What is Turbo VPN?

Based in China, Turbo VPN is a free mobile app that allows users to secure their internet connection via encryption and location spoofing. It comes pre-installed on the 5th generation Amazon Fire Tablet but is also available on other iOS and Android devices. The provider does not have a dedicated website for its VPN product, which leaves us with ambiguous information. Regardless, if you want to learn more about the service, read this detailed Turbo VPN Review below:

Pros Cons
1.       Simple User-Interface

2.       Unlimited Data Usage

1.       Only 5 Servers available

2.       Missing website

3.       No Firewall

4.       No Kill switch

5.       Poor support


Turbo VPN Features Review

Our Turbo VPN review unveils that the service does not offer any special or advanced features to customers. It is quite a basic VPN product with a limited selection of servers for simply unblocking geo-restricted websites while shielding your data from snoopers, hackers, and thieves when connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots. There is no built-in firewall or kill switch, but the application delivers consistency in all connections using OpenVPN protocols (UDP and TCP).


Turbo VPN Servers Review

According to our Turbo VPN review, the provider does not offer a wide range of servers or locations. Since the service is available free of cost, you only have options to connect to a limited range of countries. Among these, include Singapore, India, UK, USA, and Canada. If you are looking for more diversity in servers list, it is a better option to opt for a paid service. Names like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and PureVPN offer a huge list of locations and servers.


Turbo VPN Support Review

In terms of support, our Turbo VPN review unveils that you will have to act as a lone soldier. Since the provider does not have its own official website, you have no means of contacting them. While there is a support tab within the app. It could take days before you receive a reply. Otherwise, the support is quite nonexistent. There is no live chat, FAQs section, blog, or troubleshooting page available to assist you through troubles when using the VPN.


Turbo VPN Kodi Review

Our Turbo VPN review unveils that the service offers good performance when using Kodi. One of the things common from most reviews from users is that you receive good speed, making it seem as if you are running on our local ISP connection. Therefore, if you use Turbo VPN for Kodi, you can easily stream movies/TV shows, while unblocking certain kodi add-ons.


Turbo VPN Security Review

There is not much information available regarding the logging policies of the provider. Neither could we find anything useful regarding the security encryption implemented. However, since Turbo VPN uses OpenVPN protocol, it is safe to assume that you activity remains private. UDP and TCP both feature 256-bit encryption, which make it impossible for governmental agencies to spy on your internet activity.


Is Turbo VPN Legit?

According to our Turbo VPN review, the service is quite legit. You can download the app and connect to any server of your choice to bypass unblocked websites while receiving good security. However, the lack of a dedicated website gets us a little suspicious about the authenticity of the provider. We have no way to figure out the logging policies of the VPN, and this makes it highly risky to use.


Turbo VPN Apps Compatibility Review

In terms of apps compatibility, our Turbo VPN review unveils that the service only supports Android and iOS. It is a mobile VPN service. As such, you cannot use it on Windows, Mac, Linux, or other operating systems used on laptops and computers. Using the service is as simple as downloading the relevant software from your app store.


Turbo VPN Download Review

If you want to download the Turbo VPN application on your mobile phone, you have to visit your dedicated app store. For instance, Android users can easily download the VPN from Google Play. Those who use iOS devices like iPad or iPhone can access the VPN from iTunes Store.


Turbo VPN Download for Pc / Windows 7 & 10

As mentioned earlier, Turbo VPN is only available for Android and iOS devices. There are no dedicated applications available for Windows. This means you cannot install it on your PC. However, you can always opt for other providers like PureVPN, ExpressVPN, or NordVPN, which offer dedicated applications on all devices, along with in-browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.


Turbo VPN for Android APK Download

You can visit Google Play Store and search for Turbo VPN to download the APK file and begin the installation process almost instantaneously.  As you can see below, the application boasts a very simple and straightforward user-interface. Connecting to the VPN just require you to tap on the “Connect” button. To change servers, head to the top right corner of the app and click on the menu bar.

Turbo VPN for Android APK Download


How to Use / Connect Turbo VPN

Follow the same steps mentioned above for using and connecting to Turbo VPN. Download the relevant application on your device. Follow the steps and hit the “tap to connect” option. Wait a few seconds until the VPN authorizers the connection. Enjoy unblocking geo-restricted websites at the utmost level of convenience and without paying a single penny!


Turbo VPN Reddit Reviews

Our Turbo VPN review discovers that the provider does not have a very active presence on Reddit. The provider does not have its own profile. If we be completely honest, many Reddit users have no idea that such a service exists. After exploring multiple threads regarding VPNs on the platform, we could only find a single comment concerning Turbo VPN:


Final Verdict

Our Turbo VPN review establishes that the provider serves a good purpose in unblocking websites FREE of charge. However, the lack of a website and ambiguousness of the provider steers us away from completely trusting the VPN. Overall, it is a basic tool that works great, if you have to use a VPN for a short time. You can definitely find better offerings in the marketplace.


The Good

  1. Completely FREE VPN
  2. No Data Limitations
  3. Fast Connections
  4. Simple User-Interface
  5. Works Perfect for Kodi


The Bad

  1. Choice of 5 Servers
  2. Lacks a dedicated website
  3. No Windows, Mac, or Linux Apps
  4. Missing Firewall and Kill Switch
  5. Non-existent Customer Support
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