPN solution. By masking your IP address and making it appear you are located in a different country, it can be impossible for local ISPs to impose data restrictions.

  3. pmshah says:

    Don’t even suggest use of VPN on Etislat services. This is the default telephony and internet service provider in Dubai and owned by the sheikh. It is illegal to use any kind of VPN in UAE. You can land in jail and / or be deported.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your comment pmshah. It is true that using a VPN in UAE can get you in legal hassles. Same goes with those located in China (the government has even blocked VPN services from app stores). However, that doesn’t stop most from using them to unblock services. Providers like ExpressVPN and NordVPN are exceptional for offering excellent anonymity and privacy.

  4. Ryan says:

    I recently subscribed to an ISP that uses 4G LTE to transmit data. We have a data throttle of 10mbps download and 3mbps upload. When they installed the service, it was capable of reaching about 50mbps. Would a VPN allow me to get around that throttle?

    • Admin says:

      Yes most certainly. That’s precisely how VPNs come in handy. Connecting to a high-speed server is one of the quickest ways to bypass throttling, while also encrypting your traffic – so that you ISP cannot monitor/log/track your internet activity.

  5. Gunner says:

    I have been having throttling issues with media com. My ether wallet uses p2p to download block chain. I never sync. When I engage my vpn it doesn’t help. I tried utorrent via my vpn and got 6kb sec down. How do I solve this?

    • admin says:

      Such issues are to be expected when you are connecting to a server in a different country. Try establishing a connection with a different server – one that experiences less load.

      • droidvpn says:

        in my network they have some weird rules applied. so here its is what i do and happens
        1.turned on data and connected to droidvpn
        2.after download reaches 1.75mb (if i stays without download anything and even download is about 200kb all ports get closed after about 2 minnutes) the connection get lost and droidvpn says downstream inactivity detected then i press connect again in droid vpn and the vpn is not able to connect or find an open port. i turn of the data and turn it again and still its not connecting
        4. so i made a new apn with random names and activated that apn and now this time its connecting but again after 1.75mb or sometimes it raches to 8mb if download speed gets very fast but again all the ports get closed. i again switch the apn and again it gives connection. so i have two apns created and i keep switching it when ever one apn expires.

        SO i hope you guys understood what is happening with me and also plz give me a solution to bypass this

  6. Jeff says:

    Hi, Will the ISP still can see my used data even after using VPN?

    • Ameer says:

      Yes they will know how much data was used even with the VPN on since all bandwidth statistics are recorded. But they will nto know what you used it for unless they get to your VPN service provider.

  7. aftab says:

    Mine is jio LTE gives 1GB for one day ,after that it throttle.But use aop like ookla net it shows up to 40MBps but my YouTube don’t even load at 144p mine (1080p moto x play ).could you help me.mine rooted ,I like to play with system file,plz help!!!

    • Ameer says:

      Since your 4G service has a limit it is not throttling, you can only use up to 1 GB on 4g then your speed falls to ordinary 512kbps or 256kbps speeds.

      The best way to change this is to get a 4g subscription with a larger data bucket like 10GB or 20GB. Remember throttling is when you have your 1GB data limit and streaming or browsing becomes slower. When you have finished your limit it cannot be categorized as Throttling.

  8. Solomon says:

    Hey man! nice post. But I’ve got a question.
    I subbed for an unlimited 4G LTE plan for a month. The only restriction I had was that if the data usage gets to 75Gb it automatically reduces my speed. Am I eligible for this throttle bypass?

    • Ameer says:

      Mobile 4g providers usually have a Fair Use Policy that describers the data limit you can use. If yours is 75GB then you can use 4G till that limit, after that your connection gets downgraded and you use the slower speed.

      This isn’t really throttling since they have already informed you of the limit. Now in case your ISP throttles the connection during you have the 75GB then you can definitely use a VPN to avoid it.

  9. Hans Flemmenwerfer says:

    Hey there,
    Recently, I capped out my 200gb data allowance. Telstra has since limited my download speed to 256kbs. Do you think this would help me? Is this also throttling, or is it something else?

    • Ameer says:

      if they place you in a limit (like the 200GB you had), then its basically downgrading your connection not throttling. You can try with a VPN but it wont really return your speed to normal, has happened to me before.

      The best thing to do is get a connection with a bigger data limit. mine usually has 320GB so it works out quite well even with the torrents and live streaming.

  10. vijay says:

    hi guys,

    m using tangerine uganda where my speed is 1mbps i want to increase plz help me to increase

    • Ameer says:

      Hi Vijay, I’m sorry but a VPN will not increase your speed since its not throttled by the ISP. You can only experience faster speed in case the ISP is choking your bandwidth.
      The only way to increase your speed is to upgrade your internet connection to another package. A VPN does not give you more speed unless it is being throttled by the ISP.

  11. Wizurai says:

    I am from Malaysia. Thank you for your explanation about the VPN. But I still wonder if you have a light on these issues. I use a service Celcom (one of the largest telcos among telecommunications companies in Malaysia). Celcom provide free basic internet plan to each of its customers through a specific plan, for example MagicSim. But Celcom only limit to a maximum of 500MB of data per month and the internet speed is restricted to a maximum speed only reaches 64 kbps. Maybe it’s just for basic internet to a user’s Facebook, Whatsapp and social facilities other. I have tried many VPN service (usually trial plan which limited by timer or which have had a free with limited data) and the latest I’ve stopped using (paid service) is a VPN service that for me “is not much help.” The question is, though I have been using the TCP 443 to try to bypass the internet speed restrictions, but nothing changes. Do users like me (internet user base MagicSim) have a solution? So far I’ve only been subscribed VPN service from just one VPN service only. This is because I am afraid to use other VPN service if it is “not helpful”. Is there any solution to this? Thank you.

    • Ameer says:

      Hi Buddy, yes you will be stuck with the same speed since that is what the provider has assigned to you. This is not throttling just your official speed that Celcom gives you.

      The only way is to subscribe to a 3G/4G plan and they usually come with a larger bucket of data. My 3G comes with 1GB of data to use over the month, find something similar a VPN will not work since this is not throttling.

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