The clock is ticking as the US Senate scramble to renew the Patriot Act as it nears the June 1, 2015 expiration date. Under Section 215 of the Patriot Act, the government is allowed to spy and collect records of its citizens and the NSA has been spearheading the government's surveillance for quite a few years. However, Edward Snowden’s revelations about the NSA's blanket surveillance and violation of public privacy have managed to make a dent in the unwarranted domestic spying.

The USA Freedom Act was introduced in order to bring more transparency to NSA's unwanted surveillance and to reign-in bulk data collection. However, the USA Freedom Act is loaded with fine prints and loopholes that will allow allow NSA to continue its spying activities with only few limitations.


The USA Freedom Act will also extend the Patriot Act till 2019 and open new avenues for the collection of user data. These will include your phone records, VoIP calls, Smartphone and online activities, and video calls. This will endanger your online privacy, sensitive information, and private information. NSA has continued to record everything about you and will have a greater freedom in the coming times. This is where you a VPN.

Protect Your Privacy

Using a tunneling and encryption service will allow you to overcome the problem of bulk data collection conducted by NSA. There are countless VPN service providers but only a few have the encryption standards required to evade the NSA. The providers shortlisted below are some of the best VPN services when it comes to ensuring anonymity over the internet, safeguard your privacy, and protect your sensitive information.

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The characteristics that make a VPN a great tool for defending against online surveillance, hacking, and bulk data collection are its wide spread of servers and the ability to encrypt your data. The above mentioned VPN providers have servers located in different countries; connecting to these servers masks your true identity and keeps you anonymous over the internet.

Each of these VPN offer great security features that will keep your personal and sensitive information safe from mass surveillance conducted by the NSA. The built-in secure protocols and military grade encryption levels tunnel all your traffic, which makes it impossible for the surveillance agencies to trace and record.

Google App Store Used by NSA for Spying

Thanks to the documents leaked by Edward Snowden, NSA had infected the Google App store in order to initiate mass surveillance on a global scale. This campaign was named IRRITANT HORN and NSA was helped by other spy agencies from UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and US (collectively known as the Five Eyes alliance).

The purpose of this campaign was to spy on African nations (Sudan, Congo, and Senegal). However, the spyware used for spying on Smartphone users infected servers all around the world, exposing users to unwanted surveillance and other possible threats. There is perhaps no better reason to use a VPN to safeguard your privacy, text messages, call data, and other information on your phones from such spying campaigns.

Many US politicians have stood up to stopping NSA from its mass surveillance and ending Patriot Act for good. Dr. Rand Paul is amongst them and he explains the great lengths that US government goes to collecting metadata.


With the Patriot Act set to expire in a few days (unless the US government does something about it), and the USA Freedom Act twisting clauses extending NSA surveillance till 2019, you need to protect yourself with a VPN.
Many activists have gathered outside US senate offices across various cities trying to end the Patriot Act. The message sent by these protesters states: ‘Sunset the Patriot Act’; which calls for an end to surveillance by the government and protecting the human right to privacy.

Time will tell whether the US government ends the bulk data collection, mass surveillance and intrusion of public privacy conducted by the NSA. For now, online privacy and freedom of speech advocates recommend that you take preventive measures and do not compromise on your online privacy, and avoid unwanted surveillance from monitoring all your activities.

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