What is VPNBaron?

Established in 2014, VPNBaron is a Romanian-based service that offers fast and reliable VPN connections. It offers decent pricing, a good list of servers, and allows P2P/Torrenting. However, it only supports OpenVPN protocol. This means, you get top grade security and encryption, but are restricted in terms of protocol choices. Continue reading this inclusive VPNBaron review for more information about the service.

Pros Cons
1.       7-days Money-back guarantee

2.       Responsive customer support

3.       Supports three concurrent connections

1.       Expensive monthly plan

2.       Basic Windows Client

3.       No iOS, Android, or Mac Apps

4.       Lacks free trial

5.       Supports only OpenVPN protocol


VPNBaron Pricing Review

Our VPNBaron review unveils that the service offers one plan, divided into Bronze (monthly), Silver (half-yearly), and Gold (annual packages). If you opt for the Bronze plan, you get access to all the VPNs features for $11.99 per month.

VPNBaron Pricing Review

If you want to save cash, you can opt for the Silver VPN plan. This plan gives you 33% off, reducing the monthly costs to $8.33. This means, you pay a total of $49.98 for a lengthy, six-month access to the VPNs features, along with the ability to connect two devices concurrently.

The Gold Plan further reduces the costs of the monthly plan to $5.99. This means, you will be paying $71.88 for twelve-month access. The features you receive are same to Bronze and Silver plans. The only difference is you get to enjoy three simultaneous connections with one account.


VPNBaron Free Trial Review

According to our VPNBaron review, the service does not offer a free trial to customers. In order to test the service, you need to purchase a plan. Luckily, you have a 7-day money-back guarantee available. This covers you in circumstances you bought a subscription, but did not like the service provided.


VPNBaron Login/Members Area Review

For gaining access to the account dashboard, you need to register with the service. The process is quite simple. All you have to do is click on the “Members Area” tab on the top right corner of the page. The website will redirect you to the login page. Here you can see an “account” tab.

vpnbaron login

Upon moving your mouse over the tab, you will be receive a list of options. These include login, register, and forgot password. Click on the register option to move on with the account creation process. You will be required to fill out the information below.

We were rather surprised to find the service asking for private information like your address and phone number. You can nevertheless include pseudo info to move on with the process. After filling out all empty fields, pass the spam bot verification by entering the characters you see and click on “register”.

Vpnbaron Register

There is no need to wait for a confirmation email or click on a validation click. You will instantly gain access to the member’s area. The services tab allows you to check on the service subscribed and order a new service. Click on the ‘’downloads’’ tab for getting software and configurations.

The knowledgebase is where you can find detailed blogs and content for billing, privacy, VPN-account, client application settings, and VPN troubleshooting. You can even find how-to and install guides for different problems you may encounter.

vpnbaron account


VPNBaron Accepted Payment Methods

Our VPNBaron review discovers that the service accepts all popular payment methods. These include credit cards like MasterCard and Visa, electronic payments like PayPal, and virtual currencies like Bitcoin. Although the options are limited, most of these methods are safe. If you pay via Bitcoin, there is no chance of your payment being traceable back to you.


VPNBaron Refund & Money Back Guarantee

During our VPNBaron review, we read at several places that the service offers 7-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. It was only until we explored the legal page that we discovered there are no refunds for orders paid with Bitcoin.

At the same time, there are certain rules to receiving a refund to prevent fraud. For instance, the service only accepts refunds on first-timer accounts. Renewals do not qualify. You must comply with certain sections of the VPN terms of service.

You must also send an email to the support team stating your VPN username and reason for cancellation. If you have used more than 10GB of bandwidth, you will not be eligible to receive a refund. The same goes for if you have exceeded 50 login sessions.


VPNBaron Servers Review

According to our VPNBaron review, the provider has 32 servers around the globe, spread across 20 cities in 12 countries. These include Czech Republic, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Canada, the United States, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Germany, Romania and France.

vpnbaron Servers Review


VPNBaron Privacy and Security

During our VPNBaron review, we discovered that the provider hails from Romania. As you probably do know, the Romanian Jurisdiction is a part of the European Union (EU), which takes privacy and anonymity very seriously. In fact, it even imposes specific laws aimed at completely protecting user identity online. Thanks to its good encryption features, you can also feel relieved all your internet activity is untraceable.

Under EU law, nobody can use personal data, unless for strictly legitimate purposes, such as being requested by a legal entity. Nevertheless, a service that follows laws of the EU is definitely 10x times more trustworthy than those located in the US. With a VPNBaron subscription, you can easily bypass geo-restrictions and access blocked content on the internet with the utmost anonymity.


VPNBaron Protocols Review

Our VPNBaron review finds that the service takes security very seriously. The only problem is that the service only supports the OpenVPN protocol. There is no doubt that this option exists as one of the most hard-to-crack protocols, but users do require multiple choices like L2TP, PPTP, IPSec, IKEv1 and IKEv2.

Nevertheless, the security you receive from the OpenVPN is not bad at all. The provider supports AES-256-CBC ciphers on all its servers, along with 2048-bit RSA authentication and, TLSv1/SSLv3 DHE-RSA-AES512-SHA. This encryption level is tough to break in itself, but you can also choose two anti DPIs.

For masking your VPN connection from ISPs, VPNBaron gives the ability to use SSL and TOR’s OBFSPROXY Scamblesuit. This actively blocks firewalls and other types of trackers that might want to steal your information. Thanks to SSL, your browsing data looks like normal HTTPS browsing, which is a must-feature if you plan to bypass restrictions in Egypt or China.

If you opt for UDP protocols, you can leverage faster internet speeds and activity. However, if you want to leverage better security and privacy, opt for the TCP connections, as they feature the anti-deep Package Inspection (DPI) protocols.


VPNBaron P2P/Torrenting Review

According to our VPNBaron review, there are no restrictions on P2P/Torrenting. You can download nad share as many torrents as you like to enjoy the complete unblocked internet. The service supports unlimited bandwidth and multiple VPN gateways to protect your identity. They also do not restrict file-sharing traffic in any way.


VPNBaron Logs Review

Our VPNBaron review unveils that the service does not log some session and connection information. The site stores a time stamp and server address that hosts the connection. During your session, it also records amount of data transmitted (up- and download).

The site states clearly that it does not monitor the connection of your VPN service. The VPN does not record your IP address either. However, it will add your IP in the block list, if there are any cases of abuse. Majority of the information logged is to monitor the performance of the service.

All data is stored in the system for 1 month, after which the service erases it completely. This may vary though, as if there are any legal reasons like investigations of fraud or abuse, the website may be required to retain data for an extended period.


VPNBaron Netflix review

According to our VPNBaron review, the service will unblock any geo-restricted website. This means, you can easily use Netflix on a variety of platforms. However, if you access Netflix from your smartphone device, you will receive a “using a proxy” error. Therefore, we would advise you to check different servers of VPNBaron for Netflix.


VPNBaron Support Review

As a new VPN in the marketplace, the service offers quite the decent customer support. Although there is no live chat availability, you receive replies within an hour. Some days the replies will inevitably be longer. However, you can always rely on the service to help you out.

You can visit the member’s area and submit a ticket directly. Simply click on the support tab and you will be able to see all: open, answered, customer-reply, and closed tickets. This presents all your conversations with the support team to you in a single location.

vpnbaron Support review

The website is very user-friendly too. You have a knowledgeable available with tons of blogs and how-to guides available for understanding non-tech aficionado. From installing the service to troubleshooting common problems, you have all information you need at your fingertips.

VPNBaron Knowledge Base


VPNBaron Apps Compatibility Review

Our VPNBaron review unveils that the service only offers a client for Windows OS, but provides support for Android, iOS, and Mac devices as well. For the VPN to work on Mac, you will have to use the Tunnelblick software to load configuration files.

The same goes for Android and iOS devices, you can download and configure OpenVPN Connect for using the VPN. Thanks to the tutorials in the knowledgebase section, you can even setup the VPN on DD-WRT routers and Linux OS.


VPNBaron Windows Client Review

According to our VPNBaron review, the Windows client is quite basic. Much of the software proves to be barebones with a limited set of options available for configuration. You just have to login, choose a server, and click on the connect button to start the VPN.

VPNBaron Windows Client Review

VPNBaron neatly lists all the servers you can establish a connection with in a drop-down menu that is expandable and scrollable. There are not many options available for changing protocols and encryptions, as the service only supports OpenVPN.

You do have the option to show logs. However, if you opt not to see the logs, the client is barely a few inches long on the screen.

vpnbaron connection

Upon navigating to the settings tab, you will find useful options like changing to TCP or UDP protocols. You even the ability of changing how your TCP connection appears, along with enabling/disabling Force DNS and Kill switch – both of which are handy features.

vpnbaron connection settings

We would like to see more options like cipher customization, IPv6 leak protection, and ability to change to PPTP, L2TP, IPSec and other protocols. At the same time, there should be an option tweak the behavior of “automatically hiding” upon establishing a VPN connection.

Switching servers is very easy, and it works well since you can change from server to server without disconnecting – however, there is no option to favorite servers to make them easier to locate in the list. Most other VPN providers have this neat little feature.

Apart from these few hiccups, the VPNBaron’s app is quite simple, subtle, and light. It is perfect for anyone looking for a basic VPN service.


VPNBaron Reddit Review

Our VPNBaron Review discovers that the provider has a very active presence on Reddit. In fact, the service has its own profile on the on the discussion site, where it regularly posts new updates regarding its VPN. If you encounter any issues, you can always start a thread on VPNBaron to get their attention and assistance of other users too. Read our detail blog here, Reddit VPN


Limit on Simultaneous Connections

The pricing chart reveals that the service allows three simultaneous connections on the Gold plan and two concurrent connections with the Silver plan. The details regarding multiple connections is missing from the Bronze plan column. Therefore, it is safe to assume that those who opt for the monthly plan can only use the VPN one device from a single account.


Final Verdict

Our VPNBaron review establishes that the provider still has a long way to go. Since it has only been in the market for two years, it does need a lot of time to mature. For most of the part, their service is good. There are lacking features and limited app support, but the VPN application connects quickly and offers super quick browsing/download/streaming experiences.


The Good

  1. Bitcoin payments accepted
  2. 3 simultaneous connections
  3. P2P/Torrenting Enabled


The Bad

  1. Logs bandwidth data
  2. Logs connection timestamps
  3. Lacks own DNS servers
  4. Only 12 countries to choose from
  5. No free trial available
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