After a memorable ending to the last year’s Golf Masters Championship Tournament, Golf fans will be queuing up impatiently for the newest edition of the Golfing franchise this year. The 2016 US Masters Golf Tournament will take place in the famous Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia and will be the 80th edition of the tournament so far.

If you are residing outside the U.S, you will be restricted to watch Golf Masters Tournament. In fact, all of the broadcasters of Golf 2016 Masters Tournament are U.S. based, its live stream restriction outside U.S.When trying to access the Golf Masters tournament live video stream, you will notice the Geo-Restriction message on the screen however viewers can listen to the live radio broadcast of the tournament.

So, the question remains how to watch golf live outside U.S?

Watch Golf 2016 Masters Live With A VPN Service

A VPN, or a virtual private network, is an online security and privacy service that allows its users to bypass geo-restrictions and media censorship through state of the art tunneling and leading edge military grade data encryption.

VPN services allow you to watch Golf Live by hiding your location and virtually routing all your traffic to a U.S. VPN server.In case you haven’t considered all VPN options, consider our exclusive VPN ranking table, access expert editorial reviews of the fastest live streaming VPN and find the best one for your needs:

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Golf Masters Tournament Live Stream for American Expats

American citizens traveling for work or on holidays can watch Golf Masters Tournament Live on their laptops, tablets, Smart TVs and smart-phones as well. Subscribe to your favorite VPN provider, download the respective desktop or mobile app of the VPN provider on your device of choice and you can easily change your virtual location to U.S while your IP address will correspond to one assigned by the server.

Visit the website of your desired Golf Masters live broadcaster, and select your cable TV provider from the list provided. Once done, enter your cable TV subscription credentials and watch Golf Masters Tournament live stream from anywhere in the world you want. DO remember that an existing US cable TV subscription is required even with the VPN.

Watch Golf 2016 Masters Live

Watch the 2016 Golf Masters Tournament with the following official broadcasters:-

Last Year’s Golf Masters Tournament: The Winner

Last Year, Golf Masters fan appetites were served with an amazing display of skill and spirit, subsequently leading to a finale that made fans fall of the edge with some excellent competitive golf. The excitement of the event was further nourished by the impeccable performance of Jordan Spieth, along with Phil Mickelson and Justin Rose.Jordan Spieth revived the spirit of the amazing sport in 2015 Golf Masters Championship Tournament with his unmatched skill and amazing swings. Here’s a blast from the past:-

Jordan Spieth revived the spirit of the amazing sport in 2015 Golf Masters Championship Tournament with his unmatched skill and amazing swings. Here’s a blast from the past:

Are you ready to rekindle your love for world class Gold Masters live action? Access our provider list above, have a look at our tested unblocking solutions, bypass censorship and catch all your favorite golfers in action at the Golf Masters Tournament 2016.

In Conclusion

We’re impatiently waiting for these gentlemen golfers to revamp the beauty of this sport this year. We can empathize with netizens who lack means to watch golf live outside of U.S. However, with our easy and comprehensive guide above, you can now install a VPN, and watch golf masters tournament 2016 from anywhere in the world.

Not only that, with the VPN services we have listed above, you can also watch 2016 Golf Masters Tournament live stream from anywhere in the world from your smart-phone or tablet. Simply, download the app of the VPN services above without any extra charge and enjoy 2016 Golf Masters Tournament live stream in your most comfortable posture.

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