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ESPN Play is one of the most prevalent sports media networks available right now. With its immense library of play through, VOD (Video on Demand), live stream and replays, fans can now indulge in their favorite sports update without any commercial break or other types of disturbance.

watch espn play online

However, only US netizens are privileged enough to watch ESPN Play online, as it is not available anywhere except the U.S. In compliance with copyright laws, ESPN has made its programming limited to the netizens of U.S. So, how do you watch ESPN Play online?

How to Watch ESPN Play Online

The reason you’re not able to watch ESPN Play online is because ESPN Play traces its users’ location by checking their IP Addresses. If your IP Address doesn’t belong to an American ISP, then ESPN Play will respectfully deny you access to its portal and library. Fortunately, a VPN software can be of great help to you in this case.

A VPN, or a Virtual Private Network, is an internet privacy tool that ensures your online security by creating an anonymous network over the public network, in other words, the internet. After this connection is established, your connection will be cloaked against all types restrictive algorithm, thus enabling you to bypass geo-restrictive media networks.

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Now, all you have to do is to start a connection with your VPN software through a US based server, and Voila! You’ll unblock ESPN Play in a matter of mere seconds.

Watch ESPN Play online on Android

The people at ESPN are very considerate of their fans, thus resulting in an emergence of Android ESPN Play app. This app is a must have for all Android users that have a special place in their hearts for sports. It’s sleek, easy to navigate and has everything that a sports fan can ask for. All you have to do is to input your ESPN Play credentials, and you’ll be welcomed to a captivating library of sports media that’s never seen before.

espn play on android

However, in order to watch ESPN Play online, you’ll need a VPN client on your Android device as well. Ensure that the VPN service you purchase or download has its availability on multiple platforms, including Android.

Watch ESPN Play online on iOS

Now, even iOS users can stay up-to-date with the happenings in the sports world with the ESPN Play iOS app. Made for the ease of sports fan, this app is a definite download for sports fans that want to watch ESPN Play live streaming on their iPad or iPhone. The app is easy to navigate, and offers access to information on all sports genre.

espn play on iOS

However, you’ll require a VPN client on your iOS based device to watch ESPN Play online. The VPN software that we listed above have their counterparts on both Android and iOS devices.

TV Service Subscription

To watch ESPN Play online, you will need a TV service subscription. Here is a list of TV services that ESPN Play service is affiliated with:

espn play service subscription

We recommend that you choose a TV service that does not require a DISH/Cable set-up so that you’re able to watch ESPN Play online outside U.S.

Get Ready to get your Game on!

ESPN Play is a first-rate sports media network, and there are no doubts about it. Its endless choice of sports content makes it the prime hub for any sports fan to indulge their evening in. And with the help of a VPN service, sports fans outside U.S can also enjoy ESPN Play and its immense library of sports goodness.

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