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What is VPN.ht?

Based in Hong Kong, VPN.ht is a private network service that offers a rather specific focus to unblocking content. Aside from providing complete user privacy and anonymity, the VPN optimizes its servers for streaming on Popcorn Time. This allows you to overcome geographical restrictions and enjoy watching blocked content worldwide. However, at the same time, the service lacks a free trial and offers limited servers for connectivity. For more information about the provider, read this detailed VPN.ht review.

1.                   Super affordable

2.                   SmartDNS Technology

3.                   Five simultaneous devices

4.                   30-Day Money Back guarantee

5.                   Supports OpenVPN (TCP and UDP)

1.                   Limited server choices

2.                   Problematic software clients

3.                   No “Kill Switch”


VPN.ht Pricing Review

Our VPN.ht review unveils that the provider offers one plan, divided into two packages. There is no free trial, but the pricing is quite reasonable. The 1-month plan is available at $1.00 for first-time subscriptions, after which you will have to pay $4.99 monthly.

vpn.ht pricing review

The second plan gives you access to the premium VPN for 12-months. It also gives you a 33% discount on the monthly price, lowering it to $3.33. This means, you pay only $39.99 for the yearly subscription, which is quite reasonable to say the least!


VPN.ht Signup Process

According to our VPN.ht, signing up with the service is actually quite easy and straightforward. All you have to do is visit the website, click on the “Buy VPN” tab, and you will be redirected to the below page. Select a plan that suits your budgetary needs and you will receive a list of payment options.

vpn.ht signup process

Upon selecting a plan, the website will redirect you to the account creation page. Here you will have to enter your account details. This includes your email address, username, and password. After filling out the details, click on the join now button.

vpn.ht account

This will instantly create your account and redirect you to the user dashboard. Once your invoice is paid and provisioned, you will also receive an email titled [LOGIN INSIDE] VPN Account Created”. This will include complete information about your account; in circumstances, you forget login details.


Account Layout

Our VPN.ht review discovers that the service has quite the streamlined and straightforward account layout. Upon entering your username and password, you have a complete overview available regarding your subscribed services, quotes, tickets submitted, and invoices.

Vpn.ht Account Layout

If you click on the dashboard tab, you will gain info regarding the latest happenings/offerings from the service (not updated since 2015). You also have options available to get support, make payment, and order hosting. This makes life easier, as everything is accessible with a simple click of a button.

vpn.ht account layout process


VPN.ht Accepted Payment Methods

According to our VPN.ht review, the provider accepts all popular payment methods. These include credit cards like Discover, American Express, Visa, and MasterCard, e-wallets like PayPal, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. If you want more local choices, the VPN even uses Payment walls like Mobiamo, bank transfer, and much more.


VPN.ht Refund/Money Back Review

During our VPN.ht review, it was clear that the service does not offer a free trial to customers. However, it does provide a money back guarantee to balance things. With every purchase, you get a generous 30-day risk-free refund assurance. This proves incredibly useful, in case something goes wrong and you feel like giving up on the service.


VPN.ht Promo Code/Coupons

If you want to subscribe to a plan instantly, our VPN.ht review unveils that you can enter a promo code. Just visit the billing page from the dashboard. Enter the magic numbers and click on the “Validate Code” button to activate your subscription.


VPN.ht Servers Review

If you want to establish a secure and encrypted network, our VPN.ht review discovers that you have the ability of connecting to 128+ servers in 23+ countries. The service covers all the main regions, which include South Africa, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, UK, and US.

The provider even offers 23 servers in Netherlands, as it is a P2P/Torrenting friendly country with lenient data retention laws as compared to other countries. This proves to be quite useful because VPN.ht primarily focuses on offering quality and secure Popcorn Time service.

vpn.ht Servers review


VPN.ht Privacy and Security Review

According to our VPN.ht review, the provider boasts quite the straightforward website that does not hide any information. With concerns to privacy, we could not find any dark corners. In fact, it was actually quite the opposite. The service actually goes the extra mile in ensuring anonymity.

In addition to using advanced protocols and encryptions for preventing snoopers, IPS, governments, and hackers from prying on your internet activity, VPN.ht releases a “Warrant Canary” every day. This guarantees that all of its servers are secure from confiscation and probing by government officials.

This Warrant Canary will inform regarding the date on a daily basis and reassure that no searches or seizures have actually taken place. If by any chance, the VPN.ht fails to update the page or its messages cease to exist, users should consider it as a warning signal.


VPN.ht Protocols Review

In terms of protocols, our VPN.ht review unwinds that the provider supports PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN (TCP and UDP) with RSA-2048-bit SSL certificate encryption, SHA1 authentication, and choices between 64-bit CBC, 128-bit Blowfish, and 256-bit AES ciphers.

You can connect to these multiple protocols via the open-source software client offered by the service. For those users who are fond of using OpenVPN GUI, you have the capability of downloading configuration files from the server page. Simple choose the location, encryption, and port. Decide whether you want to enable/disable SmartDNS and click on the “Generate Config” button.

VPN.ht Protocols OpenVPN Configuration


VPN.ht P2P/Torrenting Review

Our VPN.ht review unveils that the service imposes no restrictions whatsoever on P2P/Torrenting. In fact, the provider is popular for its remarkable quality of service for Popcorn Time and downloading torrents with great speed. You receive unlimited bandwidth and multiple VPN gateways to protect your identity. The provider strictly refrains from limiting file-sharing traffic.


VPN.ht for Popcorn Time

During its initial days, VPN.ht was the only provider built into Popcorn Time. In 2015, the bittorrent streaming app shut down temporarily, due to pressure from MPAA. After its reemergence, Popcorn Time no longer featured the VPN.ht built-in client.

However, you can still use the open-source software to secure your Popcorn Time streaming activities. This makes the service a good choice for those who primarily stream copyrighted multimedia content. You can enable SmartDNS for extra protection and bypass strong online restrictions, beyond the standard unblocking.


VPN.ht Logs Review

Our VPN.ht review unwinds that the service does not log or record browsing activity/traffic data from individual users, upon establishing a connection with its VPN servers. When you register for an account, the site only records your email address and payment information. The service does not share this data with any third-party service or government agency.


VPN.ht Support Review

According to our VPN.ht review, the provider boasts quite the active and helpful support system. In addition to providing self-hosted ticketing support, the provider offers assistance via live chat. You can receive replies in less than five hours, which is quite impressive as compared to other VPN services.

For reaching the support team, simply login to your account and click on the “Open Ticket” tab. Here you will receive options for sending a ticket to the support or sales department. You can also receive instant support for reporting abuse.

vpn.ht support review

For additional troubleshooting, our VPN.ht review discovers that the service offers a helpful knowledgebase page. Here you can access guides and articles relating to solving common issues and setting up the VPN on multiple devices.

vpn.ht knowledgebase

VPN.ht also offers support via social media. You can contact them on Facebook and Twitter and receive good coverage regarding the latest VPN news. If that does not work, you can enlist remote desktop assistance via TeamViewer.

vpn.ht facebook

For further assistance, VPN.ht even offers a starter guide. This helps users in getting started and setting up their VPN account. As you can see below, you will have to answer a certain list of questions to help get started with using the VPN.

vpn.ht starter guide


VPN.ht Apps Compatibility Review

With close ties to Popcorn Time, our VPN.ht review finds the provider offers support similar to its partner in crime. You have separate clients available for Linux, Mac OS, Windows, and Android operating systems. You can set up the OpenVPN protocol on gaming consoles, as well as routers running DD-WRT and other custom firmware.


VPN.ht Download Links

Downloading the VPN.ht for Windows, Android, Mac OS, and Linux is quite easy. Click on the “software” tab and select the relevant OS. You can also instantly download the software from the links below:

  1. ht for Windows
  2. ht for Mac OS
  3. ht for Android
  4. ht for iOS


vpn.ht downloadThe desktop client is under testing phase and may be unstable. There is a blog announcing the release of the software and how to report on bugs and issues with the client. VPN.ht also declares that it will update the software to a Beta Version.

However, we found that many customers were unsatisfied with the client and informing that there have been no updates for the past two years (since its initial release). Here are some comments from unsatisfied VPN users who are still waiting on the update.

vpn.ht download apps


VPN.ht Multi-Login Review

With VPN.ht, you can use a single subscription on at least five different devices/platforms simultaneously. For the reasonably low price of $4.99 per month, this is quite an amazing trait. It works as a great selling point for the provider and attracts many customers.


Final Verdict

VPN.ht proves to be a good service for protecting Popcorn Time users. It offers excellent encryption and protocol choices. The support system is quite active and helpful. The low pricing is definitely an attention-grabber and you can connect to five devices simultaneously. The only issue seems to be with the desktop client, which crashes quite often. We would also like seeing an addition in their server locations list.


The Good

  1. 30-Days Refund Policy
  2. Bitcoin Payments Accepted
  3. Inexpensive Pricing
  4. P2P/Torrenting allowed
  5. Zero logs policy


The Bad

  1. Basic Windows Client
  2. Few VPN locations
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