Are you someone who enjoys streaming Japanese music videos on YouTube and are living in United States? If yes, then we have bad news for you.

Recently, many international fans of Japanese videos residing in USA found that numerous YouTube channels hosting these music videos were blocked or removed by YouTube. When they did try to access these music videos, following message was shown:

youtube japanese music

Watch Japanese Music Videos on YouTube in US

So how do you watch Japanese music videos on YouTube in US? The answer, use a VPN service. With a VPN service by your side, you can watch Japanese music videos while being in US. This is achieved by the numerous servers offered by a VPN. Connecting to the region where Japanese music videos are available, you can bypass these restrictions and enjoy Japanese music videos on YouTube.

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Why Has YouTube Blocked Japanese Music Videos

Although the real reason for blocking Japanese music videos from YouTube is still debatable, many users are citing YouTube RED to be the real culprit. This is because YouTube RED is a paid service of YouTube and offers ad-free content for streaming.

The new revised policies of YouTube require companies and record labels to sign off on YouTube RED.  Those companies that don’t agree with the terms of YouTube RED will have their content removed or blocked from YouTube. Since YouTube RED is only available in US at the moment, these restrictions are only faced by user’s located United States.

Many YouTube users have seen this measure by YouTube as an act of greed. This is due to the fact that the main source of revenue for YouTube is through sponsored ads. When users use ad-block software to stop ads such ads from popping up, YouTube would take a hit. In an attempt to stop this, YouTube has started blocking content, just like the Japanese music videos, and to promote users to buy YouTube RED subscriptions.

List of YouTube Channels Blocked in US

A blog posted by an anonymous user published a list of channels that were blocked by YouTube in United States. The list contains some popular names, such as AKB48 and also various small indie labels. Here are some of these blocked channels in US:

  • Columbia Music Japan
  • Victor Entertainment
  • AKB48
  • HKT48
  • SKE48
  • NGT48
  • Teichiku
  • Pony Canyon
  • P-VINE
  • Dreamusic
  • Ling Tosite Sigure
  • Zankyo Record
  • Sputniklab
  • Yasuda Rei
  • Yamaha
  • Stardust
  • Flower
  • Scandal
  • Flying Dog
  • The Gazette
  • Resistar Records
  • Faith Music

Final Verdict

To conclude things, it is hard to believe that one of the world’s largest online video sharing and streaming service would implement such policies. The copyright issues may be another factor that would have promoted YouTube from blocking such content or perhaps it was just to minimize the effect of ad-blocks.

Whatever is the real cause for these measures remains to be seen. However, you have two options to stream Japanese music video on YouTube while being in US.

  • Either buy the monthly subscription of YouTube RED ($9.99 per month)
  • Or get a VPN service

With a VPN costing much lower than YouTube RED, we would recommend the latter option. You get additional benefits from a VPN as you can access YouTube library of any region (including Japan). A VPN also helps you remain anonymous and safeguard your data against numerous cyber threats.

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