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In July 2016 uTorrent’s on-site forum was hacked affecting almost 390,000 registered members of the renowned torrent client. While a warning was issued to all members to secure their accounts by changing passwords, there is no doubt that a trove of user information was compromised in the breach.

The attack on uTorrent’s online community forum was an alarming event, alerting BitTorrent especially uTorrent users’ to consider online privacy & security toolswhen downloading torrents. To avoid events like the one mentioned above, utorrent users’ & torrent fans should consider using aVirtual Private Network (VPN) when downloading. We tested 5 leading Torrent VPN providers with utorrent here is how they ranked with the torrent client:

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What is a uTorrent VPN?

While downloading a file using uTorrent, your IP address is visible to other user’s (who can be anyone), your ISP and hackers (who may be hosting a malicious torrent). This exposure of user IP addresses and other location information can lead to more serious issues like a network data breach, fines & penalties (in case of copyright infringement), and network monitoring by ISP or legal authorities.

When using a VPN with the uTorrent client, your original IP address & location will be hidden with the VPN server’s IP address& location visible online. Malicious entities looking to breach your VPN tunnel orthe VPN server will be unable to access anything.

We verified our own IP address with and without the VPN connected. First, we checked on IPMagnet without the VPN and got our precise IP address listed(first sequence of IP address have been censored).

Ip Magnet Preview - Without VPN

With the VPN connected were-ran the test on IP Magnet and as you can notice below the IP address has changed and the VPN server’s IP is clearly visible(first sequence of IP address have been censored).

IP Magnet - With VPN


How to Use uTorrent With VPN?

You can select from a huge range of VPN providers that allow torrent downloads over their servers. Usually, when downloading torrents your IP address is visible to all users’ downloading the file at a particular moment. The table below demonstrates how uTorrent displays every utorrent peer’s IP address, location, and torrent client being used.

IP Adresses

uTorrent client displaying complete IP addresses, Torrent client in use and location of users.


To start using a VPN with your utorrent client here is what you do:

  1. Access reviews of the top 5 uTorrent VPN providers in the table above
  2. Subscribe to the service you consider convincing (always test providers withutorrent)
  3. Connect the VPN to a recommended torrent optimizedserver (contact your provider for details)
  4. Start a download on uTorrent, preferably a trending copyright movie or music album
  5. Check for IP leaks usingIPMagnetto confirm you are not broadcasting your real IP address

How to stop uTorrent download when VPN disconnects?

There can be a number of reasons why a VPN service might disconnect from its server including latency, the server not responding etc. During this time, the user’s original IP address is visible to other peers in the uTorrent client. To counter this, VPN providers with torrent support offer an add-on feature called the Internet Kill Switch.

Internet Kill Switch

As the name suggests, an Internet Kill Switch suspends all internet activity if the VPN connection is lost due to any reason. This allows you to keep your anonymity intact despite the connection being lost and the torrentdownload will resume once the VPN is connected.


VPN Service or Proxy Server – What to use for uTorrent?

Torrent users also tend to use proxy servers for downloading torrents since they are free and a bit faster than VPN services. However, a proxy does not offer any security, anonymity or protection from ISP tracking and copyright notices. A VPN not only offers anonymity but also protects subscribers from all types of malicious attacks too.

There are a number of reasons why torrent VPN services are better optionsto use with uTorrentclients, including:

  1. Multiple torrent optimized servers
  2. Minimum speed loss
  3. Internet Kill Switch
  4. Zero log policies
  5. Data encryption


Why you need uTorrent VPN port forwarding

What is Port Forwarding?

Port Forwarding is usually a built-in feature in all router brands and is closely related to NAT or Network Address Translation services. Usually, a router assigns a local IP address to all your online devices connected to a router these addresses normally fall in the range 192.168.0.x and so on. These are the private IP addresses of your devices;it is normally used when devices interact with the router and other devices on the same network.

Similarly, when your devices connect to the internet through the router a single public IP address is assigned to all devices. Normally, different users’ make different requests for instance one requests Facebook, another requests Google and so on. Everydevice uses a certain port number from where data flows into the device.

Since the same public IP address requests data for all devices, NAT technology on the router sorts data packets based onthe ports various devices are using. For example, my Android phone could be using port 2442 while my PC could be using port 4454 to make receive data from the internet. NAT will ensure that all relevant data is sent to respective devices based on these ports, thus these ports are open have been forwarded to the internet.


Port forwarding on uTorrent

uTorrent uses a random port that is open every time you launch the software. To port forward and speed up your utorrent downloads with a VPN, first you will need to see if your torrent port is open. Begin by finding out your uTorrent’s listening port:


  1. Go to the Options menu
  2. Then clickPreferences
  3. Select the Connection menu
  4. You will see the option “Port Used for Incoming Connections”
  5. This is the port your utorrent client is using to receive data from seeders
  6. Close your utorrent client before proceeding and note your listening port number
  7. To check if your utorrent listening port is open you can try several tools online (remember that these tests canalso give you false-positives, try the Open Port Check by PortForward.com)
    1. http://portchecker.co/
    2. http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/
    3. http://www.ipfingerprints.com/portscan.php
    4. http://www.canyouseeme.org/

(Remember that these tests can also give you false-positives. You can also try the Open Port Check by PortForward.com, requires installation)

  1. If the port test results confirm open, then all incoming data is being routed directly to your PC. In case it does not test open consider contacting your VPN provider for help.

Port in Utorrent

Screenshot for step no. 5

uTorrent VPN for Android

Torrent fanaticswho use Android devices to download torrents need to use a VPN because phone data is one of the most heavilysought outby hackers, ISPs, marketers and the NSA alike. To protect Android devices with VPN:

  1. Download the VPN provider’s Android app
  2. Launch and login to the app
  3. Connect to suggested torrent optimized servers (consult the provider’s support for P2P & torrent optimized server lists)
  4. You can now download torrents on your Android device with VPN


In a Nutshell

To safely download torrents using uTorrent, a VPN is the only possible tool that guaranteesprivacy &protection against ISP monitoring and copyright tracking. Secure your torrent downloads now, choose from our list of providers above and remember to trial VPN providers before you sign up for the long term.

If you have any questions regarding using VPN for uTorrent, kindly leave your queries in the comments section below.

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