VyprVPN Introduction


VyprVPN is part of Golden Frog LLC and is now based in Switzerland. VyprVPN has been in service for well over a decade and is known for its proficient turbo speed servers all over the world. According to their website and mission, Golden Frog believes in providing subscribers privacy, security and access to a free internet.


vyprvpn review


As you browse through our latest VyprVPN review you will notice a pattern of excellence in the brand overall. Apart from being managed bya team of professionals with over 20 years of networking experience, VyprVPN offers a superb in-house managed server infrastructure, now with over 8 years of experience in the industry.

Our 2017 VyprVPN review will analyze latest changes and upgrades the provider’s overall service bundle. Although not much has changed since last year, we will try to be as direct as possible when criticizing the brand in our latest VyprVPN review.


vyprvpn about us


VyprVPN Unique Selling Feature


Like its parent company, VyprVPN makes its mission to empower the privacy & data security of users’ it primary mission. To accomplish this daunting mission VyprVPN provides a 100% in-house managed server network, writing & developing their own apps rather than outsourcing, and providing its own DNS servers.


vyprvpn unique selling feature


For the express purpose of delivering highest grade privacy VyprVPN also offers its exclusive Chameleon Protocol. Chameleon is VyprVPN’s mod of the original OpenVPN tunneling protocol loaded with AES-256 bit encryption while allowing you to bypass throttling, deep packet inspection and protocol blocking.


VyprVPN Plans and Pricing Review


VyprVPN has changed its pricing plans from the past two years. The last time we reviewed the provider we did tag it an expensive VPN service, so this year Vypr VPN gives us superb subscription prices.


Slashed prices, more features, more simultaneous connections, same turbo speed servers and the addition of VyprVPN cloud have simply blown me away. During my VyprVPN review I noticed that the brand is now offering two exclusive pricing packages including:

  1. VyprVPN Standard
    1. As low as $5/ month when billed Yearly
    2. $9.95/ month when billed Monthly


  1. VyprVPN Premium
    1. As low as $6.67/ month when billed Yearly
    2. $12.95/ month when billed Monthly

VyprVPN Servers Review


VyprVPN offers servers in 6 continents, with its high speed servers available in more than 60+ countries. Vypr VPN offers one of the most cleverly laid server networks allowing users to secure themselves over locations including Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Uruguay and many others.


vyprvpn servers stats


In addition, Vypr VPN also offers servers in regions that offer leading VoD services including US (Netflix, HBO, HULU, PS Network etc.), UK (BBC iPlayer, NowTV, SkyTV, iTV etc.), France (Canal+, Sky Atlantic, beINSports etc.), and many others to choose from.

Vypr also includes powerful servers to help gamers across the world play freely with their friends no matter where they are. As an online gamer I tested VyprVPN servers in the United Kingdom, wasn’t a delightful experience but a good one none the less.

I was connected to Europe West servers on DOTA 2, with 182 Ping (in game) and 32% packet loss. It was decent speed but not ideal for slower connections, so do make sure you game online with VyprVPN only on connections 30MBPS & above.

VyprVPN’s Chameleon protocol is simple majestic as it bypasses all forms of throttling. My ISP has always throttled my connection as soon as I connect to uTorrent. During my vyprvpn review, I noticed that Chameleon quickly bypassed the provider’s throttling while offering really good download speed.


VyprVPN Customer Support Review


I really loved how VyprVPN has redesigned its support services making sure they are always available for their subscribers through different channels. VyprVPN offer support through:

  1. Website FAQ
  2. Ticket System
  3. Live Chat 24/7


The Website FAQ is available in the home page navigation, simply click the SUPPORT button on the top of the homepage menu. The Support section provides help with most common technical & user issues including VyprVPN apps, troubleshooting, setup guides, and account management.

The ticket system is a brilliantly designed form (right) meant to get as much information about the problem & your device(s)to resolve the issue quickly. You can choose from General Queries, Account Issues, App Issues, Billing, Connection Issues, and Speed Issues to name a few.


vyprvpn contact support

vyprvpn website faq


Last but not least is VyprVPN’s Live Support available on every page of the provider. Simply click the Live Chat bar on the bottom right of the page to begin. VyprVPN support is simply brilliant given they have to uphold a very strong brand name.


vyprvpn live chat review


VyprVPN Live Chat support is possibly one of the most courteous I have experienced in addition to one person sorting the issue for me. The most important aspect though was not being put in a waiting line and the rep immediately got to my issue.

Thanks to HOWARD at VyprVPN live chat for answering my questions and offering great answers. Since my last VyprVPN review the provider has radically improved response times and quality of live chat.


VyprVPN Payment Methods


VyprVPN has a really amazing range of payment merchants available when subscribing. Usually, payment processors are listed once you have chosen your region in the subscription form. This is really helpful as it speeds up the process while giving users to choose from a selection of merchants to pay through.


vyprvpn payment methods


I found the following payment processors available on VyprVPN’s sign up page:

  1. PayPal
  2. Credit Card/Debit Card
  3. AliPay

Some regions don’t have PayPal and AliPay subscribers can however choose to pay with credit cards in that case. After careful review of VyprVPN’s payment page I conclude that no other payment methods have yet been added.


VyprVPN Compatibility


VyprVPN is a highly compatible service especially because of they have been a part of the VPN industry for over a decade. VyprVPN’s offers excellent mobile, PC and varying console apps for:

  1. Windows
  2. Mac OSx
  3. iOS
  4. Android
  5. Linux
  6. Routers
  7. BlackPhone
  8. SmartTVs, plus many others


vyprvpn compatibility

VyprVPN can also be configured over devices that apps are not offered over. These include:

  1. OpenWRT, DDWRT and AsusWRT routers
  2. Boxee
  3. Synology NSA Routers
  4. BlackBerry


VyprVPN Protocols and Encryption


VyprVPN’s mission is robust online privacy with the promise elite data security for all its subscribers. To guaranteethis top tier security & privacy VyprVPN provides four powerful tunneling protocols with varying encryption standards.


vyprvpn protocols and encryption

VyprVPN are so dedicated to their mission that they provider even developed an exclusive Chameleon Protocol, a modified version of the OpenVPN technology. Although PPTP is neither safe to browse with nor provides adequate data security, I was really happy with their Chameleon and OpenVPN tunneling.

Chameleon works like a charm for torrents, HD video streaming and online gaming. I was really baffled by the phenomenal speeds that my utorrent client got after Chameleon was used. I wouldn’t recommend L2TP for everything but is a great protocol to secure communications and video calling. You can find out more about VyprVPN protocols here.


VyprVPN Logging & Privacy Policy

In terms of logging, our VyprVPN review unveils that the provider proves to be completely transparent. The service does not claim to boast a “zero logs” policy like many in the marketplace, which later get caught with handing over customer information to the FBI. VyprVPN is honest about the information it retains from its customers. This includes: source IP address, VyprVPN IP address, connection stats, and total number of bytes used.

However, this does not mean that you cannot stay anonymous. Bear in mind that the provider does not store consumer data in the US, but rather in Switzerland (due to its favorable privacy laws). Therefore, while VyprVPN may not be a Zero Logs provider, it does not lie about it either. Since there has been no news of the service handing over private information to any government agency, we place our trust in the provider. Information that VyprVPN does not log and blocks that are not placed include:

  1. Users traffic or the content of any communications
  2. Does not perform deep packet inspection of your traffic, except where requested by the customer for firewall purposes.
  3. Does not perform shallow packet inspection of your traffic, except where requested by the customer for firewall purposes.
  4. Does not discriminate against devices, protocols, or applications. Golden Frog is network neutral.
  5. Does not throttle your Internet connection
  6. Does not rate limit Internet connection


VyprVPN Free Trial


Yes, VyprVPN offers a full feature FREE TRIAL of its service, but, you will require to provide credit card details to successfully get the trial. You can get the free trial from the subscription page here. VyprVPN’s free trial is limited to 3 days and allows using all servers with its full feature bundle.

Do remember one the trial ends the provider will charge you for a month, VyprVPN does not offer refunds under any circumstances.


VyprVPN Privacy Add-Ons Review


The wealth of networking experience at VyprVPN offers the provider to deliver some of the most essential add-ons to empower your privacy. To make sure you are always secure& anonymous online, VyprVPN offers a brilliant set of features including:


VyprVPN Internet Kill Switch


A highly demanded VPN feature, the internet kill switch allows you to completely stop all internet activity in case you are disconnected from the VPN service. This allows you to turn off applications including torrent clients, browser windows or other services that may be dangerous if noticed by the ISP.


VyprVPN Chameleon Technology


As we mentioned above VyprVPN offer their proprietary Chameleon tunneling technology to provide you powerful OpenVPN encryption(AES-256bit) while keeping you safe from ISP deep packet inspection by scrambling packet data.


VyprVPN Chameleon Technology Review


Chameleon is also capable of bypassing sophisticated firewalls used by governments, surveillance agencies and geo-restricted websites, courtesy of the OpenVPN technology that it is based on. Chameleon is a great protocol to use with torrents and unblocking geo-restricted VoD services like Netflix etc.

Chameleon tunneling is available with the VyprVPN Premium plan and is available to use over Windows, Mac, and Android only.


VyprVPN DNS Servers Ensure 100% Anonymity


VyprVPN offers its in-house managed Encrypted, Zero-Knowledge DNS servers to ensure Google DNS servers don’t log in your online searches &browsing activities. A DNS server translates hostnames like www.bestvpnprovider.com into a numerical IP address that computers use to communicate online.

Usually Google and ISP servers log in all your online activities including your personal communications. VyprDNS ensures that no one know what you do online. Since VyprDNS servers are owned and managed by the provider, it allows them to keep you out of the loop hence securing your identity online.

VyprDNS is built into the provider’s VPN service, so, once connected to VyprVPN your internet connection automatically uses VyprDNS servers. Do consider reading through VyprDNS privacy policies before you commit to the service.


VyprVPN NAT Firewall


VyprVPN’s NAT Firewall add-on is a great feature to have in case you are threatened by government& ISP monitoring. The NAT firewall add-on is built VyprVPN servers, ensuring that once connected any unrequested inbound traffic is blocked off immediately.

NAT Firewall tech is also a great add-on to secure wireless routers from hackers and intrusive bots that can steal data or completely lock devices. You can use NAT Firewall automatically as soon as you connect to VyprVPN.


vyprvpn nat firewall


VyprVPN Money Back Guarantee/Refund Policy


VyprVPN offers no Money Back Guarantee nor does the brand process any refunds after a subscription has been paid for. This is a warning for anyone trying out their free trail service, keep track of the 3 Day Free Trial.


VyprVPN for Netflix


VyprVPN offers multiple servers across the US allowing you to easily unblock Netflix US from anywhere in the world. I especially recommend using the Chameleon protocol in this vyprvpn review to bypass the geo-restrictions.

You can connect through to US servers in:

  1. US – Los Angeles, CA
  2. US – Washington, DC
  3. US – Austin, TX
  4. US – Miami, FL
  5. US – New York City, NY
  6. US – Chicago, IL
  7. US – San Francisco, CA
  8. US – Seattle, WA

Since VyprVPN uses VyprDNS servers it is close to impossible for Netflix to discover your real location and IP address.


How to Fix “The Local VyprVPN service is not running” ERROR Code


While testing VyprVPN with different sports channels to unblock football streaming services, I experienced a ridiculous error using the Windows 7 app. As I tried to launch the app on my Windows 7 Ultimate Edition (64 bit) OS, the following error welcomed me:


How to Fix “The Local VyprVPN service is not running” ERROR Code


The obvious and sane solution would be to click “Yes” but,when I did so, another message greeted me:


reinstall vyprvpn error


After this I restarted my PC and launched the app again to no avail. After reinstalling the VyprVPN app, it worked for another day but has returned to its annoying error once again. So, I decided to try this once more on another PC and I got the same error on my Home PC too.

The only way to resolve the issue is to re-install VyprVPN on Windows 7. In case the error returns simply uninstall and then reinstall the app, then restart your computer before launching VyprVPN. We will be reporting the error to VyprVPN support so you may just have a solution in case it persists.


VyprVPN Vs ExpressVPN


VyprVPN being a leading privacy provider cannot be compared with just any service in the industry. So, I took the opportunity to compare it to another mammoth brand in the VPN industry, ExpressVPN. Here is a head to head comparison of both providers:


Software/AppsWin, Mac, Android & iOSWin, Mac, Android & iOS
Live ChatYesYes
Torrent & P2P SupportYesYes
Tunneling ProtocolsOpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP & ChameleonOpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP & L2TP
EncryptionAES 128bit & 256bitAES 128bit & 256bit
Router CompatibleYesYes
Editor’s Rating4 out of 54 out of 5

When put head to head there is only one feature between the two services,that being the number of ExpressVPN servers is slightly more than VyprVPN. One very important aspect that does make a big difference is the privacy policies of the two brands and the privacy laws they follow.

VyprVPN does claim that the service is based in Switzerland but the company’s base of operations is in Austin, Texas (USA).This surely means that VyprVPN monitor &retains data of its users for upto 12 months. ExpressVPN is also based in Newark, Delaware (USA)and so complies with all relevant surveillance & copyright legislation active in the USA. Unless you are going to hack someone, support terrorist, commit cybercrime or spam web forums, there is no issue using either of the services.


VyprVPN Login


You can login to your VyprVPN member’s area by clicking the Control Panel link on the top right of the main website navigation. The members area is the one place to get all your account details, upgrade packages, get support, download apps and access the vyprvpn login.

vyprvpn login


How to Setup VyprVPN on Router


VyprVPN is only compatible with Tomato Router OS (using Shibby Tomato mod only). The MIPS (K26RT-N or K26RT-AC) &ARM (K26ARM) mods are the only ones that VyprVPN works with. You can simply use your VyprVPN account with PPTP protocol on any compatible router anyway. For those interested in using VyprVPN on router with PPTP, follow our simple guide:

  1. Open your web browser >Type in the gateway address to your router (usually something like
  2. Depending on your router UI, choose “Settings” or “Advanced Settings”>WAN.vyprvpn router
  3. Choose “PPTP” in connection type or protocol.
  4. Leave other settings unchanged, including the “Get IP Automatically” option.how to setup vyprvpn on router
  5. Move on to WAN DNS (Ask provider for SmartDNS settings), these will router your traffic through the VPN provider DNS rather than Google DNS.vyprvpn wan settings on router
  6. Next, enter the Username & Password sent to you by the VPN provider upon registration.
  7. Leaving other settings unchanged, move to the box that says “Server Address or Name” and enter the VPN server address for USA (your VPN service can provide you these details).vyprvpn dns setup
  8. Click “Apply” or “Save” whichever is used, then restart your router. When the router restarts your traffic will now be passing through theUS based VPN server.

vyprvpn router 2


VyprVPN Cloud


VyprVPN Cloud is the provider’s very user friendly &ironclad secure VPN server deployment solution especially designed to provide an added layer of security when accessing cloud servers. VyprVPN cloud gives you the opportunity to use VyprVPN apps and connect to your own personal network, yes a dedicated virtual cloud network only for you!

One of the most brilliant advantages of VyprVPN cloud is its low cost nature since the service requires no substantial capital expenditures on hardware. Apart from its very high security infrastructure VyprVPN Cloud is very easy to setup compared to older implementations for cloud servers. At this time, VyprVPN Cloud is offered for Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean and Virtual Box.


Setting up VyprVPN on Linux


VyprVPN is also compatible with Linux OS but currently only with the Ubuntu distro. There is no app available for Ubuntu either, so you will have to configure it using either OpenVPN or PPTP tunneling protocols. Follow our simple guide to configure VyprVPN on Linux:

The first thing to do is install the OpenVPN app package on yourUbuntu OS (skip step if you already have it).

  1. Launch a Terminal Window
  2. Begin by typing the following commandsthen press Enter:
    • sudo apt-get install -y network-manager-openvpn network-manager-openvpn-gnome
  3. You must now restart the network-manager, type the following command in the Terminal Window and pressing Enter:
    • sudo service network-manager restart
  4. It’s time to download VyprVPN CA certificate and copy it to the OpenVPN folder on your device. Type the following command and press Enter. (Ignore the line break, this is one command.)
  • sudo wget https://support.goldenfrog.com/hc/article_attachments/212052287/ ca.vyprvpn.com.crt/etc/openvpn
  1. Open Network Connectionsto configure your VyprVPN OpenVPN connection.
  2. Click the Addbutton.
  3. In the Choose a Connection Type drop down list, select OpenVPN and then click
  4. Insert the following information in the empty fields provided:
    • Connection name: VyprVPN OpenVPN
    • Gateway: Enter [server address]. VyprVPN servers are listed here (choose required server)
    • Type: ChoosePassword
    • Username: Enter your VyprVPN username
    • Password: Enter your VyprVPN password
    • CA Certificate: Browse to /etc/openvpn and select ca.vyprvpn.com.crt(this is the same CA certificate we downloaded in the beginning)
  1. Click the Advanced button on the bottom right.
  2. Tick the checkbox for Use LZO data compression’, click OK then click Save.

VyprVPN Affiliate Program Review

VyprVPN ranks among those few providers that boast a very impressive affiliate program with a well-paying commission. The service boasts a CPA model, which allows affiliate marketers to earn commissions instantly, upon receiving payment from the customer. As an affiliate partner, you will be able to offer 25% off for any VyprVPN annual plan. For every account sale, you will get paid $30. This is quite amazing in comparison to the programs available from other VPN providers. Sign up here to join the program, promote the VPN, and make a profit for your efforts!

Reviewer’s Verdict


Overall I was really impressed with VyprVPN yet again, and that’s three years running. VyprVPN’s focus on customer delight shows all the way from its website to all its apps. I was however confused by the customer service representative at one point when he said he couldn’t tell me the certificate authentication encryption standard.

VyprVPN has secured a brilliant 4.0 out of 5 rating in this year’s review.


What We Loved
  1. Brilliant website navigation
  2. Excellent Desktop & Mobile apps
  3. Great customer support channels
  4. 5 Star live chat
  5. Chameleon Protocol
  6. Compatibility with a hue range of devices & operating systems


What We Didn’t Like
  1. Horrendous Privacy Policy
  2. Free Trial
  3. NO Money Back Guarantee
  4. NO Refunds
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  1. Jim says:

    My experience with VyprVPN has been absolutely amazing. As most reviews of the product state, VyprVPN has world class technical support through live chat or incident logging.
    Their ability to respond sets them apart from the competition by a country Mile. The reach of servers as a Tier One provider is extensive. They have kill switch technology that should be a must have for anyone looking for privacy as well as encryption protocols for a added security including Their proprietory Chameleon encryption that will bypass throttling attempts from prying eyes.

    I highly recommend VyprVPN, I have tried others they can’t compete with this product.

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