“Big. Bold. Hits” That’s how Showcase defines itself as one of the best TV channels to operate in Canada. Owned by Shaw Media, Showcase TV Canada was officially launched on January 1st 1995. It is certainly amongst the top cable channels to come out of Canada.

Showcase has undergone several controversies over the years and in 2009, it rebranded itself by introducing new lineup of shows and hit movies. Now Showcase produces original content along with limited shows from American TV counterparts.

Since Showcase is a Canadian based service, the shows and movies are only limited to North American viewers. Due to the copyright issues and content license agreements, geographic restrictions are placed on shows and movies available on Showcase. When we tried to stream on Showcase TV outside Canada, we encountered the following error:

Watch Showcase Outside Canada & Enjoy Canadian TV Shows

How to Watch Showcase Outside Canada

To bypass geo restrictions and watch Showcase outside Canada, you need a VPN service. There are many VPNs that you can choose from but ones you should look for must have servers located in Canada. By connecting to these Canadian servers, you are able to unblock Showcase outside Canada and stream all your favorite shows online.

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Unblock Showcase TV While Traveling

Geo restrictions are a problem for all expats, overseas students, and workers residing outside Canada. If you are planning to travel outside Canada anytime soon, here’s a heads up as you’ll also face the same problem of geo blocks when accessing Showcase.

The best way to get around this problem is to pack a VPN on your travels. It will help you access Showcase from anywhere region through its wide server spread. A VPN has this unique ability to make you anonymous and spoof your IP address.

Once you are connected to the Canadian server, your original IP address is hidden and replaced with the IP address of the Canadian server, thus allowing you to unblock Showcase outside Canada. A VPN not only unblocks streaming websites, it also protects you from numerous cyber threats at the same time.

Shows to Watch on Showcase

Now that you know how to watch Showcase TV Canada from anywhere, here are some of the shows you can stream online. Showcase has had ground breaking success with its original content over the years. Some of these past hits from Showcase included Naked Josh, Paradise Falls, and KinK; not to forget the nationwide success of Trailer Park Boys.

Following the footsteps of earlier success, here are some great shows you can watch online on Showcase Canada:

  • The Magicians
  • Sherlock
  • Lost Girl
  • Outlander
  • Robot
  • Elementary
  • NCIS
  • Cradle of Lies
  • Reluctant Witness
  • Hawaii Five-O
  • Combat Hospital
  • Haven
  • Continuum
  • Beauty and The Beast
  • Rizzoli & Isles
  • 12 Monkeys


Showcase can be classified amongst the best TV channels from Canada as it offers wide range of TV shows and selected movies to watch online. The Canadian based TV broadcasters has had various makeovers and rebranding over the years.

Shaw Media can be applauded for their efforts since they acquired the channel and the way they have strived hard to produce great TV shows such as Lost Girl and Continuum.

Unfortunately, Showcase only offers its content to viewers located in Canada. This is a major roadblock for anyone who is a fan of online streaming. This is where a VPN comes into play, helping you to watch Showcase outside Canada.

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