What is VPN Land?

Established in 2006, VPN Land (formerly known as “Blacklogic VPN”) is a Canadian-based private network provider that has developed quite the name in the marketplace. It has developed slowly in the years into a strong service that provides its customers with good privacy, pricing, and overall reliability.

However, where it gains fame for its good anonymity, there are plenty of pitfalls to using the service. There are no dedicated iOS and Android apps available. At the same time, the provider offers quite the lazy support system. For more information, read this comprehensive VPN Land review below:

1.       Supports OpenVPN

2.       Active customer support

1.       No kill switch

2.       Lacks free trial

3.       Logs connection info

4.       No support for Bitcoin

5.       No dedicated apps for Android/iOS


VPN Land Pricing Review

According to our VPN Land review, users have plenty of subscriptions plans available to suit their budgetary demands and privacy requirements. If you want to leverage unlimited bandwidth, 5 simultaneous connections, NAT, Firewall, Antivirus, and support for SSTP, PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN protocols, you have the Monthly VPN account available for $10. Although a little pricey, this plan offers good value to customers, but you may find better reliability with other VPNs for the same price.

If the monthly plan does not appeal much, you have the ability of purchasing the Poker VPN account. As the name implies, this subscription is purely for Poker Players who want to receive the utmost level of privacy and security when gambling/betting online. The plan gives you static port mapping and a dedicated IP address from Toronto, along with other benefits for $100 monthly. However, it does tend to be extremely expensive, considering you can dedicated IPs for half the price with ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

VPN Land Pricing Review


VPN Router Box + Premium Review

In addition to the Monthly and Poker account, our VPN Land review unveils that the service also offers a Premium VPN plan. On the pricing page, this single plan is listed twice, which may cause confusion for potential customers. It seems the provider is yet to update the page, indicating quite the carelessness on their part. Nevertheless, if you want to receive good value, you can opt for the Premium VPN account available for $60 annually.

This plan enables prospects to leverage cheaper pricing for unlimited bandwidth, 5 simultaneous connections, NAT, Firewall, Antivirus, and support for SSTP, PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN protocols. You receive a 50% discount on the Monthly Plan. This drops the pricing down to $5 only, which means you pay a measly $60 for annual access. There is even a VPN Router plan available, which provides prospects with a Plug-and-Play configured Wi-Fi VPN router.

For a reasonable price of $100 per year, you even gain access to the premium VPN account. This allows you to leverage the best of both worlds, while gaining additional compatibility. You can easily use the Wi-Fi router for supporting 10 simultaneous connections with up to 300 mbps of Wi-Fi speeds and 400+ VPN servers for connection. The shipping costs are included in the pricing of the plan and the router box supports OpenWrt firmware for maximum security.


VPN Land Login Process

According to our VPN Land review, signing up with the service is straightforward, but you are required to reveal a lot of personal information. If you are not comfortable with sharing private details, it is better to select another service. To purchase a plan, you first must register with the service. This process requires you to visit the Client Area page. On the top right corner of the page, click on the “Account” tab.

VPN Land Login Process


Hit the “Register” button and begin filling out the information required. This includes your first name, last name, company name (optional), valid email address, password, address, city, state/region, zip code, country, phone number, and currency. Once done, tick the agree to Terms of Service box and hit the submit button.

VPNLand Login Register Review


Upon completing this process, you will receive a confirmation email stating that your account has been setup and you can login to the client area using specific details. Now all you have to do is visit the pricing page. Select the plan most suitable to your needs and requirements and hit the “Order Now” button. Enter your payment details and click on the “Checkout” button to complete process.

VPN Land Checkout Review


VPN Land Payment Methods

Our VPN Land review discovers that the provider does not support a multitude of payment options. Customers are restricted to only using PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Western Union, and WebMoney for subscribing to plans. The provider does not accept payments via Bitcoin. We would definitely like seeing an addition in the list of payment methods approved.


VPN Land Refund Policy Review

According to our VPN Land review, the service does not offer a free trial to customers, but they do have the option of requesting a refund. However, bear in mind that the refunds have a strict procedure. The provider will only accept refunds, if by any chance the VPN does not work. You need to provide valid proof in the form of a screenshot, error number, or description. If the service is unable to configure your VPN connection within 7 days, you may request for a refund through the Support Portal.


VPN Land Server Review

For a service that utilizes quite the costly pricing structure, our VPN Land review finds a great lack of locations available for connection. This has a negative impact on the reliability of the provider, as you only have 10 locations to create a private network. In addition, VPN Land states that it offers 400+ servers available for connection, but the numbers are quite different on its Server Status page (as you can observe below). You only have 264 servers available, majority of which derive from the US and Canada.

VPN Land Server Review


VPN Land Security & Privacy Review

In terms of privacy and security, it is not tough to determine whether the VPN is safe or not. It supports a good range of protocols. The VPN Land website boasts a neat and clean appearance. All vital information is just a click away. Upon establishing a secure connection, users can easily stay anonymously online for using VoIP applications, access blocked websites, browse freely, and watch movies and TV content from BBC iPlayer, Netflix, or Hulu.


VPN Land Protocols Review

Our VPN Land review unveils that the providers supports a good range of protocols. These include SSTP, PPTP, L2TP, and the most secure OpenVPN. For these, the provider uses a variety of encryptions, depending on the needs of the customers. You have 128-bit, 168-bit, and 256-bit ciphers available for masking your IP address and preventing governmental agencies from snooping on your activity.


VPN Land P2P/Torrenting Review

In terms of P2P/Torrenting, our VPN Land review discloses that the provider imposes no such restrictions on downloading and file sharing. Almost all servers will allow users to download and stream torrents from anywhere (except America). To receive the utmost level of security, users should consider establishing a connection using the OpenVPN protocol with 256-bit AES encryption. This ensures your torrenting traffic remains completely safe and away from the eyes of your local ISP.


VPN Land Logging Policy

VPN Land has a very clear logging policy. The provider does not refrain from being honest regarding what information it collects. When you sign up with the service, the site records personal details, which includes the last four digits of your credit card number, IP address, date of birth, email-address, and telephone number. Though this defies the entire purpose of remaining anonymous, VPN Land states it will never rent, sell, or otherwise disclose this information to any third parties without consent. The question about whether you should trust the VPN is completely up to you.


 VPN Land Support Review

In terms of support, our VPN Land review discovers that the provider offers plenty of options to help its customers. The provider is among the very few that offers live chat support. Therefore, if you want instant assistance regarding any particular problem while using the VPN, simply drop them a message by clicking on the live chat tab on the bottom right corner of the webpage.

Unlike many providers, VPN Land also offers phone support. If you encounter any trouble while using the service and the live chat does not help, you can get in touch with a customer support representative instantly by dialing +1 (551) 333-5522 for US / Canada or +44 2032862075 for UK. The service even offers its own support dashboard (shared in the screenshot below).

VPN Land Support Review


Here you have a complete overview of your account details, along with the ability of creating a ticket while also tracking the progress. If you want to create a ticket, just click on the Open Ticket tab. The website will redirect you to the page below. Here all you have to do is enter your name, email address, subject, department, priority, and the problem you are facing. Once done, hit the submit button and wait until your receive a reply from the support team.

VPN Land Open Ticket


Before you move to the live chat, phone support, or ticket support, customers who are in a hurry about solving a problem could go the FAQs page. Here you will find answers to the most common problems/issues that most customers may experience. Subsequently, you will likely to find a solution to whatever difficulty you are facing while using the VPN service.



One of the best things about VPN Land is that it also boasts a knowledgebase in the form of a blog. Here you will find the provider regularly updating and providing news regarding its service. For instance, in the screenshot below, you can see VPN Land announcing the release of new Singapore and Italian servers available for connection.

VPN Land Singapore


VPN Land Apps Compatibility Review

In terms of compatibility, our VPN Land review discloses that the service offers dedicated clients only for Windows and Mac users. There are no applications for android, iOS, or any other device/platform. However, users do have helpful setup guides available, providing step-by-step information regarding how to begin using the VPN on Android, iOS, Blackberry, Linux, and Dd-wrt supported routers.

VPN Land Apps Compatibility Review


VPN Land Review Reddit

VPN Land does not have an active presence on Reddit, but upon searching for its previous name i.e. Blacklogic VPN, we did happen to come across some eye-opening insight. Many customers have reported that they got scammed after buying a lifetime subscription of the service. Effective from July 22, 2017 the now renamed VPN Land cancelled all lifetime VPN accounts, without warning. The responses from the support team are quite blunt and rude to say the least. We were a little uncertain on using the service, but this has changed the game completely. Related Articles : Reddit VPN


Final Verdict

For a service that has been in the market since 2006, VPN Land does not offer much to its customers. Although they do offer good performance and security with their VPN, the logging of IP address and last digits of credit card are very risky. At the same time, the provider is not very different from others asking for the same price. There is no extra oomph in either privacy or speed to back the cost. Though the yearly pricing is a good bargain, we think prospects can find plenty of better options in the marketplace.

The Good

  1. 5 simultaneous connections
  2. Router + VPN plan
  3. Supports OpenVPN

The Bad

  1. No free trial
  2. Strict refund policy
  3. Bitcoin payments not accepted
  4. Expensive for generic offering

Logging of IP address and credit information

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5 Responses to VPN Land Review 2017 – All Talk and No Show
  1. Elizabeth Jane says:

    I use this company for my whole business and their speed and protection is good. I also like their dedicated apps for iOS and android.
    Will definitely recommend.

  2. Meekly says:

    The speed fits my needings and it works as expected. The OpenVPN configuration is quite easy. Sometimes some servers become unreachable but it happened only 2 times in a year.

    The only point that makes me mad is that I paid for a lifetime subscription on TecmintDeals site and after one year LandVPN sent me an invoice of 100$ that I will not pay at any time.

    Except for this behavior, I find this VPN a good service.

  3. Carlos says:

    I purchased a Lifetime subscription to VPN Land. Now they want $100 and refuse to honor it. This is clearly a fraud! I hope people will find out the truth about them online before they spend their hard earn money.

  4. Mike Orszag says:

    I think you have rated them too high. I had a lifetime subscription and was pretty irritated at the rude and underhanded approach they took – it’s not as if they were offering something that great to begin with

    • Bestvpnprovider says:

      Most VPNs that offer lifetime subscriptions often end up creating a bad name for themselves, as they fail to fulfill on their promise. Sorry to hear about the bad experience. We give our ratings very carefully, and assess each and every aspect of a particular VPN service (not just from the pricing viewpoint). Please do not hesitate on leaving a complete review

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