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The continuous tensions between Ukraine and Russia have eventually led to one thing, repression of expression and rights to protest. The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, ordered the closure of Russian social networks VK (Vkontakte) and Odnoklassniki within Ukraine to expand the sanctions placed on Russia for the annexation of Crimea. Kyiv security agencies have established that social networks are being used as a propaganda machine by the Russia government.

It is the belief of the Ukrainian government that Russian cyberwarfare has expanded valiantly and social networks have been used by the Kremlin as weapons of choice. Ukraine’s latest block leaves VK, Odnoklassniki, and Russian search engine Yandex inaccessible to users in Ukrainian cyberspace. All four web services remain the top 4 used online communication mediums in the country but you can easily unblock using Ukraine vpn.


How To Unblock Russian Social Networks with a VPN украина

While the Ukrainian government crackdown on all Russian based tech services within their cyberspace, you can easily bypass the censorship & possible SBU surveillance of ordinary Ukrainians. A Ukraine VPN or VPN украина is the best possible answer to all of the above.

Do remember that not all Ukraine VPN services are the same when it comes to security & online privacy. Some VPN украина are too small & restricted to offer enhanced privacy features for netizens, especially in regions like Ukraine where a wrong blog post or social can get netizens in trouble. To simplify the process I reviewed on of the leading VPN украина services that ensures the best online privacy when using social networks in Ukraine.


How To Use Russian Web Sites in Ukraine Using PureVPN

One of the more prominent privacy providers with a good selection of security tools, PureVPN, is a leading service to unblock Russian social networks in Ukraine. PureVPN is powered by the one of the largest server networks across 141 countries with 750+ VPN servers to connect through. Ukrainian social media users can hide behind over 90,000 IP addresses, and spam their location.

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The Hong Kong based provider offers a superb ZERO LOGS policy with a selection of excellent features including Internet Kill Switch, auto reconnect, Split Tunneling, exclusive Stealth Protocol (Double encryption) and secure PureDNS to avoid ISP monitoring. PureVPN offers a mix of 6 tunneling protocols and 256 bit (military standard) Encryption to users for superior privacy.

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PureVPN is celebrating 10 years of powering user privacy & data security with a SUPER SAVER deal for as low as $2.44 per month (BVP exclusive offer 2 year subscription for $58.56) or $9.99 per month on a monthly recurring basis. PureVPN has created a decent reputation as a “privacy provider” rather than an “unblocking service”.


Ukraine Proxy & Free VPN Services

Keep in mind that a proxy does not secure your network & identity when you are unblocking websites using one. A Ukraine proxy service can although unblock websites but never secure your online activity, since it has no encryption built into it. Unless you have a data encryption software installed DO NOT use a Ukraine proxy to unblock social networks.

Similarly, free VPN services can be useful if they are far from the clutches of the Ukrainian and Russian governments. It is advisable to use free VPN services that give proper descriptions of the tunneling & encryption that they deploy on their servers. I reviewed three leading free VPN украина service providers that should allow you to unblock Russian social networks:

  1. Cyber Ghost
  2. BetterNet
  3. HotSpot Shield  


In a Nutshell

As Russia & Ukraine engage in a massive cyber-fight with social networks being banned on both sides, it’s probably time to get a VPN украина. Secure your home & office networks, secure yourself from malware, government surveillance, ISP monitoring and DDoS attacks with the best VPN украина.

Unblock your favorite social networks VK (Vkontakte) & Odnoklassniki, Ukraine’s favorite service, and preferred Yandex search engine with our recommended VPN provider. Stay safe, stay protected and enjoy a free internet in Ukraine & Russia.

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