In May 2016, Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announced that his office had recorded an increase of 40% in the number of online data breach cases. The state had previously made it necessary for organizations & individuals to report these crimes. From 2006-2013 the personal records of 22.8 million New Yorkers have been breached in close to 5000 data breaches according to the New York Times.


The Attorney General also reported that 809 cases of data breaches were reported in 2015 alone, while a massive 1000+ are expected in 2016. Check out Verizon’s Data Breach Report for 2016 here.

data breaches

New York also suffers from a massive NSA surveillance web thanks to one of the city largest communication providers AT&T and in decade long partnership with the NSA the company has released records of millions of New Yorkers. This was confirmed by a special report published by the New York Times after leaked NSA documents were discovered shedding light on the partnership, access the classified pages here.

After the expiry of the US Patriot Act in June last year, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court let the NSA conduct its online surveillance temporarily for up to 6 months. No news of the unwarranted surveillance has been reported since, but we did see a new security & surveillance legislation in the form of the US Freedom Act allowing surveillance to be legally conducted across the US.

While all of this wasn’t enough, the Washington Post reported that criminal organizations in New York are now moving towards cybercrime completing the circle of cyber threats for the big Apple. An increase in identity theft and credit card fraud has signaled the creation of an internet police department while citizens are alerted to take care of their online financial information.

While all these issues will remain and evolve, New Yorkers need to be cautious and proactive when transacting, communicating and shopping online. While multiple tools can be suggested including internet security suites, email encryption software, network monitoring apps, ad blockers, and leased lines having an all in one VPN for New York is possibly the most affordable and simple option to all the issues listed above.

The 5 Best VPN Services for New York

It is essential to choose your NY VPN provider with utmost care with proper review and testing. We have listed the top 5 ranking VPN services for New York for you to review and test with some brilliant offers up for grabs:

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5 Features to Look Out for in the Best NY VPN

When subscribing to a New York VPN it is essential to look out for five important features in the service, we have summarized them below.

  1. Server Network

A VPN for NY that carries a vast server network across the world is essential to ensure you can hide behind different IP addresses. A Virtual Private Network secures you by “masking” your local IP address with one from its server. For instance, if you connect your New York VPN service to a server in London your IP will be masked with one from the United Kingdom.

A global server footprint ensures that you can connect to servers in different continents depending on your requirements. This can be anything from unblocking streaming services, securely downloading torrents, securely shopping online, buy online games from other regions, banking online securely or just browsing the web without being monitored by the ISP & government.

Do remember that your NY VPN provider should also carry a New York VPN server. There might be times where you need to access online banking services, email services, online shopping, FTP servers etc.

  1. Where is the VPN based

Always ensure that your VPN provider is based outside:

  1. The United States
  2. The United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. Australia, and
  5. New Zealand

These 5 countries are what are known as the “5 Eyes Surveillance” initiative, sharing user data from continent to continent. Always ensure that your provider is not based in these countries since a single warrant can lead to a fine if you were downloading an MP3 using torrents or browsing a streaming website.

I have always trusted PureVPN on the primes that the provider is based in Hong Kong. They do not comply with the DMCA, Trans Pacific Partnership, US Freedom Act or even the UK Snoopers Charter.

  1. Compatibility

Compatibility is normally not an issue with VPN providers today. Most providers offer compatibility with major Operating Systems including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux. Similarly, NY VPN also ensure you can protect your IoT (internet of things) devices including smart homes, smart cars, smart appliances, smart watches and other connected appliances through a router or your smart phone.

Always look for a VPN service for New York that gives you multi device access (ability to use one account on multiple devices, industry legend PureVPN provides access on up to 5 devices). This allows you to secure more devices or people using your phone, router, PC or laptop.

  1. Mobile Apps & Desktop Software

Having mobile and desktop apps is always handy for a VPN service. While you can easily configure most NY VPN services manually easily on smartphones, PCs and routers it is always helpful to have one click connectivity at your disposal.

VPN for New York

Screenshot from my Android Phone, Using both the PureVPN app and Manual Connection when required  

I use the PureVPN app always on when using public WI-FI networks, but since VPN providers only offer OpenVPN protocols over mobile apps, I have manually configured the PureVPN PPTP protocol on my device for faster streaming.

  1. Logging & Privacy Policies

The most important factor when considering or subscribing to a VPN is actively looking through privacy & data retention policies of the provider. These policies define what the provider retains from your online activities and can include:

  1. IP address
  2. Time of connection
  3. Websites visited
  4. Files downloaded
  5. Email addresses used
  6. Social networks used
  7. Apps accessed
  8. Browsing habits
  9. Advertisements liked and other information from online activities.

You should always look for providers that offer “Absolutely Zero” logging policies. This claim can be further crosschecked & confirmed within a provider’s Privacy Policy section, generally mentioned on their website. Ensure that the provider doesn’t collect the connection time stamp (time of connecting & disconnecting the NY VPN service) and which IP address you connected from (your real IP address).

You must also ensure that the provider does not distribute your name, email address and other information to third party marketers to deliver ads on your frequently visited web pages. Access our editorials reviews in the table above to know which provider has the best privacy policy.

In a Nutshell

The land of free speech has now become the land of hide your head. The government’s endless efforts to invade Americans online privacy have been a controversial topic for some time now. New Yorkers’ should take special care when accessing online resources, transferring online data and interacting online.

Learn more how a VPN for New York protects you online from our exclusive reviews from the table above. Bank online securely, connect to public Wi-Fi networks without having to worry about cybercrime and protect your personal information with a VPN for NY now.

5 Best VPN for New York State
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We have listed the top 5 ranking VPN services for New York for you to review and test with some brilliant offers up for grabs.
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