The MLB season has kicked off April 2nd 2016 with fans preparing for another marvelous year of baseball scheduled to end in November 2017. 15 teams in the American and National Leagues will go head to head for a chance to feature in the annual World Series games. Tickets can be bought directly from the official MLB website, while we have prepared a proper guide for you to easily watch all MLB matches live online even when there are MLB blackouts in your region.


How To Watch MLB TV Free


MLB fans who have an ESPN or FOX cable subscription can watch the entire MLB season 2017 for free. The TV broadcast schedule can be found here, and fans who wish to watch MLB games online can do so by downloading the official app for their TV broadcaster from the respective app stores.

Sports broadcaster ESPN will broadcast selected games of the MLB season over its signature channels ESPN & ESPN2, you can see the schedule here. Fox Network will also play its part as an official broadcaster and will also feature games on the FOX & FOXSPORTS1 channels. Subscribers who have the ESPN and Fox cable subscriptions can also watch the 2017 season MLB games free over the Android & iOS apps available in their respective app stores. Below I have listed Broadcasters for selected regions of the world:


how to watch mlb tv free


You can also check out the complete list of global broadcasters on the official MLB.TV page.


How To Watch MLB TV Live Without Cable


The official online streaming service to watch MLB without cable is hosted by the Major League Baseball Association. MLB.TV is available for subscription in two packages:

  1. TV Premium Yearly – $112.99per year
  2. TV Premium Monthly – $24.99 per month
  3. TV Single Team pass Yearly- $87.49per year

You can watch the entire MLB season online with MLB.TV on all your supported devices including:

  1. iPhone & iPad
  2. Android – smartphones & tablets
  3. Apple TV
  4. ROKU
  5. Google Chromecast
  6. Xbox

Do remember that Blackouts and other restrictions will apply even on your MLB.TV subscription, hence some games will be unavailable to watch. These blackouts are however nothing to be worried about as you can connect using the IP address of another US city and watch the blackout game online without a worry.


How To Watch MLB.TV on Apple TV


Released just last year, the Apple TV offers an official MLB.TV app on iTunes, you can subscribe to the service through the app too. You can download and install the app directly on your Apple TV device and begin streaming as soon as you sign up.


how to watch on apple tv


For Apple TV streaming fans who live in regions with geo-restrictions, a VPN will do the trick and you can easily subscribe to the service by connecting through a US VPN server. Remember to turn your activate your VPN service before switching on the Apple TV.


How To Watch MLB TV On iPhone & iPad


MLB fans using iPhones and iPads also get to enjoy every moment of the 2017 MLB season live on their Apple mobile devices. The iTunes app store offers a superb app for iOS devices available to install free from anywhere in the world. Some regions may have geo-restrictions placed on their IP addresses so in case you don’t see the app in iTunes simply change your store region to US or connect your VPN service.

MLB At Bat for iOS is available for:

  1. An Yearly $19.99 , or
  2. A Monthly $2.99


how to watch mlb at bat on iphone and ipad

MLB At Bat app for iOS offers amazing features including:

  1. Customize iPhone & iPad menus with MLB Club icons (for iOS 10.3+)
  2. Dedicated iPad team pages to get all scores, news, and video for favorite teams
  3. Enhanced app UI Experience for navigation, statistics and HD streaming
  4. Updated Chromecast compatibility
  5. 3D touch notifications
  6. Detailed data on players of all 30 MLB clubs

If you have just enough mobile internet or a MIFI device you can stream your favorite games anywhere on the Go. The MLB At Bat app is designed to adapt to your device and provide the highest quality video without a single hiccup. You also get pundit analysis, statistics and latest news from all over the MLB universe.


How To Watch MLB TV on Xbox/Xbox 360 Consoles


Xbox One & Xbox 360 console owners can easily download and subscribe to the MLB At Bat app from the Microsoft app store. There are some requisites that you will have to meet to use MLB TV on Xbox, I have attached the official requirements in the image below the guide.

Xbox MLB fanatics can easily download the MLB At Bat app as follows:

  1. From your Xbox home screen Go to Apps> click Browse Apps>All Apps.
  2. Scroll through the list and find MLB.TV
  3. Select the MLB.TV app for Xbox to download.
  4. Once downloading completes, the MLB.TV app will launch automatically, and you can browse and watch any free content.
  5. Remember to sign in with your MLB.TV Premium account to get access to premium features of the app.
  6. When you wish to use MLB.TV app go to Video>My Apps>MLB.TV


How To Watch MLB TV on Xbox 360 and Xbox one Consoles

The territories mentioned in the above image are official locations where you can use the MLB.TV app on xbox consoles. In case you are outside these regions, you may require a xbox vpn to unblock live mlb game.


How To Watch MLB TV on Android


Being the most common mobile operating system used across the world, Android definitely has its own MLB At Bat app. The app is available on the Google Play Store and allows you to subscribe to a premium membership directly through the app. Like its iOS counterpart, the Android subscription plans are different from those bought over PC, Xbox, ROKU, Smart Blu-ray Players and Apple TV devices.


how to watch mlb at bat on android devices


You can get MLB At Bat for Android with the following subscription plans:

  1. Yearly -$19.99, or
  2. Monthly – $2.99

MLB At Bat for Android allows you to stream live matches, access real time statistics, get latest MLB news, squad updates and much more all in one great app. The user interface is absolutely amazing, stability may differ from device to device but a great user experience none the less.


How To Watch MLB TV Blackout Games in USA and Canada


The MLB respects the rights of its official TV broadcasters and “blacks out” or restricts games happening within certain cities. Such games are not streamed live online using MLB Network apps, and are made available later. The issue is not really a big fuss though, it’s the way the MLB manages its broadcasting rights.


how to watch mlb tv blackout games


To avoid MLB game black outs, all you need is a Virtual Private Network that offers IP addresses for another US city for instance New York, New Jersey, Seattle, San Francisco etc. In case you are in Chicago and your team’s match gets blacked out, simply connect your VPN service to a VPN server in another US city (any city other than Chicago) and keep enjoying live streaming in full HD.

You can visit the official “Black Outs Info” page on MLB’s website. You can read through the proper policy statement and find out if there will be a blackout in your region by entering your post code on the page provided.


How To Watch MLB Game of the Day


All MLB TV At Bat apps and the website streaming service contains a featured match every week that is tagged “Game of the Day”. All premium subscribers get access to watch MLB Game of the Day automatically or they can choose to watch another game through the in app list of games being played. You can also watch all games happening on a particular day at the same time with MLB’s mosaic view feature.


how to watch mlb game of the day

One of my favorite features was the app feature that allows choosing home or away announcers. This way you can watch the game from the perspective of your favorite home announcers instead of listening to away commentators.


mlb home and aways broadcasts


How To Watch MLB TV on Kodi


Since early 2016 the MLB TV At Bat official add-on was upgraded and added to both older &latest Kodi desktops. The add-on is available in the official add-on repository and the erack naphobia repo, I recommend installing the add-on & updating through the Kodi Repository. To install & watch MLB TV on Kodi Krypton here is what to do: (Read our latest kodi vpn guide for more information)

  1. From your Kodi Home Screen left hand menu click Add-Ons
  2. From Add-Ons click the Installer box on the top left


how to watch mlb tv on kodi

3. In this Add-Ons installer menu click Install from Repository

4. Scroll down and click Kodi Add-On Repository> Video Add-Ons >scroll down and find


mlb tv kodi addon


5. Double click MLB.TV and click install, wait for add-on to finish setup

6. To watch games using MLB.TV from the Kodi Home Screen go to Add-Ons > Video Add-Ons >MLB.TV

You should now be able to enjoy full highlights from the previous day and a list of scheduled games to come in the coming week.


mlb tv kodi xbmc


Ina Nutshell


I hope you enjoyed my MLB TV streaming guide and it found you the perfect solution to stream MLB games online. In case you are experiencing issues with any of the apps do let us know and we’ll add the feedback in our blog plus try to find you solution for the issue. If you need help selecting a VPN service for your MLB TV app or unblocking any of its features simply leave me a comment below and I will get back to you asap.

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