It is high time to experience some of the most attractive and Best Kodi Addons of January 2017. There are numerous addons that will allow you to enjoy movies, TV shows, live sports, and various other forms of content but some addons are geo restricted. Read KODI VPN guide if you want to access geo restricted addons or check out our top five VPN services that unblock all channels in any region on KODI:

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But before we go onto revealing our list of 10 latest Kodi addons, you should know that Kodi was previously known as XBMC, and is an open source software developed for improving home entertainment experience of media lovers. It has been continuously modified and upgraded by different coders from all around the world. Currently, over 200 translators and 500 developers have reformed Kodi since its creation.


best kodi addons


All Kodi lovers should take a big sigh of relief as there have been various kinds of interactive and appealing Kodi addons introduced in 2016. You can easily replace the outdated Kodi addons with the latest ones. After using these addons, we expect your entertainment experience to reach new heights. A survey conducted by Wireless Hack concluded that Exodus was the most viewed Kodi add-on in August 2016, followed by Phoenix and 1Channel.


best kodi addons survey 2016

Survey Results of Most Viewed Kodi Addons for August 2016 by Wireless Hack

Here are 10 most desirable Kodi addons for shows, movies, sports, and live TV:


Best Kodi TV Shows Addons for January 2017


Add-on #1: Phoenix Kodi Addon

When you want to explore complete range of media then it is highly recommended that you should consider this addon. Phoenix offers extensively organized media library that will definitely come up with the expectations of TV shows lovers to a certain extent. The best thing about this addon is that viewers are allowed to access and watch thousands of movies, TV shows and many more.

phoenix kodi addon review


Add-on #2: Vdubt 25 Kodi Addon


Vdubt is a new entrant in the domain of entertainment industry. You can watch documentaries and news from USA Live TV as well. In addition to this, you can also view famous TV shows and other channels through this amazing and innovative Kodi Addon.

vdubt kodi addon review


Addon #3: UK Turk Playlists Kodi


All Kodi enthusiasts need to know this wonderful addon in a detailed manner. UK Turk playlists provides full range of popular TV shows including cartoons and documentaries.

uk turk playlists kodi addon review


Best Kodi Movies Addons List for January 2017


Add-on #4: Veetle Kodi Addon

This Kodi addon works in the same way as UK Turk playlists does because it gives complete range of media to Kodi fanatics.  You can watch marvel movies and popular TV shows such as Star Trek and others in an interactive way. All the desired and much needed movies and TV shows can be easily found under one umbrella of Veetle.

veetle kodi addon review


Addon #5: 1Channel  Kodi Addon

1Channel is one of the most popular Kodi addons and can be used as an alternative to Exodus. Therefore, when you want to view exciting movies and TV shows then you must explore this addon. You can listen songs using 1Channel as it has a remarkable music library, consisting of old and new famous songs.

1channel kodi addon review


Addon #6: Exodus Kodi Addon

Exodus is another Kodi addon that works best for streaming movies and TV shows. It has an appealing user interface that much correlates with Netflix. You can search the movies with the help of actors and actress names in a simple way.

exodus kodi addon review


Best Kodi Live TV Addons List


Addon #7: cCloud TV Kodi Addon

This is an interactive Kodi addon which provides online Live TV streaming services in various languages for viewers.

ccloud kodi addon review


Addon #8: USTVNow Kodi Addon

USTVNow offers great level of entertainment services by providing fewer channels in high definition quality. But first, viewers will have to subscribe from the official website of USTVNow to run the add-on. USTNow has gained high popularity among US viewers over the years and is one of the best Kodi addons being used today.

ustvnow kodi addon review


Top Kodi Addons List for Sports Streaming


Addon #9: Stream Engine Kodi Addon

When you want to practically experience non-stop entertainment then it is better to view Stream Engine. There are different kinds of categories available for all sports, movies and TV shows lovers separately. At the same time you can also watch different channels such as ESPN, Sky Sports, NBTV and many more.

stream engine kodi addon review


Addon #10: Navi X Kodi Addon

Navi X provides access specifically to sports addict in a fantastic and adorable manner. After using this interactive Kodi addon, you can stream and watch different sports channels live. This addon also gives information about the most viewed channels duirng the last 24 hours to its viewers.

navi x kodi addon review

More Top 25 Kodi Addons Names

  1. Specto Fork
  2. SALTS
  5. TV Mix
  6. Genesis
  7. SportsDevil
  8. channel PEAR
  9. FilmOn.TV
  10. VidTime
  11. Castaway
  12. Pro Sport
  13. NBC Sports Live Extra
  14. Freeview
  15. Plex
  16. SoundCloud
  17. TuneIn Radio
  18. MP3 Streams
  19. Addon Installer
  20. Trakt
  21. BSPlayer & Subscene
  22. Picture Slideshow Screensaver
  23. ROM Collection Browser
  24. Spectro Fork
  25. iLiVE StreamLive

Best Kodi Addons: In the Last but not the least

We expect that you will have a riveting Kodi experience with these 10 best Kodi addons. Each of these addons can be used for multiple purposes but we took the liberty to segment them on the basis of sports, TV shows, movies, and live TV.  Using these addons, you can watch all your favorite media on Kodi live online from anywhere in the world.


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