In 2016 Snap Chat celebrated 150 million daily worldwide users’ surpassing Twitter (140 million) by a massive 10 million subscribers. Known for its time stamped photo & video sharing, Snap Chat also boasts 10 billion video views per day leaving Facebook (8 billion views per day) behind by a resounding 2 billion video views per day.


Is Snap Chat Blocked in China?


No, SnapChat is on the NOT BLOCKED list in China, but still remains inaccessible to Chinese netizens. This is due to the fact that most SnapChat features use Google servers to deliver its services. Technically it’s completely legal to use the service and unblock SnapChat using aVPN service in China.

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You can access Snap Chat in China using VPN providers listed above as we have tested all services for China. DO remember that when you use Snap Chat in China with VPN there will be a drop in bandwidth so it’s always suggested to test the VPN provider using the free trial offers or money back guarantees.


how to unblock access snapchat in china


How to Access/Unblock Snap Chat in China in 5 Simple Steps


Although the Chinese government does not block SnapChat in case the app ever accesses Google servers the service will not respond, which means it will never work properly. Subscribers in China can access SnapChat very easily in 5 simple steps, here is what to do:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service–Consider our tested VPN services for China in the table above
  2. Configure your VPN manually or download the VPN provider app for your device


snapchat in china vpn

3. Select a server in Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Pakistan or Russia

4. Launch your snap chat app.

snap chat app in china

5. Congratulations! You will have unblocked Snap Chat in China. Send Snaps, mini video clips, and tell your own         story your way … Enjoy!


Get Snap Chat in China


In case you don’t have Snap Chat on your smart phone or tablet PC there are two ways to download the app on your Android device. Apple iPhone & iPad tablet users can simply download the app from their official Apple App Store but will still need a VPN to use Snap Chat services in China. The two ways to get Snap Chat in China include:

  1. Download Google Play Store on Your Android device
  2. Download Aptoide 3rd Party Android Store app on your Android device


Install Snap Chat in China Using Aptoide


Aptoide is one of the most trusted 3rd party Android App stores apart from the official Google play which is also blocked in China and does not come pre installed on Chinese smart phones and tablets. To get Snap Chat without worrying about installing Google Play, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open your mobile browser and visit


Install Snap Chat in China Using Aptoide

2. Tap the “INSTALL APTOIDE” button

3. Let the app download &install on your device

4. Launch the Aptoide app

5. Search for SnapChat in the search bar

snapchat aptoide search

6. Tap the Snap Chat app, then tap Install

download snapchat china

7. Don’t launch SnapChat yet

8. Connect your VPN to a Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea or Pakistan server

9. Enjoy you can now use Snap Chat in China!


In a Nutshell


Hope you found our guide to unblock Snap Chat in China useful and our recommended VPN to access Snap Chat worked outfine. In case you do have an issue during any of the steps, let us know immediately and we will get it sorted in a jiffy.

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