The IIHF World Championship is finally in the knockout stages with the USA & Canada decimating all others to top groups A & B respectively. The quarterfinal stages begin on Thursday 18th of May with teams drawing the following fixtures:

iihf 2017 quarter finals


How to Watch IIHF Championship 2017 Outside USA from Anywhere

The IIHF World Championship 2017 will be broadcasted across the world with exclusive coverage in participating countries of Europe & North America. You can catch the live action on your TV and through numerous online streaming service that will broadcast the complete knockout half of the tournament. Those who wish to watch the IIHF WC 2017 on TV here is a list of official broadcasters for your countries.

TSN will also provide exclusive live streaming of IIHF 2017 to Canadian streaming fans and will be geo-restricted to viewers in USA and Europe due to broadcasting restrictions.

Note: DO remember that the YouTube Channel is geo-restricted in certain countries due to broadcasting restrictions. If you do face restrictions a VPN or SmartDNS will be your only solution, you can look at VPN options available for streaming. 


CountryBroadcasterUnblock With
United StatesNBC Universal & NHL Network
Pan-EuropeanCanal+ & Sport+
Czech RepublicCeske TelevizeExpressVPN
RussiaChannel 1 & Match TV Russia
SwitzerlandTeleclub & SRG

Those of you in love with streaming the event online there is a huge list of online streaming services to watch the IIHF WC 2017 live streaming. I will however recommend using the official IIHF YouTube channel for live streaming of matches. If you want to watch the replays & highlights of IIHF 2017 simply go to the official website’s watch section or tune in to the official live streaming page on match day.


how to watch iihf world championship 2017


How To Watch IIHF Championship Live Streams Online 2017

There aren’t many websites that I found offering unofficial streaming links to the IIHF World Championship 2017 due to its unrestricted live streaming. These streaming links are usually loaded with advertisements and sometimes adware, so be careful when accessing them always use an ad-blocker on these websites. Here is a list of most popular links ranking on Google:

  1. HokejaTV
  2. LiveStream
  3. StreamSoccerXYZ
  4. BatmanStream


IIHF World Championship 2017 TV Schedule

The knockout rounds of the IIHF World Championship begin on the 18th of May and will be broadcasted as follows:

IIHF World Championship 2017 TV Schedule


In a Nutshell

Get behind your national flag as the clash of the final eight begins on Thursday 18th May 2017. Choose your channel to watch the IIHF Championship 2017 live online or on TV. Get the best seat in the house with the official IIHF YouTube channel and enjoy ad free broadcasting of the IIHF finals.

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