Internet censorship, social media crackdown, and blocking online content are just the tip of the iceberg you will find in Turkey. The government has been notorious for dishing out legal notices, taking down of tweets and other web-content that criticizes governmental actions and their officials.

Last year, Turkey blocked Twitter and YouTube through internet censorship over a top secret government meeting on Syria. And, it’s not just these social media websites, Facebook and many other forums have taken the hit for allowing users to post against Turkish government.

In order to safeguard yourself from being in the firing line of Turkish content policy and protecting your online privacy, use a Turkey VPN service. Our post will help you select the best VPN service for Turkey, highlight the vicious policies implemented by the Turkish government and how you can access blocked and censored web-content.

Top VPN for Turkey

Here are some of the best VPN service of 2015 that will help you protect your privacy and personal information being invaded by Turkish government and surveillance agencies.

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What makes these VPN services the best among others in the industry are their security measures and the wide spread of servers. The encryption levels and different protocols will protect your data and personal information from being spied upon.

What a Turkey VPN does is that it tunnels all your online traffic through secure protocols and encrypts the data, making it difficult for surveillance agencies from monitoring or recording it. The wide spread of servers help in hiding your true identity and remain anonymous over the internet.

These servers are located in various locations and connecting to anyone of them will replace your IP address with the IP address of VPN severs; making you invisible over the internet. So the next time Turkey blocks YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media website, just use a Turkey VPN service and bypass internet censorship and blackouts.

Added Benefits of a Turkey VPN

A Turkey VPN not only protects your original identity and protects your online data. It also has various added benefits such as access to Geo-restricted websites, protection from cyber-goons, better online gaming experience, and various add-on.

No More Geo Restrictions

Geo restricted websites such as Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, ITV, Crackle, VUDU, and many more cannot be accessed from within Turkey. Here is where the wide server spread of a Turkey VPN service comes into play. Just connect to the regions where these websites are available and bypass these geo restrictions.

Protection against Cyber-goons

The encryption and protocols that tunnel and encrypt your online traffic also protect you from different cyber-attacks. There are numerous malicious goons out their looking to take advantage of your precious personal information.

Improved Online Gaming

If you are located in Turkey and are looking for testing your online gaming skills against Asian players, then a Turkey VPN is for you. Simply connect to the server where you want to compete in that particular region. A Turkey VPN service will also help to reduce your high latency and ping issues while you play online games such as DOTA 2, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Halo, and more.

Look for Add-ons

Many VPN providers also offer different add-ons along with the standard VPN service. Look for these add-ons as they are helpful in making your overall online experience better. There are different streaming enhancement add-ons; DDoS protection add-ons, additional security measures (NAT firewall) and more that can be useful to you.

Turkey Content Policy and Internet Law

Turkey has a controversial internet law and tight content policy that blocks various social media channels along with posts made by Turkish citizens. According to a report by Twitter, Turkey had the highest number of requests for the removal of tweets and twitter accounts. The number was estimated to be over 70 Twitter account and 2000+ tweets.

This was observed when a Turkish prosecutor (Mehmet Selim Kiraz) was held hostage and then killed by militants. Turkish president, Erdogan order the blocking of Twitter as users shared image of the event on social media. Apart from tweets and Twitter accounts, Turkey also ordered the removal 160+ URLs which linked to this news.

The latest internet law and security bill provides limitless power to Erdogan and other ministers to monitor the internet. The security bill does not take into account any respect for human rights, personal privacy, freedom of speed, and internet freedom. The bill has come into heavy criticism but with this being implemented; you cannot express your feeling against the government other than praises and admiration for Erdogan.


These atrocious internet laws and content policy implemented by Turkey also led to numerous journalists and bloggers being detained and imprisoned. Over the years, various individuals were lock away for voicing against the government or criticizing their actions. The constant blocking and taking down of social media content has left Turkish citizens in the wake for internet freedom.

It is your right for freedom of speech, having personal privacy, and to safeguard these human rights, you need a Turkey VPN service. With the next internet censorship just around the corner, we recommend that you select the best VPN service of 2015 from our list above and have complete internet freedom at all times.

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