It is high time to experience some of the most attractive and Best Kodi Addons of july 2017. There are numerous addons that will allow you to enjoy movies, TV shows, live sports, and various other forms of content but some addons are geo restricted. Read our KODI VPN guide if you want to access geo restricted addons.

best kodi addons list


But before we go onto revealing our list of 45 latest best Kodi addons, you should know that Kodi was previously known as XBMC, and is an open source software developed for improving home entertainment experience of media lovers. It has been continuously modified and upgraded by different coders from all around the world. Currently, over 200 translators and 500 developers have reformed Kodi since its creation.

All Kodi lovers should take a big sigh of relief as there have been various kinds of interactive and appealing Kodi addons introduced in 2017. You can easily replace the outdated Kodi addons with the latest ones. After using these best kodi addons, we expect your entertainment experience to reach new heights.

Here are 45 most desirable best Kodi addons for shows, movies, sports, anime, and live TV:


Best Kodi TV Shows Addons for July 2017


Add-on #1: Phoenix Kodi Addon

When you want to explore complete range of media then it is highly recommended that you should consider this addon. Phoenix offers extensively organized media library that will definitely come up with the expectations of TV lovers to a certain extent. The best thing about this addon is that viewers are allowed to access and watch thousands of movies, TV shows and many more. Read our guide on how to install phoenix on kodi.

phoenix kodi addon review


Add-on #2: Vdubt 25 Kodi Addon

Vdubt is a new entrant in the domain of entertainment industry. You can watch documentaries and news from USA Live TV as well. In addition to this, you can also view famous TV shows and other channels through this amazing and innovative Kodi Addon.

vdubt kodi addon review


Addon #3: UK Turk Playlists Kodi

All Kodi enthusiasts need to know this wonderful addon in a detailed manner. UK Turk playlists provides full range of popular TV shows including cartoons and documentaries.

uk turk playlists kodi addon review


Best Kodi Addons For Movies (July 2017 List)


Add-on #4: Veetle Kodi Addon

This Kodi addon works in the same way as UK Turk playlists does because it gives complete range of media to Kodi fanatics.  You can watch marvel movies and popular TV shows such as Star Trek and others in an interactive way. All the desired and much needed movies and shows can be easily found under one umbrella of Veetle.

veetle kodi addon review


Addon #5: 1Channel Kodi Addon

1Channel is one of the most popular Kodi addons and can be used as an alternative to Exodus. Therefore, when you want to view exciting movies and TV shows then you must explore this addon. You can listen songs using 1Channel as it has a remarkable music library, consisting of old and new famous songs.

1channel kodi addon review


Addon #6: Exodus Kodi Addon

Exodus is another Kodi addon that works best for streaming movies and TV shows. It has an appealing user interface that much correlates with Netflix. You can search the movies with the help of actors and actress names in a simple way. Read our complete installation guide on exodus and how to bypass not working error.

exodus kodi addon review


Addon# 7: XMovies8

XMovies8 was previously available through both the Fusion and MetalKettle repositories until both were recently taken down. You cannot use the add-on any more since both repositories are now offline. There is a chance that MetalKettle may return according to KodiTips.

XMovies8 kodi addon


Best Kodi Addons For Live TV (July 2017 List)


Addon #8: cCloud TV Kodi Addon

This is an interactive Kodi addon which provides online Live TV streaming services in various languages for viewers.

ccloud kodi addon review


Addon #9: USTVNow Kodi Addon

USTVNow offers great level of entertainment services by providing fewer channels in high definition quality. But first, viewers will have to subscribe from the official website of USTVNow to run the add-on. USTNow has gained high popularity among US viewers over the years and is one of the best Kodi addons being used today. Read this guide on how to watch USTVNow and Installation Tutorial.

ustvnow kodi addon review


10: iPlayer WWW

Probably one of the most used add-ons when it comes to British soap operas and sport, BBC iPlayer, remains to this day Kodi’s most popular add-on. Loaded with all live programming and catch-up TV features available on the website and mobile apps, iPlayer is your one stop for news, live radio, sports, TV series and documentaries if you have the taste for it. Do remember that the iPlayer WWW add-on is unofficial and may misbehave and is not associated with the BBC in anyway.

iplayer www kodi addon

iPlayer add-on provides you a huge range of categories including highlights, live radio, live TV, programme lists, categories, a search feature, red button feature & much more. The add-on is available in the Kodi Add-on repository available by default in every Kodi media centre version.


11: MetalliQ

Kodi streaming users who have several add-ons installed in the media centre will definitely love MetalliQ. MetalliQ is an add-on dedicated to search for your favourite media from across all video streaming add-ons saving you a whole lot of effort & time. To download MetalliQ you will have to download the Q Repository from here.

MetalliQ kodi addon

Delivering exactly what is promises, I really liked how simply and self-acting MetalliQ is. The amazing fact is the add-ons ability to fetch all active links, as my test confirmed.


12: BOB

Available through the noobs & nerds repository, BOB is not supported by the Kodi team. BOB unrestricted add-on is the revival of the team that previously brought us the renowned Phoenix add-on. BOB is a phenomenal add-on offering a massive library that includes live TV, movies, TV shows, kids entertainment, music, sports and much more.

bob kodi addon

The Valhalla section was my favourite with something for everyone in it. You will find categorized entertainment by genre and even a ‘DC vs Marvel’ section giving you access to all released comic inspired movies.


Top Best Kodi Sports Addons for Live Streaming (July 2017 List)


Addon #13: Stream Engine Sports Addons For Kodi Krypton

When you want to practically experience non-stop entertainment then it is better to view Stream Engine. There are different kinds of categories available for all sports, movies and TV shows lovers separately. At the same time you can also watch different channels such as ESPN, Sky Sports, NBTV and many more.

Stream Engine Sports Addons For Kodi Krypton


Addon #14: Navi X Kodi Sports Addon

Navi X provides access specifically to sports addict in a fantastic and adorable manner. After using this interactive Kodi addon, you can stream and watch different sports channels live. This addon also gives information about the most viewed channels duirng the last 24 hours to its viewers.

Navi X Kodi Sports Addon


Addon #15: Castaway Sports Add-on

Castaway is one of the fastest upcoming sports streaming add-ons available on Kodi, known for its high quality live sports streaming. Castaway is available in the Fusion repository.

Looking at what Castaway offers, I was just mesmerized at the variety of sports streaming links available. The fairly simple interface offers you 6 features including:

  1. Live Sport – Access to 13 live streaming sources for football, boxing, rugby, baseball, golf, ice hockey, motorsport and many others.
  2. Live TV –17 superb sources to stream live TV channels, sports, music, news, documentaries and lots more from over 10 countries.
  3. P2P Corner –High speed P2P and torrent based sources for a massive selection of movies, TV shows, amateur videos, documentaries, live news, live sports, religion, culture and lots more to watch.
  4. Sports on Demand – Live Sports events only available when being broadcasted.
  5. Sub Reddits–A place to add your favorite sub reddit to use within Kodi to get latest streaming links, add-on information and bug fixes.
  6. My Castaway– A dedicated place to save all your favorite channels within Castaway.

Castaway is available in the Fusion repository and can be installed as follows:

  1. From your Kodi home screen click Add-ons >then click the Add-on Browser icon
  2. Click “Install from Zip File” > Fusion >Kodi-repos > English>
  3. Let the repository install and wait for the notification

Castaway Sports Add-on

4. In the Add-on Browser menu click Install from Repository > natko1412 repo> Video Add-ons >click to install Castaway

5. Now you have successfully installed castaway. Enjoy your stream time.

just a castaway


Addon #16: Acestreams Addon For Streaming Sports On Kodi

Kodi sports fans thinking that a new add-on is finally here to sort out their streaming needs, well unlucky guys it’s not an add-on. It’s something even better! AceStreams is the media platform for a “new generation” designed to fetch more sources for your live streaming Kodi add-ons especially handy for sports streaming. Read our acestreams installation guide here.

Acestreams Addon For Streaming Sports On Kodi

The real treat here is for sports fans who will simply love the quality and performance of Ace Streams. If you were thinking just where to get AceStreams links and hash files, here are some cool Reddit groups to find live match links:

  1. MMA:
  2. Football/Soccer:
  3. NFL:
  4. NBA:
  5. Boxing:…
  6. Source TV Links– 1000+ AceStreams Sources


17: NBC Sports Live Extra Legacy

NBC Sports Live Extra is the official add-on of the network providing Kodi fans with live programming, Highlights, Replays and featured content from the network. The add-on is available through the eracnophobia repository, which can be downloaded from here. Use the Install from Zip File Option to download the repo and Install from Repository option to get the NBC Sports Live Extra add-on.

NBC Sports Live Extra Legacy

NBC Sports Live Extra being an official add-on requires that you authorize your Kodi device before you watch anything on it. While you can watch anything listed in green letter on NBC Sports Live Extra, those in all other colors is premium content. Some content in the Featured section and most in the Highlights section is available to watch for free. Authorizing your device to watch NBC Sports Live Extra is very simple. To authorize your device:

  1. Just click the link from any of the sections that you wish to watch,
  2. A box with a registration links & an authorization code will come up,
  3. Go to the website enter the details and your cable provider
  4. You will be taken to the cable provider’s website and just enter your cable provider credentials there
  5. It will authorize your device allowing you to watch NBC Sports Extra instantly

NBC Sports Live Extra Legacy kodi addon


18: FTV (FilmOn TV)

After the Fusion repository was taken down, all add-ons hosted by TVADDONS were either discontinued or moved to other repositories. The renowned FilmOn TV or FTV add-on also suffered the same fate and was eventually discontinued. Sadly, I couldn’t find any other repos that host FTV.


19: Sanctuary

One of the very few Kodi add-ons which can be called an all-rounder is Sanctuary, available through the back2basics repository.  The add-on has a massive library including both IPTV channels & VoD content, for everyone. There are especially lots of cartoons for kids plus a sports section, multiple IPTV sections, and a TV guide to choose from.

Sanctuary kodi addon

The feature that I loved in Sanctuary was its Freeview & Premium channels from the United Kingdom. You will need a VPN to watch them, I however couldn’t get any of them to work with my VPN service so I will try again from home.  I really want to get Sky Atlantic to work because it airs Game of Thrones live and ITV where I can watch the English Premier League for free. Do remember that not all sources work on Sanctuary and they require VPN to get working.


Amazing Anime Add-ons to Enjoy on Kodi

Being a Manga & Anime fan, the genre was the first category I added to both my Kodi Jarvis & then my Kodi Krypton Estuary desktops. Kodi offers a massive selection of anime & HD cartoons through various add-ons including those streaming directly through torrents.

Phoenix was my favorite & first choice Kodi add-ons to search for the latest Anime series.Until recently the add-on for working fine till it completely stopped working hence leaving us with many different anime add-ons.

So, I embarked on a research missionto find thelatest & best anime Kodi add-ons, and these are the one I found working perfectly:


20: AnimeGo

Our countdown begins with AnimeGo which is possibly the best Anime add-on currently running on Kodi. The add-on is fully functional and was recently updated with latest animeTV series & movies.One thing that you will love is that all features in the AnimeGo menu works, there are no dead links that I have come across yet.

anime go video kodi addon

AnimeGo entertainment has been brilliantly categorized into lists of:

  1. Favorites
  2. Movies (Alphabetical &Top Rated)
  3. Shows(Alphabetical & Top Rated)
  4. Movies & TV Shows Genres
  5. A dedicated search option, and
  6. Recently added movies & TV Shows

Apart from being one of my favorite &most highly rated Kodi add-ons, AnimeGo, is a great place to get the latest in anime entertainment on Kodi. Install the AnimeGo add-on by downloading the DK-XBMC repository zip file from here.


animego repository zip file


21: Cartoons8

Second on our countdown is Metal Kettle repository’s Cartoon8 add-on with its own dedicated anime section. With categorized anime inNew & Hot, Newly Added, Popular, and Alphabetical lists, plus, an embedded search feature the add-on is for the usual anime fanatic.

cartoons8 kodi addon

The good thing about Cartoons8 is that the add-on is regularly updated allows watching from a massive anime & manga library. The only issue is that some features are unavailable at time, so do keep that in mind. Cartoons8 is not an official Kodi add-on and is thus not supported on the official forums, but you can contact the creator of the add-on on Twitter @Metal_Kettle.


22: AnimeHere

AnimeHere is another brilliant anime Kodi add-on from DKNight the creator of AnimeGo. AnimeHere offers a better library, navigation and streaming sources. The add-on has a similar interface to that of AnimeGo, but has slightly different categories and the links are always active.

Loaded with all new series including “Avatar: Legend of Korra” to “Hunter X Hunter”AnimeHere is a superb add-onto have on Kodi to watch latest anime series & movies. I really loved the Latest Updated Anime and Top Anime categories since you get all the latest anime episodes without having to search for them.

animehere kodi addon

The Genre list is simply awesome,packed with everything from adventure, action, family, horror, drama and a lot more. The amazing thing is every link I have watched works, some series will not have links though and you will have to wait till the series or movie is made available.


23: AnimeRam

Simple and easy to go around AnimeRam is a great solution for Kodi mobile for its minimal features,it is available through the SuperRepo repository. The add-on is built for latest anime series episodes that are routinely updated. The interface displays only two categories Latest & List All plus a search option to quickly find your favorite anime series.

The alphabetically categorized library is VAST, and I mean its ginormous!

There was so much to browse through, new series and some brilliant quality links, most of whom worked just fine. For some reason VideoWeed links were not working for any of the series listed. AnimeRam is a great add-on to have if you like something simpler and fast to stream anime TV series, have a go and remember to  leave a review for the add-on in the comments area.

animeram kodi addon


24: Anime44

Anime44 is a well-designed Kodi add-on for anime, and is available through the SuperRepo repository. The categories are very simple:

  1. Movies
  2. TV Series
  3. Ongoing series, and
  4. New series

Apart from the categories you are blessed with a search feature that actually works and links more or less the same as the AnimeHere add-on. Do remember that the Anime Movies section does not work yet, and offers no media to watch.

So, with no movies available Anime44 is a purely TV series streaming option. The TV series section is a true blessing with excellent alphabetically categorized series,ongoing series, completed series, popular series and recent series to choose from.

anime44 kodi addon

So, that brings us to the end of our top 5 anime Kodi add-ons. Just so one of the add-ons above fail to work for you, here are some honorable mentions you can check out:

  1. AnimeFate
  2. PL
  3. AnimeGet
  4. tv (requires registering a free account)
  5. Animexx Videos
  6. Anime Static


25: Masterani

It is hands-down the best anime Kodi add-on that has some resourceful features easy enough to meet the expectations of anime fans. The search menu in Masterani is very versatile where over 40+ genre are available to search from. There is no way you couldn’t find an anime content to your liking.

You can find Masterani add-on from Alleidun’s repository where Alleidun is the author of the add-on. Multiple streaming links could be found for a single episode of a TV show or movies which makes it highly preferable for anime lovers.

Masterani anime kodi addon


26: FunimationNOW

FunimationNOW is an amazing anime Kodi add-on where you can watch SD and HD videos depending on your internet speed. All the anime content is dubbed in Japanese and English which covers the largest anime fan-base.

This anime add-on is already available in Kodi, you just need to install by clicking on add-ons > Video Add-ons > Options tab present at the bottom > Get more. The premium version of this add-on will have zero buffering to watch videos hassle-free.

funimation anime kodi addon


27: KissAnime

Amongst the popular anime add-ons, KissAnime is by far the easiest of the Kodi add-ons and is also a community favorite when watching anime content. This anime add-on is definitely the one you need to have it on your Kodi because of its media library flourishing from new and old anime content.

KissAnime kodi addon


28: Anime-IPTV

Anime-IPTV has come in to existence with the combination and collaboration of several different anime add-ons. Its unique feature being easy to navigate despite the fact that its menu options are not in English. You can still find any videos by clicking on the search icon.

Anime-IPTV kodi addon

You may find a few bad links every now and then, but considering the quality and availability of the videos is concerned, Anime-IPTV beats many Kodi add-ons.


29: Crunchyroll

With more than 25,000 episodes and 15,000 hours of officially-licensed anime content, Crunchyroll is the leading global destination. Japanese and Asian anime content is translated to multiple languages by professionals within few minutes after its airing on Japanese and Asian TV channels.

crunchyroll kodi addon 2017

Crunchyroll application for mobile devices are also available including applications for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE, Xbox One, and many other platforms. You can find all the latest anime content in Crunchyroll Kodi add-on that you may never find anywhere else.


30: is a brilliant Anime add-on for those with a sweet tooth for Japanese animated series. Now loaded with over 1400 anime series with subtitles available through Kodi it is ideal for Kodi Android users. is not available through a repository and requires you download the zip file for the add-on from GitHub, get it here. kodi addon


Best Fun Kodi Cartoon addons Kids will Love

Kodi is truly a universe of entertainment for streaming fans around the worl no matter what age and preference. There is everything to choose from live TV, sports, lifestyle, movies, TV shows, documentaries, foreign cinema, anime, cartoons and much more. While we usually discuss & list add-ons for sports, movies and TV shows, it’s finally time to offer some giggles to the little ones.

So, I previewed the best cartoon addons on Kodi that kids will love, here are my top picks:


31: Cartoon HD

Available through Kodi’s SuperRepo repository, CartoonHD is not really the best Kodi add-on for cartoons, just my favorite one. CartoonHD known primarily for its superb streaming library of children’s entertainment, also boasts a massive library of popular & trending movies and TV shows.


cartoon hd for kids kodi


I have previously used CartoonHD on Android, so to have the add-on with Kodi is just a great bonus. CartoonHD doesn’t offer the latest children’s entertainment compared to other add-ons but the good aspect is that all links work. There is also a search option so you don’t have to go through the entire library to look for your favorite media. The reason I really like CartoonHD is for its buffer free sources, seldom will you come across an add-on as stable as CartoonHD.


batman the dark knight returns on kodi


32: Kiddie Cartoons

Available to download through the MetalKettle & SuperRepo repositories, Kiddie Cartoons is known for its absolutely amazing categorized library of cartoons and anime titles. KiddieCartoons has something for every child from Barney the dinosaur to Barbie adventures.


kiddie cartoons on kodi


Children can also indulge in a long list of anime and educational cartoons to learn as they enjoy themselves.


33: B99TV

In my opinion B99TV is the best cartoon add-on for Kids on Kodi. The add-on only offers cartoons categorized by series, episodes, studio and search. The best feature of B99TV is its regularly updated library of sources and new media.


b99tv for kodi


B99TV offers cartoons from the 90’s, a great selection of animated movies, Disney entertainment and much more in a single add-on.


b99tv cartoons videos


34: Bobby’s Cartoons

A similar add-on to B99TV, Bobby’s Cartoons deserves its place amongst the top Kodi cartoon add-ons. Although not categorized like B99TV and KiddieCartoons, the add-on offers a great selection of entertainment for both children and for adults.


bobbys cartoons on kodi


Let the little ones enjoy classics from Disney while you enjoy iconic shows like Family Guy, Spiderman, Guardians of the Galaxy and many others.


bobbys cartoons video shows


Kodi Add-Ons For Android

Kodi media center has literally swept streaming fans across the world, largely due to its wide compatibility with all major operating systems, and Android is no exception. Compatible with any device running Android 4.2 and higher (phones, boxes & sticks), Kodi is an all in one media center to catalog & view your videos, photos and music. The Kodi Android app is now optimized with a brand new skin and touch features to make it more user friend for touch screen devices too.


Video Add-Ons

The benefit of installing Kodi video & IPTV add-ons, allows viewers to access a massive selection of entertainment directly on Android powered devices. So, to ensure users get the best entertainment from on your Android devices, I have assorted the some cool add-ons for Kodi Android users:

  1. Genesis Reborn
  2. Elysium
  3. Falcon
  4. 1080p Movies


39: NaN Tutorials Add-ons

Probably one of the most useful and helpful add-ons to learn the bits & bolts of Kodi is the NaN Tutorials add-on. Powered by the Noobs and Nerds repository, also deriving its name NaN from it, the add-on gives you access to various video tutorials for Kodi features, settings, hardware and live chat services. The add-on also provides troubleshooting and fixes for different Kodi errors, while offering complete guides for Kodi on Android, Linux, Raspberry PI, Xbox and PC Windows.

NaN Tutorials Kodi Addon



40: Football Replays

A popular sports add-on available through the Back to Basic repository is a decent add-on to watch international & club football matches. I didn’t have any live matches listed to test but the highlights section was working just fine.

football replays kodi addon


41: iStreams or Imperial Streams

Available from both the Mucky Duck Repo and Kodi Super Repo are now shutdown. None of the add-ons from Mucky Duck repository allowed streaming of any media when I tested it on Kodi Krypton v17. If anyone does get either to work, let us know.


More Top 20 Kodi Addons Names

  1. Specto Fork
  2. SALTS
  5. TV Mix
  6. SportsDevil
  7. channel PEAR
  8. VidTime
  9. Pro Sport
  10. Freeview
  11. Plex
  12. SoundCloud
  13. TuneIn Radio
  14. MP3 Streams
  15. Addon Installer
  16. Trakt
  17. BSPlayer & Subscene
  18. Picture Slideshow Screensaver
  19. ROM Collection Browser
  20. iLiVE StreamLive


Zen Is The Most Popular User Choice Kodi Add-on for July 2017

Last weekend we reached out to you, our dear readers, as asked you in our facebook live stream poll which Kodi add-on is the most popular in your opinion. We gave you 4 amazing options that included Ice Films, Much Movies, Zen,& PimeWire.


zen is most popular user choice kodi addon for april 2017


After a great response from all of you, the votes are in and the winner is …Zen. The people have spoken, Zen is the best Kodi Add-on for july 2017.


Why Is Zen Emerging As The Most Popular Kodi add-on?

While Exodus remains one of the most used Kodi add-ons for high quality movies, TV shows, and anime,Zenhas suddenly swept the Kodi streaming userslike a storm. Apart from the conventional features of Exodus, and Phoenix, Zen introduces some amazing features to the bundle. Powered by faster and better HQ sources for videos.


zen kodi addon review


One of my favorite additions in Zen was its watch list feature for both movies & TV shows. This allows me to create my weekend and holiday playlists to marathon through on days off. Similarly the Featured, Trending, Top rated, Marvel Universe, and Disney Collection menus available on the home screen are also excellent quick access features added within Zen. Brilliant features also include a TV calendar menu, an Airing today menu, and Returning & New TV show menus added to make Zen much simpler than other comparable add-ons. But probably, the pick of Zen’s amazing features is its superb “In Progress” feature that allows you to catch up to any incomplete movies or TV series you left half way.

Another brilliant aspect makes Zen the most popular user choice for streaming these days, which being its ability to fetch video sources from multiple HQ websites that also include premium sources including Alluc and Real Debrid


Best Kodi Addons: In the Last but not the least

We expect that you will have a riveting Kodi experience with these 45 best Kodi addons. Each of these addons can be used for multiple purposes but we took the liberty to segment them on the basis of sports, TV shows, movies, and live TV.  Using these addons, you can watch all your favorite media on Kodi live online from anywhere in the world. Check out our top five VPN services that unblock all channels in any region on KODI:

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      zen has now been renamed to ELYSIUM and you can find it in the noonsandnerds repo with a new address ( If you exodus is not working fine, you should abandon it because the legendary genesis reborn add-on is also back and it has faster links in HD. Do also try the 1080p movies add-on, it’s got everything exodus had.
      Don’t go to the Kodi official forums and social accounts for queries, they will not be nice to you. They are really insulting if you ask them about unofficial add-ons. If you are in the UK & USA try using a VPN because they also send you notices based on IP address.

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