When it comes to finding channels that allow you to watch British shows online, you might be spoiled for choice. Among all the names, Sky will certainly make it to your list. It is one of the juggernauts in British television and broadcasts wide variety of content. Sky Go is the online streaming service of Sky that allows you to watch all its content online in case you missed it live on TV.

Offering you popular television series, latest movies, famous reality shows, and other content, Sky Go is the ultimate solution for your online entertainment. Unfortunately, Sky Go is only available for viewers in UK. So if you are an expat, or an overseas student, or someone traveling outside UK, then you won’t be able to access Sky Go because of geo restrictions.

How to Watch Sky Go Outside UK

This is where a UK VPN service comes to your aid. Using a VPN, you can unblock Sky Go outside UK and stream all your favorite content from anywhere on earth. To help you select, we have gathered some of the best VPN services that have multiple servers located in UK. When you connect to these UK servers, you will be able to access Sky Go outside UK.

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Channels You Can Access on Sky Go

Sky Go has gathered content from numerous channels that fall under the umbrella of Sky. You can watch latest television series including sitcoms, dramas, soap operas, and reality shows to live sports events, latest music videos, cartoons, and best of nature and history. Here are some of popular channels that you can access on Sky Go:

  • ITV
  • Demand 5
  • Sky Channels
  • Sky Sports
  • Comedy Central
  • FOX
  • MTV
  • Discovery
  • Nat Geo
  • History
  • Nickelodeon
  • Disney
  • Nick Jr.
  • TLC

Watch Sky Go outside UK on all Devices

If you are some that loves to travel or like to catch up with your favorite shows on your handheld devices then Sky Go has got you covered. Sky Go has exclusive apps for iPhone, iPad, gaming consoles tablets, and Android devices.

In addition to these devices, you can also use Sky Go on your Windows PC and Mac.  And, if you run into the problem of geo restrictions then using anyone of the VPN services listed above, you can watch Sky Go outside UK on any device.


Offering thousands of shows and movies to watch online along with live sports events, Sky Go will help you satisfy all you’re craving for online entertainment. Hosting content from popular channels, including Sky Channels, you can watch all your favorite show or movie on Sky Go online.

Since Sky Go is only limited to the boundaries of UK, you can select a VPN from above and watch Sky Go outside UK. The multiple servers located in UK enables you to change your virtual location and access Sky Go from anywhere in the world.

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