Update 9/9/2015: Twitter has been blocked in Turkey again in order to prevent violent images from spreading. Reportedley the Kurds were being attacked by Turkish Nationalist which sparked a violent spree in the country. Images were soon being spread on Twitter because of which Twitter was blocked. However, you can unblock Twitter in Turkey with a VPN, you can see our list in the section below.

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Andalou Agency has announced that Twitter Blocked in Turkey in order to prevent the broadcasting of the images of the bombing which occured in SouthEast Turkey that killed 32 people. The Agency also said that the Government was also trying to block twitter in Turkey in order to stop the users from calling an online protest against the government for not doing enough to stop the bombings.

This isn’t the first time that the Turkish Government has blocked and twitter and this will not be the first time the turkish users will use VPNs and proxies to bypass these restrictions. Though it has been implied that this ban is temporary but to be on the safe side we recommend that you use the following VPN Services to bypass these restriction and Unblock Twitter in Turkey.


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