Is Tumblr Blocked in China?

Established with over 300 million blogs, Tumblr is a web 2.0 mini blog that allows subscribers to share practically any media available online. Tumblr users can customize media using HTML to match their blog page, using an easy set of tools provided by the service.

On the 26th of May 2016, the Chinese government added Tumblr to the list of banned website using TGFW. As you can observe below:

tumblr blocked in china


The test from blocked confirms that Tumblr is indeed locked within mainland China. This leaves China VPN the only solutions for Chinese netizens to access their blogs on the Web 2.0 service. Although not all of Tumblr was banned within Chinese cyberspace, some blogs were still readily available. Only blogs that questioned the corruption & anarchy of the Chinese government we blocked first, including (Corruption China) which was banned in 2014.

Ranked 153 by Alexa within China, Tumblr boasts a better score compared with many other foreign websites within the country. The case for Tumblr went bad when, 陆家嘴不雅视频, shared a 29s PORN VIDEO that spread like fire across the country’s internetand was even reported later by newspapers & TV channels. The video is still available from Tumblr user “stalkeryan{.}tumblr{.}com”and can be accessed directly from the blog.

A strange coincidence was marked by the upcoming anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. In 2014 the Chinese government banned FourSquare (photo sharing app)in China on the Tiananmen Square Massacre anniversary.

How to Use Tumblr in China

As is the case with hundreds of other social networks, websites, apps and web services the only way to unblock Tumblr in China is by employing a Virtual Private Network or VPN with your internet connection.

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A VPN enhances online privacy & unblocks Tumbler in China using “tunneling protocols” and “data encryption algorithms”. These tools ensures that no matter what websites or blogs you are visiting the Chinese Government, your ISP, the Chinese internet police or anyone else for that matter can see the activities.

Using high speed server infrastructure, VPN completely bypass the Great Firewall of China,ensuring that you get a liberated & surveillance free internet once behind its robust security. Here is our step by step guide on how to use Tumblr in China:

Step 1

Connect your VPN service to a server based in Europe (UK, Germany, Sweden, France, and Luxemburg etc.), USA or any Asian VPN server. We used Ivacy VPN for the test and connected to their Luxemburg server.

unblock tumblr in china

Step 2

Clear your browser cache and delete all cookies, site data, history plus any ActiveX & Flash plug-ins.

how to access tumblr in china

Step 3

Go to the address bar and connect to Tumblr as you do normally.

how to use tumblr in china

You should now be able to use Tumblr in China.

See You Again Soon

Hope you enjoyed our unblocking guide for Tumblr in China, if it worked for you remember to share our post with friends. If you are encountering any issues leave us a shout out in the comments section below and we will try to sort out the issue for you. Visit out blog for more interesting posts and VPN deals.

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