MotoGP 2016 Season Finale


It has truly been a phenomenal MotoGP season in 2016 with the final race scheduled in Valencia, Spain on the 13th of November, 2016.  After 18 massive MotoGP races there have been 8 different winners with Marc Marquez simply sweeping the competition aside.

Where to Watch the Valencia MotoGP Live

MotoGP is available across Europe and the world through its official TV broadcasters. Live streaming is also available on selected channels including Fox, ITV, BT Sport and Sport1. Here is a list of leading European MotoGP broadcasters:


Do remember that all these broadcasters are geo-restricted to viewers outside their official regions. For instance, BTSport cannot be accessed outside the United Kingdom similarly FOX cannot be accessed outside the United States.

To ensure you catch all the MotoGP action live it is essential that you have a solution to bypass the geo-restrictions and watch races as they happen. VPN or Virtual Private Networks provide you a distinct way to unblock any geo-restricted official streaming channel (FOX, ABC, BBC, CBS etc.) in a few clicks. Let’s relive some epic MotoGP moments of the 2016 season:

How to Watch MotoGP Live Streaming

Since most channels are blocked from providing video streaming to users outside their official regions, the only possible way to achieve this unblock is with a VPN service. A VPN service allows you to change your IP address with that of a chosen country (US, UK, Germany, France etc.)and virtually change your location to that country.

I proceeded to access the free live stream of ITV4 but was not allowed and the website showed me the following message:


I connected my VPN with a United Kingdom server using Ivacy VPN:


The ITV website was now unblocked with live high definition streaming ready to go:

ITV4 is also our recommended choice for streaming the MotoGP 2016 season online, because its free and the service provide HD streaming.


5 Fastest VPN for MotoGP Live Streaming

Every second, every lap and every turn is crucial in the MotoGP. Any moment can prove to be substantial for racers and hence requires you to have a high speed connection and a turbo speed VPN to unblock MotoGP streaming channels.Here is a list of our tested VPN services over various live streaming channels:

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The ideal way to find out if the service works for you is by either testing VPN services using free trial offers or using their 7 Days money back offers. Usually, most leading VPN services offer great connectivity but it is better to test a service just to be sure.

Remember that not all VPN services work the same for all subscribers and performance may differ by ISP and user hardware profiles.


MotoGP Valencia 2016 Schedule& Track Preview

Valencia GP will be the final showdown of the season & the MotoGP championship 2016. The Gran Premio Motul de la Comunitat Valenciana will welcome an elite list of MotoGP racers to end the year with what will be a great finale to the season.


Gran Premio Motul de la Comunitat Valenciana


  • 11th November to 13th November, 2016
  • Average Track Speed: 156.7 Km/hr
  • Top Speed: 335.9 Km/hr
  • Circuit Record: Jorge Lorenzo(2015) 1’31.367


The 4 kilometer Valencia circuit has been hosting MotoGP races since 1999. The 13 corner track has a unique stretch of 650 Meters that makes races really exciting during the opening and closing laps. Valencia’s ‘Gran Premio Motul de la Comunitat’ was voted best of the MotoGP in 2005 by the IRTA (International Road Racing Teams Association). The track seats some 150,000fans and the amazing fact is there are no black spots that restrict spectators’ view in any of the stands.


Watch Valencia GP
Don’t miss the final action

See You Again Soon

Get your engines started ladies & gentlemen the MotoGP season finale is almost upon us. As per the Motogp 2016 Season Predictions. Marq Marquez looks set for yet another 1st place podium finish while the Moto GP Championship 2016 call to him every passing day.

Check out our list of broadcasters and see if you can access them without an unblocker. If you can’t access the international streaming broadcast simply choose from our list of VPN and unblock it today. If you face issues unblocking MotoGP live streaming leave us a message in the comments section below.

Remember to share our article and add us on twitter @VPNBest to get latest privacy news and trending event updates. See You Again soon, have a great MotoGP season finale everyone!


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