Since its initial launch, DOTA 2 has given us outstanding moments, totally jaw-dropping moves, epic escapes, and some out of the world team fights where you can only say GGWP (good game well played)!

Having said that, nothing comes close to boiling your blood over and making you smash your keyboard in outrage, when you lose a game in DOTA 2 because of the epic failures by your teammates.

To commemorate these epic DOTA 2 fails, we took the liberty to compile some of these moments and pure NOOBism that were at display.

Noobs I Tell You, Noobs Everywhere!

Let’s start off with this – one of the NOOBest players we have seen in a long time.

Then there is this guy.

Words can’t describe such players in DOTA 2.

Spectacularly Failed Ganks

One of the most important parts of DOTA 2 is to gank players from the other team and mess up their game and farm. When ganks do come off they are awesome, but when they don’t then you would want to pull your hair out – like in this instance.

Or this…

Or perhaps this…

Oh, did someone say RAMPAGE!!!

If ganks were awesome, then doing a Rampage is one of the most beautiful things in DOTA 2.

If you had pull off a RAMPAGE then you know the feeling – it would be (perhaps) the happiest day of your life.

Final Verdict

Well, as annoying as it is, playing with a team that lets you down in key moments or a noob players that feeds the opponent, does teach you a lot. For starters, you tend to up your game and learn new strategies of avoiding similar situations in the future.

Usually lag and delay are one the key problems that disrupt the entire flow of the game. Having high ping and latency is the satanic omen for all online gamers – it will surely kill your online gameplay.

Having said that, whenever I come across a team that leads to failed ganks or lets the opposing team win a crunch match, I wish that somehow I could summon Zeus’s ultimate (Thundergod’s Wrath) in real life and F*@# those players in particular.

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