TunnelBear has taken its VPN service to a whole new level. It has launched a Google Chrome Extension that integrates VPN right into your browser. TunnelBear is best known for the most easiest and user friendly VPN services in the industry. Here is the TunnelBear review.

This latest Chrome extension offers you to safely browse and surf the web. It only protects your data that goes in and out of your Chrome browser by encrypting your traffic. The encryption provided by TunnelBear extension utilizes the browsers built in AES 128 bit instead of the standard AES 256 bit offered in the app.

The TunnelBear Google Chrome extension is not a fully fledged VPN like its standard app. The Chrome extension works more like a proxy service and allows you to unblock geo restricted websites like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora, ITV, and more. You can easily download the extension from the Chrome web store and install it on your browser.

tunnel bear browser extension

TunnelBear Google Chrome extension is easy to use. Once you have added it to your browser, you can connect to 13 different regions. With a simple on/off switch, you can encrypt your browser with a click of button.

tunnel bear browser extension

Like the free apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, the TunnelBear Google Chrome extension offer 500MB of data usage. In order to have unlimited data usage and secure browser encryption, you will have to upgrade to the paid versions. You can choose from the following 2 packages:

  • TunnelBear Giant package ($4.99 for one month)
  • TunnelBear Grizzly package ($49.99 for one year)

The existing customers of the paid version of TunnelBear can use this extension as part of their current package. Just download the extension and enjoy unrestricted and encrypted browser experience.

The Verdict

TunnelBear plans to expand this extension to other browsers including Safari, Firefox, Opera and other browsers.  This extension is excellent for anyone looking to secure their browser without compromising the overall system performance.

We tested the extension by accessing different geo restricted websites and were pleases with overall results. We accessed different streaming channels like Hulu, ITV, and Pandora, and were able to view videos in high quality without any interruptions. There were also no traces of any IP leakages.

So if you are looking for a VPN service that encrypts your browser, protects it from cyber-goons, and allows access to geo restricted websites, then TunnelBear Google Chrome extension is for you.  But we highly recommend that you go for a premium VPN service provider as Free VPNs can compromise your privacy and data.

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