Update 12/17: WhatsApp Blocked in Brazil for 48 Hours

One of the most popular apps in Brazil, WhatsApp has been ordered by the court to be blocked for 48 hours, starting on Thursday 0200 GMT. The block has been put in place because WhatsApp failed to respond to a court order following an injunction filed by a mysterious Third Party.

WhatsApp is used by nearly 93% of Brazil’s population. And, in the world where Brazilian telecom companies are lobbying against WhatsApp, this is a big blow to Brazilian WhatsApp users. However, you can get passed this blocked and continue to use WhatsApp in Brazil using a VPN service. By changing your virtual location to any other country using a VPN, you can unblock WhatsApp in Brazil.


The largest country in whole of South America, Brazil has the fifth largest population in the world. According to Statista, Brazil is one of the largest internet markets in world as of May 2014 and estimates that the current internet penetration rate of 49.3 percent will increase to 59.5 percent by 2017.

As internet usage and accessibility steadily increases in Brazil, the true picture of internet freedom has been mixed for the past couple of years. The Brazilian government has not officially placed any internet censorship laws but recent events show otherwise.

So in order to keep your privacy safe and data protected from unwanted surveillance, you need a VPN for Brazil. And, if online privacy and security aren’t your top concern, then using a Brazil VPN service, you can access geo restricted and blocked web-content.

Best VPN for Brazil

There are numerous VPN services you can choose from but to help you out, we have listed the top 5 VPN for Brazil. These are some of the best VPN services for Brazil you can use. Their strong encryption levels and wide spread of servers will allow you complete anonymity, online security, and internet accessibility.

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Why do I Need a VPN for Brazil?

There are many reasons that spring to mind when we talk about why is there a need for VPN service in Brazil. From online security to unblocking websites, here are some points that will make you think again for not using a VPN for Brazil.

  • Brazil looses over $8 billion a year due to cybercrimes. It is ranked has the number 1 country in Latin America for generating cybercrimes.
  • Brazilian Banking Federation reports that almost 95 percent of the losses incurred by Brazilian banks are due to cybercrimes.
  • Majority of the attacks are carried out through malware, social networking, and stealth capabilities.
  • You cannot access numerous streaming channels, websites, VoIP services and other web content within Brazil.
  • More than 50 percent of the takedown notices of web-content received by Google are from Brazil than any other country.
  • The Brazilian government can block access to websites or conduct surveillances on your online activity without you even knowing.

Internet Censorship in Brazil

On paper there are no internet censorship laws currently in-place in Brazil. However, this is far from the truth as the Brazilian government has been reported to block several websites, including the likes of YouTube.

In 2006, the Brazilian court ordered to block YouTube throughout the country due to leaked footage of model Daniela Cicarelli (ex-wife of Brazilian soccer player Ronaldo). This decision was overturned later on but it showed that the government and the judicial court can enforce such blockages in the near future.

Your only escape from such censorship is through a VPN for Brazil. Using the wide spread of servers offered by the VPN services, you can access all such blocked content.

The Wrath of Brazilian Government on Journalists

Similarly, many journalists have faced the wrath of Brazilian government. Various bloggers and journalists involved in whistle-blowing against the government were either arrested or detained. Many were given lawsuits and in some worst case scenarios, they were abducted and even murdered.

During the elections of 2012, the local chief of Google was detained for not taking down content regarding a mayoral candidate. It was also reported that WordPress, a major platform for blogging, was also blocked within Brazil.

What this shows is that the Brazilian government, whether intentionally or inadvertently, monitors yours internet activities; looking for any sign of hate speeches, anti government campaigns, or any act that can be deemed as terrorism. Therefore, the use of VPN for Brazil becomes even more important than before.

Remove Geo Restrictions with Brazil VPN

Online security and privacy aside, a Brazil VPN service also allows you unlimited and unrestricted access to internet. There are many websites like Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, ITV and UK TV that are not accessible within Brazil.

However, with the help of a VPN service, you can unblock such channels from mainland Brazil. A VPN for Brazil is highly useful if you are traveling to Brazil, either for business or vacations. It will allow you to stream all your favorite TV shows or movies while you travel and also unblock various VoIP services.

On the contrary, if you are from Brazil, you can use a VPN service to access Brazilian channels from anywhere in the world.

Access Netflix USA Library with VPN for Brazil

Another advantage of using a VPN for Brazil is that you can access Netflix USA library while being in Brazil. The content offered on Netflix USA is undoubtedly more than any other Netflix region.

On Netflix USA, you have over 8,000 different titles to choose from. While on Netflix Brazil, you are nowhere near this number as the total titles are estimated to be just over 2,000.

However, with a VPN for Brazil by your side, you can expand your entertainment horizons. By connecting to the US server offered by the VPN service, your IP address is masked and replaced with a US IP address – allowing you to access US Netflix library.


To sum up then, Brazil’s economy and internet usage are expanding at a rapid pace. Brazil can be accounted as one of the emerging nations in the upcoming years. With that you can expect technological innovation and economic prosperity.

The introduction of Marco Civil bill is also a positive step for Brazilian netizens as it values data protection and online privacy. However, with cyber security issues climbing and vulnerability of being detained or arrested by the government, you need to ensure that your privacy through a VPN for Brazil.

Our list above highlights some of the best VPN for Brazil you can choose from. Each of these VPN services have server located within Brazil and also in numerous countries around the world. Equipped with strong encryption levels and protocols, you can stay anonymous over the internet while unblocking numerous websites.

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