After experiencing one of the most disturbing years in its history, Turkey has once more begun blocking and restricting access to famous social networking websites. The latest interference or blockade whatever you may call it has affected WhatsApp in Turkey along with Facebook, twitter and other commonly used social networking services.

Using WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube became impossible as the Turkish government cracked down on various social networks, forums and chat apps. Digital News conducted a survey in 2015 demonstrating the massive use of social media in the country. One of those statistics involved sample data ofusers who indulged in WhatsApp as a news source:

whatsapp in turkey


WhatsApp Blocked in Turkey


Following the catastrophic chain of events including the military coup, the arrest of Kurdish political leaders and the assassination of the Russian ambassador to the country, the government of Turkey went in to sentinel mode.

As a cautionary measure WhatsApp was blocked in Turkey along with Facebook, Twitter & YouTube. WhatsApp users in Turkey can however access the service from their country securely with VPN.

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Unblock WhatsApp in Turkey in 5 Steps


Unblocking WhatsApp in Turkey is easy given you have a VPN service, just in case you need help have a look at our expert reviews from the table above. To unblock WhatsApp in Turkey with VPN here is how to proceed:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN Service
  2. Download the respective VPN app for your device or configure manually
  3. Force Stop WhatsApp from App settings


how to unblock and use whatsapp in turkey

4. Connect VPN to a server in Singapore, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden etc.

whatsapp vpn in turkey

5. Launch WhatsApp on your phone

whatsapp turkey

Enjoy messaging and sharing media as usual, notice above that messages began passing through easily once the VPN was connected to a Singapore VPN server

Pro Tip: Make sure your VPN is configured to use either OpenVPN, PPTP or IKEv2 tunneling protocols.


WhatsApp for Travelers from UK to Turkey


Turkey is one of the most visited destinations for United Kingdom tourists & expats. This requires that social apps especially WhatsApp be available all the time for users to share photos & other media with their friends and family.

It is recommended that WhatsApp users travelling from the UK to Turkey should already have a VPN just in case. Since WhatsApp is one of the most used app for communication, sharing media and news it is routinely blocked out in Turkey. Those travelling from the United Kingdom can definitely have a browse through our tested VPN services to unblock social media in Turkey from the table above.


In a Nutshell


I hope you will find my blog helpful to unblock & use WhatsApp in Turkey. In case you experience problems simply drop me a comment below and I will try to sort out the issue best I can. Leave us your precious comments and feedback for improvement in the section below. Alternatively, add us on Twitter @VPNBestfor more guides, news and VPN deals.

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