What is Tunnelr?

Established in February 2011, Tunnelr is a US-based provider of VPN services, created by a talented group of UNIX enthusiasts. Though it has spent quite a few years in the marketplace, Tunnelr remains one of the most underrated VPNs. Operated by the same people from devio.us and cloudsy.com; it offers decent pricing and various protocol/encryption choices. At the same time, it tends to lack dedicated software applications and a Privacy Policy page. We are yet to see an improvement in its offerings. For more information, read this in-depth Tunnelr review!

1.       Supports OpenSSH Protocol

2.       Offers Free Trial

1.       No Response from Support

2.       Overall Ambiguous Service

3.       Zero Dedicated Applications

4.       11 Servers in 9 Countries

5.       1-Hour Trial


Tunnelr Pricing Review

Similar to most providers, Tunnelr boasts a one plan fits all pricing structure (with variations in duration of subscriptions). The cost of purchasing a premium plan is neither too cheap nor very expensive. The month-to-month package starts at a low $6.95 and allows users to enjoy unlimited bandwidth and five simultaneous connections.

Tunnelr Pricing Review

For the 6-months plan, our Tunnelr review unveils that the VPN offers an 18% discount on the monthly price. This lowers the pricing from $6.95 to $5.98. Subsequently, you only pay $35.88 for using the VPN for a period of six months. If you want to receive the most value, go for the yearly plan that boasts a 28% discount, meaning you pay $60 for 12-months VPN access.

There is another subscription available for users to enjoy, but somehow Tunnelr forgets to include the option in its pricing outlook. On the checkout page, upon clicking on the “Select Billing Option”, there is another option available for a three-month subscription. This plan gives you a 10% discount, lowering the monthly pricing to $6.46 – meaning you pay $19.39 only.

Tunnelr pricing payment


Tunnelr Free Trial

According to our Tunnelr review, the VPN does offer a free trial, but it only lasts for a period of one hour. This is rather different from most providers. The shortest we have observed VPNs offering range from one to three days. As a result, we are not quite sure what to say. An hour is not enough time for testing out all features available of the provider, but yes, it is definitely worth a try.


Tunnelr Login Process

Similar to most providers, the VPN has a very easy sign up process. All you have to do is click on the “Try It Free” option on the homepage. The site will redirect you to the signup URL. Here you will be required to enter a desired username, a relevant email address, and then a password. After checking the box for the Terms of Service and hitting the “Create My Account” button, you will gain access to the dashboard.

Tunnelr Login

Upon gaining access to the dashboard, you will have an hour to take a complete trial of the service. After testing out the features, you will have to select a billing plan. Our Tunnelr review discovers that the VPN does not automatically select recurring payments. You have the ability to set the payments yourself, which is quite convenient. To login to your account, click on the “Access Portal” tab on the homepage.

Tunnelr Login Process


Tunnelr Accepted Payment Methods

There are many contradictions concerning Tunnelr and its offerings. On one side, the VPN states that it accepts all major credit cards along with Bitcoin and PayPal. However, on the checkout page, Bitcoin was not available as an option. There were not any choices of choosing a credit card either, but just a space for entering your card number. These inconsistencies are definitely affecting the quality of the service!

Tunnelr Accepted Payment Methods


Tunnelr Refund/Money Back Guarantee

According to our Tunnelr review, the VPN does say it offers a refund/money back guarantee on its FAQ page. We remain ambiguous though again, about how long the refund remains active. The site has not mentioned any details concerning the duration of refunds. It states that you can contact their support team if you face any issues. However, if they cannot help straighten things out, you can request to refund your payment. There is no mention of a specific time-frame for refunds.


Tunnelr Servers Review

In terms of server availability, our Tunnelr review again finds contradictions in what the VPN says and what we see. The provider states it offers “a rich assortment of nodes”, but what we found was an incredibly small list of generic locations. There are only 11 servers from 9 countries in total, which include Spain, France, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, US, and Singapore.

Tunnelr Servers Review


To our unfortunate experience, while reviewing the provider, we also found that there were more than five to six servers down at any given time. It is not rare for a VPN to have offline servers, but cannot just be an unfortunate coincidence, that those servers were shut down all days we were testing Tunnelr. We doubt it was just a mishap.


Tunnelr Privacy and Security

According to our Tunnelr review, just like the personal Dashboard, the website is clearly arranged and easy to navigate. When you use the VPN, you have plenty of protocols and encryption options available. This ensures you receive nothing, but top privacy and security. What really sets Tunnelr apart from other providers is their SOCKS and OpenSSH support. For the user with more technical experience, these configurations can really help improve security and speeds.


Tunnelr Protocols Review

In addition to being a premier OpenSSH tunnel provider, our Tunnelr review discovers that the VPN supports OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP protocols. The L2TP uses SHA1 for hashing and 3DES, AES-128, and AES-256 for encryption. OpenVPN uses 2048 bit x 509 keys, SHA! For message digest, and Blowfish ciphers. The OpenSSH daemons are configurable to accept a wide range of ciphers, which include AES, ARCFOUR, CBC, and Blowfish. PPTP only supports MPPE-128 and MSCHAP-V2.


Tunnelr P2P/Torrenting Review

During our Tunnelr review, we went through every page of the website to find information regarding P2P/Torrenting. To our bad lack, we could not find anything. However, upon reading many secondary reviews from users, it is clear they do support torrenting. Since there are no dedicated applications, much of the connection configuration relies on the user. As a result, make sure to choose a good protocol with high-level of encryption for guaranteeing your torrenting traffic remains secure.


Is Tunnelr Safe?

Just like many other vital areas where one needs to-the-point answers, Tunnelr proves to be incredibly ambiguous regarding its logging policy. The statements are rather contradictory, as the VPN first says that they “don’t keep logs of any activity or sites accessed”, but then go on to state they only “log bare essentials for troubleshooting service level issues”. However, there are no details as to what “essentials” the VPN logs. Considering that we are reviewing a VPN service, it feels rather weird that they do not have much to say regarding building trust in customers regarding privacy.


Tunnelr Support Review

In terms of support, our Tunnelr review unveils that users have plenty of options available to receive assistance. Although the VPN does not offer live chat, you can leverage ticket support. For this feature, you need to create an account with the service. Once done, visit the dashboard and click on the support tab on the bottom left corner of the page.

Tunnelr Support Review

We cannot guarantee a quick response from the support team, as we had messaged them regarding an issue earlier, but have not received any answer as of yet. Nevertheless, if you feel as if the problem is not very serious, visit the FAQ page. Here you will see a search bar, which can guide you to the relevant blogs and answers to your queries in a zippy.

Tunnelr help

The FAQ section divides into four sections: Accounted Management, Connectivity, Policies and Procedures, Billing and Payments. Regardless of which section you visit, there are detailed answers present to all the common queries.

Tunnelr Faqs


Tunnelr Knowledgebase

Tunnelr also runs a blog to show their latest developments and updates. However, upon visiting the page, we only got to see a few posts from the provider.

Tunnelr Knowledgebase


Tunnelr Apps Compatibility

As mentioned earlier, Tunnelr does not offer dedicated applications for any platform/device. This means, you have to setup the VPN manually on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS by using OpenVPN Client or Viscosity. For a VPN that has been around for 6 years, it is rather disappointing there is not even a single application available. However, you do have setup guides for all protocols.


Tunnelr Tutorials

Our Tunnelr review discovers that the VPN boasts clear and concise setup instructions for all major platforms. For whatever protocol or encryption you choose, there is a guide available to ensure the process goes smoothly. Unfortunately, there are no instructions available for setting the VPN on DD-WRT supported routers. If you are looking for extra compatibility, you might want to try out another service.

Tunnelr Tutorials


Final Verdict

Our Tunnelr review establishes that the VPN is a mediocre service for its age. The lack of dedicated applications, inactive support team, and contradictory statements of the provider really get the best of it. Although you have lots of configuration options available to boost security and speed, the VPN is not a good choice for beginner privacy-concerned users. We have seen worse before, but we have also seen better services. Nevertheless, users can try out the free trial to see if it works for them.


The Good

  1. Free Trial Available
  2. Decent Pricing
  3. Supports OpenSSH
  4. Offers SOCKS Tunneling
  5. To-the-Point website


The Bad

  1. Very Limited Selection of Servers
  2. Less Information about VPN
  3. Ambiguous Privacy Policy
  4. No Proprietary Software
  5. Cloud/VPS Servers
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