Not so long ago, you could access Netflix anywhere in the world with the help of a VPN. With that being said, Netflix expanded its global presence over night by launching into 130 new locations. That didn’t stop users from using a VPN to access Netflix. Now why would you use a VPN since Netflix has just arrived in your location?

The answer: to have unlimited Netflix content to stream online. All the new Netflix regions are severely compromised in the number of titles offered to users for streaming. When you compared the titles offered by Netflix, the US region’s library contains the largest amount of content you can stream online on Netflix. Hers is a simple illustration of shows that are available in one region but not in others:

Why Netflix Blocking VPN Users is a Bad Idea

Now that Netflix has started blocking VPN and other proxy users, the time has come for such Netflix users to sit tight and pray that their VPN service is not blocked. However, by our reckoning, this new war started by Netflix is one that it does not want to win.

Previously, VPN users were dubbed as pirates for accessing Netflix content of different regions. However, do keep in mind that these VPN users were not downloading or sharing Netflix content illegally and were in fact paying for the service. So what promoted Netflix to wage such a war with its own customers?

The increasing pressure from copyright holders and content partners has perhaps led to this decision being made by Netflix. But, this battle is one that Netflix would like to lose. By restricting its customers to a specific content library is like tying them down with chains; not allow them to choose the shows or movies they want to watch.

This could have adverse effects as content piracy could increase as a result. Also, Netflix could lose large market share and forgo its dominance in online streaming service as users would flock to other streaming alternatives. For now, many VPN services are trying find ways to keep Netflix blocking at bay.

An Australian VPN / proxy provider, uFlix reported that it has found a solution to Netflix’s ban. Whatever may be the case, Netflix is playing with fire as this new VPN blockage could bite them back and cause severe damage.

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  1. Greggers says:

    I refuse to connect online without using a VPN as a standard security precaution. Netflix is now no longer safe to use via public wifi without taking extreme security risks with my devices. Bye bye Netflix.

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