The Beijing based rich video hosting service, Youku, offers many of your favorite videos, TV shows and movies for free. But, only for people living in Mainland China. Access to content on is geo-blocked and is not available to people outside China.

If you do try to play your favorite video on Youku then you will be slapped with the notice stating “Sorry, this video can only be streamed within Mainland China.” Being denied the access to the very show you have been waiting so eagerly just because you are outside of China does not feel justified. Here is what happens if you try to stream online on Youku from any other region:

Youku VPN

Unblock Youku with VPN

Fortunately, with Youku VPN by your side, you can unblock the service and enjoy your favorite videos from anywhere. Simply put, a VPN is the most simple and cost-effective solution to bypass geo-restrictions and watch Youku outside China. Here are some tried and tested China VPN services you can use to unblock Youku and enjoy your favorite videos, movies, and shows.

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When you connect to a server located in China, VPN provider hides your original IP, changes your virtual location, and tells the service that you are accessing the website from China. This is how VPN enables you to watch Youku and other geo-blocked content regardless of your geographic location.

A VPN does not only hide your IP, but also encrypt all of your information and protects your privacy, making it impossible for anyone to identify you or the information that you send or received over the internet.

How to Watch Youku Outside China on Android?

Android devices also have their unique IP addresses, which websites read to determine the location of the devices. To unblock Youku outside China on Android devices, you must subscribe to only those VPN providers that are compatible with Android OS.

Simply, download the VPN application from Google Play Store, install it, launch the application, enter your username and password, and then connect through a Chinese VPN server. Once connection is established, you can enjoy your favorite videos without any interruption.

How to Watch Youku Outside China on iPad/iOS?

Watching Youku outside China on iPad or iOS powered devices is difficult, since the location of the devices can be easily traced by the website. It is important to select VPN for Youku that is compatible with iPad and other iOS devices. Using anyone of the above recommended Youku VPNs shall enable iPad or iOS devices’ users to watch their favorite videos, when they want it and where they want it.

The process is similar to that of Android devices and is quite simple. Just download the application from the Apple’s App Store (iTunes), install it, launch it, enter your username and password, select server located in China, connect and enjoy!

How to Watch Youku on Other Devices & Operating Systems?

Watching Youku with VPN is not difficult, but selection of the appropriate VPN provider is. Users are advised to select the VPN provider that is compatible with various devices/platforms like routers, Amazon fire, Android, Linux, Kodi, Windows and others.

We have tested different Youku VPN providers and presented our results in the ranking table mentioned above. These Youku VPNs will help users in unblocking the blocked videos, and will enable them to enjoy their favorite movies, TV series, music, tutorial and other content on different devices and platforms.

Access to every geo-blocked content

If you are planning to purchase a VPN for Youku, you would be amazed with the fact that once subscribed, you can also unblock US Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, BBC iPlayer, and NowTV etc. VPN gives you complete online anonymity by effectively hiding your IP, and protects your data through encryption.

So, you started reading this article looking for ways to unblock geo-blocked content, and we recommended few Youku VPNs. However, we are also obliged to tell our readers the other uses of VPN, so that they can ensure absolute privacy and data security.

Final Words

Have you ever come across YouTube’s error screen telling you “The uploader has not made this video available in your country.” How does it feel? Good, bad or worst? Certainly, having your right to access particular content revoked feels awful!

youku (1)

The Chinese counterpart of YouTube, Youku has also embarked on the same journey. Youku offers many of your favorite Western and Chinese TV shows, music, and movies for free, but only for people living in Mainland China. However, with a VPN you can easily access geo-blocked videos on Youku and other popular video hosting websites.

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