Australia based VPNSecure offers its online privacy services over the premise of absolute anonymity. believes in complete privacy offering its services over a huge range of devices ensuring subscribers’ are always secure & their identities are always unknown.


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In our 2017 VPNSecure review, we shall cover the provider’s privacy bundle & policies to ascertain just how competitive and anonymous the service really is. We will also preview privacy policies and offer user testimonials in this VPNSecure review so you can determine if the brand if ideal for online privacy.


VPNSecure User Reviews


After my editorial review of VPNSecure, I have regularly received subscribers’ personal experiences with the provider. Due to the very mixed nature of these user testimonials I cannot conclude as of yet if the service is a star or a fad.
Many users have informed me how the service is great for torrents, so I will conduct real time testing to see just how effective VPNSecure is with torrent clients. Similarly, several streaming users who have used VPNSecure have also confirmed that the service has been good with VoD services including Netflix, HBO Now, NowTV, and even on Kodi media players. Check these out:

Snoopy – I bought VPNSecure last year after having a bad experience with a USA based service. My only uses of VPN were to browse websites and watch movies, TV shows and live streaming. Worked fine for me in general since I have no other use for it.

HBO Now unblocks just fine, so does Netflix. After YouTube began censoring videos in selected regions I have had touse VPNSecure for that too. I am not interested in privacy just unblocking my favorite websites for streaming and this service works fine for me. Speed tests show bandwidth is between 14-17 MBPS on my 30 MBPS connection, which is just fine for me.

Prem –I got privacy conscious after there was a hack in the Apple cloud 2 years ago. Since I save all my pictures on iCloud and share them on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook it is essential to always have VPN for these apps on my iPhone.I setup openVPNconnect from their website on my iPhone6 and its very good when uploading photos to the cloud.

I don’t like changing their servers all the time so I only use USA and Netherlands servers, the fella on support was really helpful and patient too.

Anotny Walters – Service was that good on my PC and would be too slow sometimes. I tried getting a refund on my monthly subscription but they showed me a policy that said no refunds. I wasn’t too happy with dues to slow downs so I never continued after the first month.

The only thing worked well with was my uTorrent for Windows. After witnessing some very sad cases of torrent users’ being sent notices from the ISP, I started to use VPNwhen downloading torrents. Don’t know how but the torrent client always got 3 to 4 MBPS speed with VPNSecure connected.

Mick Storey –Too expensive for the trouble! Only openvpn support that is too hard to configure and pptp which I have come to know is useless to have for privacy. I used a provider near my country and it worked very good, this was not a good experience, I am going to go back and use the same brand again.

Connection just loses speed all of a sudden, it’s never constant.

Leo Churchill – They have no Linux app and I can only use OpenVPN, but speed is very good for streaming Netflix &even on YouTube. Doesn’t unblock websites sometimes but when I delete cookies it works fine. I liked their torrent download speeds and am very happy with the service till now.

The live chat is very good and very helpful, thanks to Adam at VPNSecure support for all the help with setting up the service.


VPNSecure Unique Features Review


In light of my VPNSecure review, I have determined the brand’s specialization in the areas of logging free online activity and complete online anonymity. VPNSecure ensures that every aspect of its service projects its mission of the highest standards of internet privacy including its website design, policies, apps, registration & subscriptions, payment processes and even its support services. unique features and selling points


VPNSecure Plans & Pricing Review offers 3 pricing plans for subscribers, powered with the provider’s complete privacy features. The mentioned pricing plans include:

  1. 1 Month @ $9.95 payable per month
  2. 6 Months@ $8.90 per month ($53.40 payable every 6 months)
  3. 12 Months@ $6.66per month($79.92 payable every 12 months) account packages

Although the variety of payment plans is good, I still feel the brand is expensive compared to the competition. Providers with better features are available for half the price. Servers Review


VPNSecure offers a widespread server footprint across 48 countries with leading locations including:

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Netherlands
  4. Australia
  5. Canada
  6. Japan
  7. South Korea, plus many more

You can check out the complete list of servers on the official website. It was nice to see that VPNSecure maintains its presence across continents. servers list Customer Support Review


VPNSecure offers multiple channels to support customers with their queries, service issues, billing, account, and configuration problems. VPNSecure support includes:

  1. Live Chat available 24/7
  2. Website FAQ/Knowledgebase
  3. Website BLOG
  4. Email Ticket System

The live chat is probably the best place to go to in case you have an issue with the service. VPNSecure live chat is located on the bottom right of the website and is active on all pages while you browse. Just to make sure that you are ok navigating around the website the live chat window pops open just in case you need assistance.

The knowledge base offers tutorials plus video tutorials to setup the service on all your devices. Just incase you need immediate help and chat is unavailable, the knowledge place is the first resource you should visit for help. The email ticket section is available on the support page of the website. For detailed description of issues you can submit information over the simple form on the link given above.

The blog is more targeted towards trending news, service updates and new features. In case you require latest updates for VPNSecure services, routinely check out the BLOG for details.


How Can I Pay for VPNSecure.ME Account?


VPNSecure offers a variety of payment processors to subscribe to their services. These include:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Perfect Money
  3. PayPal
  4. Payza
  5. cashU
  6. Credit Card/Debit Card payment checkout

After reviewing VPNSecure payment methods available I was delighted to see merchants including Bitcoin and Perfect Money for secure payments.


VPNSecure Client Compatibility And Browser App Extensions


VPNSecure offers wide compatibility over:

  1. PC
  2. Mac
  3. Android
  4. iOS
  5. Linux Ubuntu
  6. Routers

In addition to devices you can also configure VPNSecure proxy servers in your browser while there is a dedicated extensions for Google Chrome available, compatible browsers include:

  1. Google Chrome – extension available on Google Play
  2. Internet Explorer
  3. Firefox, and
  4. Opera


From Where Can I Download VPNSecure Apps?


Subscribers can download VPNSecure apps from the support section in the home page navigation. Links to download the apps can be found below:

  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. Android
  4. iOS


How to Use VPNSecure on Android – Basic Guide


There are two ways to use VPNSecure on Android, either by manually configuring the service using available tunneling protocols or using the VPNSecure Android app. The setup guides to use VPN secure on Android can be found in the Knowledgebase while the Android app can be download through the Google Play Store.

You can also useVPNSecure on Android with PPTP tunneling using the following guide:

  1. Go to SettingsWireless & Networks > More > VPN
  2. Click on the Add VPN or “+” sign
  3. In the Namebox type VPNSecure
  4. In the Type field choose PPTP
  5. In the  Server Addressbox, Enter the address for the server you’d like to connect to (full server addresses are available in your members area by clicking the “servers” menu)
  6. Enable PPP Encryption
  7. Click Save
  8. Go to Settings again then More > VPN >Click on VPNSecure
  9. In the Username box, enter your username
  10. In the Password box, enter me password
  11. Click Connect


How to Use VPNSecure on iPhone/iPad


I highly recommend using the iOS app for VPNSecure on iPhone, iPad and iOS devices. Since Apple has discontinued support for PPTP, the only remaining protocols on iOS devices are IKEV2, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN and Cisco IPsec. Since L2TP is terribly slow I wouldn’t recommend using to unblock streaming apps and music.

There are limited protocols that you can use withyour iOS devices. OpenVPN is a fast and very secure protocol you can use on iPad, iPhone and iPod but requires a bit of work. Open VPN configuration requires the official iOS OpenVPN app from the App Store. Once you have the app simply follow the official OpenVPN guide for iPhone & iPad.


VPNSecure Protocols & Encryption Review is powered by a brilliant selection of features, but, my review discovered that the provider offers very poor tunneling support. There are only three tunneling technologies available from VPNSecure, one of those is now deemed compromised. Currently, VPNSecure offers tunneling tech including:

  1. PPTP with 128bit encryption (not recommended unless you have no support for OpenVPN)
  2. OpenVPN with choice betweenAES-128bit & AES-256bit encryption
  3. SSH with DES-CBC 64bit encryption(Very fast but lenientencryption)

Control Channel uses 2048bit encryptionto secure certificate exchange and user authentication. Although very beneficial, I couldn’t help but feel for users who are not savvy enough to setup OpenVPN. We hope by next year’s review VPNSecure will have new tunneling tech to offer.

In addition to the above VPNSecure also offers setting up its signature HTTPS proxy serverfor faster access to video streaming and other entertainment websites. All relevant guides & video tutorials to setup the proxy are available in the provider’s official support section.


VPNSecure Logging and Privacy Policy Review


I absolutely loved the Privacy Policy, something I have seen in very few VPN services these days. Apart from the fact that the provider is Australia based (severely monitored cyberspace), the policy is very user friendly. Salient features include:

  • VPNSecure does not monitor activity when subscribers use their service
  • No personal information is ever retained, including:
    • IP Address NOT logged
    • Connection timestamp NOT logged
    • Disconnect timestamp NOT logged
    • Bandwidth used NOT logged
    • DNS Requests NOT logged

DMCA requests are never forwarded to subscribers since there is no evidence linking any user to any activities. This is the brilliant advantage of using shared IP addresses that disallow any data retention and pin pointing authorities to a particular VPNSecure user.


VPNSecure Free Trial Is A Myth?


VPNSecure does not offer a free trial service and you will have to subscribe to the one month plan to see if it works for you.


What If I Can’t Find My VPNSecure Username & Password?


Just in case you cannot find you VPNSecure credentials to login to the apps and use the service, the first place to check is your email (check spam folder for activation email). In case you can’t find your username & password there, it’sbest to head over to live chat and simply let them know your subscription details.


Reviewer’s Last Verdict


SO, one thing that I will conclude with after my VPNSecure review is that the brand actually delighted me. There is not much critique to throw at the provider considering the management have placed the service brilliantly. Beginning with the website that projects a privacy friendly impression and policies that are actually user friendly. After careful review I rate VPNSecure a very honorable 3.5 out of 5, with expectations of constant improvements as the year goes on.

Below are all the features we loved and those that we believe need improvement summarized.



  • Decent Server Coverage
  • Excellent customer support channels
  • Ample of payment methods to choose from
  • Limited but powerfultunneling technologies
  • Excellent privacy policy




  • Based in Australia
  • Very pricy
  • No free trial

Not too diverse compatibility due to limited tunneling protocols. Feel free to share vpnsecure review or comment us for more information.

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