One of the most popular American comedy-drama television series ‘Gilmore Girls’ is coming back on air on Netflix. Yes that is true, the hit TV series that ran for seven seasons from 2000 to 2007, will be brought back to the television screens by Netflix.

Reports had been flying around for many months that Netflix has been working on reviving the show. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a deal has been done between the creator of the show, Amy Sherman – Palladino and the original stars of the show (Lauren Graham & Alexis Bledel) with Netflix for an entirely new season.

Although the release date of the revived Gilmore Girls is yet to be announced, you can still catch up with all the previous seasons of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Since its addition to the Netflix library in October 2014, Gilmore Girls has added more fans to its already existing huge fan base. However, not everyone will be able to stream all the episodes of Gilmore Girls online on Netflix.

How to Watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix

This is because Netflix is available in certain regions and if you do try access it outside these authorized countries, you will be blocked from viewing any content. Due to this geo block, you will need a VPN service to unblock Netflix. To help you select, below listed are some of the best VPN services you can choose from.

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These VPN services have servers located in various countries across the world and majority of them situated in United States. To watch Gilmore Girls online on Netflix, all you have to do is connect to the US servers offered by a VPN and unblock Netflix no matter where you are.

How to Gilmore Girls in other Netflix Regions

Now if you are an existing Netflix user and are looking forward to streaming the previous seasons, don’t get your hopes up too high as there’s a catch. All the seasons of Gilmore Girls are only available for US and Canada Netflix users only.

What this means is that Netflix user’s in Australia, UK, France, Brazil, Germany, or any other Netflix region won’t be able to watch Gilmore Girls online. In order to watch the seven seasons of Gilmore Girls on Netflix, you will have to change your Netflix region.

This can be easily achieved with the help of a VPN. By connecting to the US server, you adopt an IP address of that region. What this does is that Netflix recognizes your location to be within USA and presents you with the US Netflix library.

Final Verdict

Now that you know how to watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix using a VPN, the only thing left to do is wait for the new revived series. According to the reports, Netflix will be releasing 4 episodes that will be 90 minutes long instead of standard ten or thirteen episodes.

This will be refreshing change for all Gilmore Girls fans and with Amy Sherman coming back for the new seasons, we are sure that the mistakes made in the last season won’t be repeated this time. So until the new season comes out, leave you with some the best moments from Gilmore Girls.

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