Get ready! The very 1st edition the European Game 2015 is set to take place in Baku, Azerbaijan. The event starts from June 12, 2015 and will conclude on June 28, 2015. These will be the inaugural Baku 2015 European Games consisting of over 6,000 athletes representing 50 different European countries.

The participants for the competition are selected by their respective National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Europe. They will be competing in 20 different sports ranging from Archery, Athletics, Gymnastics, to Water Polo and Wrestling.

How to watch European Games using a VPN

The European Games 2015 will be broadcasted live on different channels across the world. These broadcasting channels have exclusive rights for showing different competitions from Baku 2015. You can watch the different sports live on these channels.

However, there is one problem. These channels are not accessible in certain regions and are geo restricted.  To overcome this problem, you will need a VPN service as it will help you bypass these geo restrictions and enable you to watch the European Games on your TV, mobile, PC, and other devices.

We have listed the streaming channels that you can use in the following regions. Using the respective VPN services, you can unblock these channels no matter where you are located and stream European Games live online.

Broadcasting rights


Rest of the World


Broadcaster   Territory


 Albania Tring Media    Angola Sport TV
 Austria ORF    Arab States ASBU
 Belarus BTRC    Australia Seven Network
 Belgium Sport 10    Canada Universal Sports
 Croatia SPTV    China CCTV
 Czech Republic ČT • DigiSport    Hong Kong TVB
 Denmark TV 2    India NEO Sports
 Estonia ERR    Iran GEM GROUP
 Finland Yle    Japan TBS
 France L'Equipe 21    Latin America América Móvil
 Georgia GPB    Mozambique Sport TV
 Germany Sport1    South Korea SBS
 Greece NERIT    Turkmenistan Setanta Sports
 Hungary DigiSport    United States Universal Sports
 Ireland Setanta Sports    Uzbekistan Setanta Sports
 Israel Sport 5 • Sport1      
 Italy Sky Italia      
 Kosovo RTK      
 Latvia LTV      
 Lithuania TV6      
 Luxembourg RTL Group      
 Moldova Moldova Sport TV      
 Netherlands NOS      
 Norway TV 2      
 Poland Polsat      
 Portugal Sport TV      
 Romania DigiSport      
 Russia VGTRK      
 Slovakia DigiSport      
 Slovenia RTV Slovenija      
 Spain RTVE      
  Switzerland Sport1      
 Turkey NTV Spor      
 United Kingdom BT Sport      
 Ukraine NTU      


You  can use the following VPN to unblock the restrictions.

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These VPN services have wide range of servers located in various countries around the world. By connecting to the country from where you want to watch the European Games 2015 online, you will be able to lift the geo restrictions and access the respective streaming channels.

Alternative for US & Canada Viewers

For US and Canada viewers, these Game will be shown on ‘Universal Sport’ channel. This channel is difficult get access too as not many cable providers offer it. There are some satellite companies that may offer this channel but at a high cost and with poor reception.

In order to view the these Games from US and Canada, you can use alternative locations for streaming. Just select a VPN from our list above and access the streaming channels from different regions.

Sports to Watch-out for in Baku 2015 European Games

The 20 different sports in the Baku 2015 European Games will be a mix of Olympic and non Olympic sports. Out of these 20 games, there are 12 games that will offer automatic qualification to 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. These include archery, cycling, athletics, boxing, swimming, shooting, judo, taekwondo, table tennis, wrestling, triathlon, and volleyball.

The athletes will represent different European countries, from the likes of Albania, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Great Britain, Germany, Finland, Greece, Lithuania, Norway, Ukraine, Turkey, and many more.

The Countdown Begins

With only few days to go, the countdown starts for the inaugural Baku 2015 European Games. All preparations have been made and the opening ceremony of the competition is set to take place on June 12, 2015. Immersed in the rich culture of Baku, rest assured that the event will be spectacular and you will see some outstanding performances from different athletes.

European Games are one to watch out for and you wouldn’t want to miss it in the world. So get cracking and select a VPN from above, unblock the respective streaming channel, and enjoy live online streaming of the 2015 European Games.

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