Seychelles based Trust.Zone VPN is a fairly new online privacy & security provider and has been in operation since 2015. Trust.Zone VPN maintains its competency over robust online privacy, user anonymity and data security rather than acting as an online unblocker.

In this Trust.Zone Review, we will taking an in depth look at the provider’s pricing, servers, compatibility, customer support services, privacy policies, security, payment methods provided and apps.


Trust.Zone VPN Pricing and Packages


Trust.Zone VPN offers 4 very attractive pricing packages for subscribers, even allowing users to test the service before they commit in the long term. The four Trust.Zone VPN pricing packages include:

  • 1 Month – offered for $6.99 per month (charged monthly)
    1. connect to servers in 89locations
    2. unlimited data transfers &unlimited bandwidth
    3. connect 3devices simultaneously
    4. make unlimited server switches
    5. easy to use one click install software


  • 3 Months –offered for $4.95 per month (charged every 3 months)
    1. connect to servers in 89locations
    2. unlimited data transfers &unlimited bandwidth
    3. connect 3devices simultaneously
    4. make unlimited server switches
    5. easy to use one click install software


  • 1 Year – offered for $3.33 per month (charged every 12 months)
    1. connect to servers in 89locations
    2. unlimited data transfers &unlimited bandwidth
    3. connect 3devices simultaneously
    4. make unlimited server switches
    5. easy to use one click install software


  • Free Plan
    1. 3 Day Evaluation Period
    2. connect to servers in 71locations
    3. 1 GB data limit&unlimited bandwidth
    4. connect 1device
    5. easy to use one click install software

A detailed Trust.Zone pricing & packages review unveils that the brand prices its services very competitively. Although the monthly subscription is a bit dear, the 3 months & yearly plans have excellent competitive pricing. review

Subscribing to Trust.Zone is very simple and requires only an email address. To subscribe to the 3 day evaluation trial, go to the Trust.Zone VPN website and:

  1. Click the Register button located on the top right account register


2. Fill out the registration form or register through your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ accounts registration form

3. Click Register and your Trust.Zone VPN account should be ready


Trust.Zone Servers Review


Trust.Zone VPN is powered by its phenomenal network of carefully placed servers in 89 locations, with at least one in every continent. Prominent locations include USA, UK, France, Germany, Australia and Singapore while there are those in India, Sweden, Finland and Canada gaining popularity. servers map review


Trust.Zone VPN For Torrenting – Analysis And Testing


Trust.Zone VPN promises no throttling for any kind of traffic on its servers, allowing you to enjoy a completely free online experience. Trust.Zone VPN also allowsP2P & Torrents downloads on its servers, no server has been specified hence it’s safe to assume P2P & Torrent capabilities are present on all servers.

DO remember that not all regions allow torrents within their cyberspace, refrain from downloading torrents over the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Sweden servers. An exhaustive Trust.Zone review of VPN’s policies also unveils that the provider does not discriminate against any service, server, IP address, torrent trackers, website or software.

One factor remains a problem with Trust.Zone VPN, that being its radically increasing users. This not only limits the number of connections that can be made over their network, but slows down bandwidth for the entire network. Various users over social networks have complained how the service has slowed down over 2016.

Server speed tests during Trust.Zone review were not reliable and I will publish results from a faster server after conducting real time testing with a controlled 10 MBPS connection soon.


Trust.Zone VPN Review of Customer Support


Trust.Zone offers customer support through:

  1. On-site FAQ
  2. Ticket System

The on-site FAQ section doesn’t offer the most user friendly interface,but, offers answers to most common queries &issues.The FAQ addresses important questions including those about VPN, Trust.Zone & its services, service errors, app issues, accounts issues, payment issues,and compatibility. faq

The tutorials section has been merged in the Downloads section available on the navigation menu. Tutorials for all operating systems & devices other than Windows are available in the download section.

In case you cannot find a solution in the FAQ, Trust.Zone VPN offers a dedicated Ticket System for advanced troubleshooting. The Ticket System has a very good interface and can be found by clicking the SUPPORT button from the website navigation. ticket customer support

Trust.Zone VPN’s Ticket System is available from Monday to Friday 6 AM to 4 PM (GMT +0), so make sure not to ask for help on a weekend. Once support feature I really missed during Trust.Zone review was the absence of the Live Chat option which was previously available from the provider.


Trust.Zone Payment Methods Review


Trust.Zone offers a brilliant list of payment methods considering it is a new provider. Currently, Trust.Zone VPN provides the following merchants to process subscriptions:

  1. Bitcoin –RecommendedPayment Method with Exclusive 10% Discount
  2. PayPal
  3. Credit Cards & Debit Cards (VISA and MasterCard)
  4. Avangate –Credit & Debit Cards, QIWI,WebMoney, Ban Transfer & Ali Pay
  5. Pay Pro Global –QIWI, WebMoney, Ban Transfer & Ali Pay payments method

After careful review of Trust.Zone’s payment methods, I was delighted to see that the provider itself encourages using anonymous payment methods. I can’t confirm if this is a customer delight feature or just a marketing gimmick to increase payments through Bitcoin & PayPal.


Trust.Zone VPN Compatibility


Trust.Zone VPN is compatible with the following operating systems:

  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. Linux
  4. iOS
  5. Android
  6. Gaming Consoles
  7. DDWRT Routers
  8. Smart TVs


trust zone vpn apps

Currently, Trust.Zone only offers desktop software for Windows, while all other operating systems & devices require manual configuration. Windows users can download the desktop app after registering a free account. Guides for all other operating systems and devices can be found on the download page.


Trust.Zone VPN Windows App Review


Trust.Zone VPN only offers an app for Windows, all other devices & OS require manual configuration. windows app software


Trust.Zone VPN offers a very well designed app for Windows that offers great features including a very simple user interface, one click connectivity, an internet kill switch, renewal from with the app, and an excellent status window to keep track of your speed & usage.

While reviewing the Trust.Zone VPN Windows app I was left confused because the settings menu offered connecting through Proxy servers in addition to OpenVPN. The provider does not mention any usage of Proxy servers. Always ensure that you are connected using the OpenVPN option from the settings since proxy servers do not provide anonymity when online.

Server switching is very easy & quick, and all you have to do is click on the server you want to change to. I really liked the simplicity & ease of the app making it ridiculously easy for anyone including beginners to go around the interface without much help.


Trust.Zone VPN Protocols and Encryption


Trust.Zone VPN offers only two tunneling protocols, narrowing down choice to:

  1. OpenVPN
  2. L2TP / IPSec

You can either chose the faster OpenVPN for streaming, torrents and web browsing or the highly secure L2TP protocol for file transfers, email, VoIP and other data intensive activities. When using the OpenVPN protocol your data is encrypted using AES 256bit encryption, while theL2TP Protocol also employs AES 256 bit encryption.

My Trust.Zone review identifies the brand as being a very safe privacy provider and takes no chances over user privacy & anonymity. The absence of many common tunneling protocols and inclusion of highest grade encryption confirm that TrustZone VPN considers user privacy & anonymity over silly unblocking requirements for streaming videos & downloading torrents at high speeds.


Trust.Zone Logging and Privacy Policies Review


Trust.Zone VPN offers one of the most attractive privacy policies that I have reviewed to date. The Privacy Policy revealed that the only information TrustZone VPN record about you is an email (which can be a fake one)and that’s all.

Trust.Zone VPN does not store any activity log files and connection times. All usage data is kept anonymous cannot be connected to a particular account due to shared IP addresses being used. TrustZone VPN does mention in its policy that copyright infringement is STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED. logs and privacy policy

The provider also identifies that Google cookies are used on its website and hence Google may collect behavior and device information through the Trust.Zone website. Trust.Zone also uses cookies to collect website performance statistics and this data does not link to subscriber’s devices or personal identities.


Trust.Zone Free Trial


Trust.Zone VPN offers a superb free trial allowing prospects to test the service in real time over 71 servers. Unlimited bandwidth is allowed over 1 device to successfully test the service for speed, stability, performance, reliability and compatibility. Trust.Zone free trial gives you:

  1. 3 Day Evaluation Period
  2. connect to servers in 71 locations
  3. 1 GB data limit &unlimited bandwidth
  4. connect 1 device
  5. easy to use one click install software


Trust.Zone VPN Reddit Reviews


After comprehensively reviewing Trust.Zone VPN, I took to Reddit to study just what subscribers & other users are discussing about the provider.

Comment from discussion PIA or Trust.Zone?.

A detailed VPN comparison by renowned Reddit moderator “ThatOnePrivacyGuy” also reveals that Trust.Zone VPN is one of the most privacy conscious brands. You can check the full Trust.Zone review& comparison with other services on his personal blog. vpn comparison

After being featured on ExtraTorrent, Trust.Zone VPN saw a massive increase in its user base in 2016. The provider was also listed on TorrentFreak’s best VPN providers of 2016, making the brand one of the leading most trusted providers by the end of their 2nd year in operation.


Reviewer’s Verdict


Trust.Zone VPN’s 2017 review has secured it a superb rank of 4.5 out of 5.


Features you will love


  1. 89 strategically placed servers, with at least one in every continent
  2. Compatibility with a wide range of devices & operating systems
  3. AES-256bit–MilitaryGrade encryption standards
  4. OpenVPN &L2TP – Twoof the most power tunneling protocols
  5. Absolutely NO LOGGINGof any data
  6. An brilliant range of payment processors, especially anonymous merchants
  7. Detailed illustrated tutorials & guides
  8. Free Trial – 3Days Evaluation Version


Areas of improvement


  1. Limited Customer support–No 24 hours Live Support Channel
  2. No apps for Mac, iOS and Android
  3. Improve FAQ section navigation
  4. Add more tunneling protocols likeIKEV2
  5. Mention usage of Proxy servers in their apps
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