What is beIN Sports?

beIN Sports is a global sports network that allows you to enjoy live action from various sporting events. Owned by Qatari Sports Investment group, beIN Sports is available in multiple locations around the world. It was originally launched in 2012 and since then, beIN Sports has steadily expanded its accessibility to various countries over the years.

beIN Sports is available only if you are located in Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) countries, Canada, France, United States, and Australia. This creates a problem for anyone who is not located in these countries or wants to switch between content from any of these locations.

If you try to access its content from outside these regions, you will be presented with the following message:

How to watch beIN sports.

How do I Unblock beIN Sports?

To access beIN Sports from outside the allowed regions, you will need a VPN service. A VPN service will unblock beIN Sports and you can access it from anywhere in the world. Using a VPN, you can also access content from beIN Sports of different regions. For instance, if you want to watch Tour de France but have access North African beIN Sports, using a VPN you can switch between beIN Sports regions from North Africa to France and enjoy the live coverage of the event.

There are numerous VPN providers that you can use to unblock beIN Sports. You can watch beIN Sports TV live by connecting to any of the servers offered a VPN. What this will do is reroute all your traffic through its own servers and bypasses geo-blocking.

To narrow it down for you, here are some of the best VPN providers that will help you bypass geo restrictions and unblock beIN Sports. Each of these VPN providers have servers located in countries from where beIN Sports can be accessed and they will also provide fast streaming performance.

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Watch Copa America 2015 Live Online

This year, the 44th edition of Copa America is taking place in Chile. One of the biggest international football events, you can watch the flare and style of South American teams as they battle it out in Copa America 2015.

how to watch Copa America

The competition started on June 11 and is set to complete on July 4. With many shock defeats and various underdog teams upsetting some of the biggest names in football, no team has made a concrete impact on the competition. Argentina and Brazil are said to be the favorites for this year’s Copa America and only time will tell if any of them makes to the finals.

You can watch all the live matches online by streaming on beIN Sports. If you are located outside the regions where the beIN Sports is accessible, all you need to do is select a VPN from above, connect to the server to unblock beIN Sports and watch live Copa America matches online.

Always Stay Updated with beIN Sports

beIN Sports provides access to a host of different sports events. Just like Copa America, beIN Sports includes soccer from all around the world, motor sports, cycling, rugby, tennis, boxing and more. You can live stream all these major sporting events on beIN Sports live TV online.

beIN Sports will also provide you with all the current updates, highlights, and scores from the world of sports. Being a huge sports broadcasting network, beIN Sports has apps for iOS and Android devices that will allow you to stay connected and updated with your favorite sporting event at all times.


Being one of the biggest global sports networks, beIN Sports competes with the likes of ESPN. It has successfully managed to establish its place among the big players of sports broadcasting industry. However, with numerous geo restrictions, internet censorship issues, and the lack of content availability do not allow you enjoy the full potential of beIN Sports.

You can live stream your favorite sports and major event such as Copa America 2015 online on beIN Sports using a VPN service. We recommend that you use a VPN over any other proxy services service.  A VPN will guarantee an access to beIN Sports with its IP cloaking ability and wide spread of servers. So get cracking – select a VPN from above, unblock beIN Sports and enjoy the power of online streaming.

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