There is no subtle way to put it but there is a high possibility that in the coming future, UK spy agencies and police could attain data of people being investigated directly from U.S. companies.

This new bilateral venture would mean that British intelligence agencies could approach companies such as Facebook, Google and Yahoo, and ask for private information of users, their internet activities, chat history and even setup wiretaps or search orders.

The governments of both the nations have a formidable relationship when it comes to sharing intelligence – related data, as witnessed in the Five Eye alliance. However, this new surveillance pact would give UK intelligence agencies unprecedented power to approach companies operating on US soil.

The draft for the negotiations of this new pact has been developed by both the nations. According to The Washington Post, this draft has not been made public yet but a copy of the draft was reviewed by them.

The implementation of the new surveillance alliance would require changes in various laws and regulations that are already in place. There are various conflicts of laws that need to be sorted out before UK spy agencies could access data from US companies.

Other than sorting out legal issues, there is also resentment from other nations that object this new surveillance venture. Many countries already complain that US firms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google comply more easily with US and UK agencies as compared to other nations.

Having said this, the new venture between the two nations is still under development and if this new cyber security alliance goes through, you will need to protect your privacy at all cost. This is where you will need different tools that will encrypt your internet activities (such as VPN), VoIP conversations, text messages, and other private information.

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