SSL VPN is one of three VPN implementations used today for secure online connectivity and communications. SSL VPN services are praised for their many benefits including their exclusive ease of use. We will establish what SSL VPN services is, the top reasons to choose SSL VPN connections, the advantages of using SSL VPN services.

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What is SSL VPN Technology?

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a technology that utilizes the built in functionality within web browsers to establish a VPN tunnel from an internet enabled location. SSL connection offer improved functionality, security and other network enhancements to ensure highly secure remote connectivity.

Unlike its counterparts PPTP and IPSec, SSL VPN technology can be used directly from a browser and with a special client or software. SSL VPN Web Proxies are easily available for use through any simple web browser using laptop, desktop PC, Mac, iOS devices, Android phones, Windows phones & tablets plus many other devices.

However, the OpenVPN implementation of SSL commonly used today requires a very basic OpenVPN GUI (Graphical User Interface) available free to install from both VPN providers (preconfigured) and a non-configured version from the OpenVPN website.

top ssl vpn services

Preview of the PureVPN OpenVPN GUI


Top Reasons to Choose a SSL VPN Service

SSL is not only easy to use but also has a very quick learning curve for new users. Top benefits include:

  • Can be configured very easily
  • Can be used through a web browser (proxy) and through VPN software (OpenVPN)
  • Can be used over multiple OS platforms and devices
  • Can be used together with a variety of encryption standards (3-DES, AES, Blowfish CBC)
  • Employs military grade 256bit encryption with 2048bit certificate authentication
  • NAT Firewall and Dynamic Address friendly

Compatibility of SSL VPN

SSL VPN is compatible with almost all operating systems including Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Apart from operating systems, OpenVPN is also preconfigured on many modem routers, smartphones, tablets and other online devices.


After the FBI infiltrated the iOS interface with the help of a cyber-security firm, it has now become vulnerable against both government surveillance and cybercriminals. Fortunately, with a SSL VPN service you can improve security of your iOS device. This added layer of security enhances device security and not even the FBI can’t read your messages or can monitor your online activity.

You can browse through the top 5 SSL VPN services above and read our expert reviews to find one for your region. Most providers including PureVPN, IvacyVPN and ExpressVPN offer their preconfigured OpenVPN GUI for easy access.

SSL VPN Services for MAC

Various cyber security companies have reported that exploitation of Mac computers is on the rise. The global increase in use of Mac devices has prompted cyber criminals to target information on Mac users. With programs like Xkeyscore amongst many others and governments already monitoring Mac devices, it has become imminent to use SSL VPN services to secure Mac devices.

SSL VPN offers unbeatable security for your Mac devices, thus protecting you from various cyber threats. In addition to that, SSL VPN for Mac will make you invisible in cyber space; hence you do not have to worry about government surveillance. You can start today by reviewing our top 5 SSL VPN providers from the table above.

SSL VPN Software for Windows

The most used operating system in the world has been the victim of various vulnerabilities and malicious attacks over the past 3 decades. Windows OS is the easiest platform to use with it simple to use connectivity options and configuration wizards. With the above true using a SSL VPN is also just as easy and important for Windows PC users’.

Windows is not only compatible with a huge range of web browsers to use SSL directly, but a massive range of SSL VPN services also offer dedicated apps for novice users’ to ensure iron clad online security.

SSL VPN Service for Android

The open source nature of Android OS makes it the most vulnerable platform in the world it is also the most used operating system in smartphones. Since smartphones are used on public networks on the go and over 3G networks it is essential to have some kind of online security. A SSL VPN ensures top tier network security, secure data transfers and user identity over public WI-FI networks.

SSL VPN for Routers

Most routers including DDWRT devices are preconfigured to use OpenVPN tunneling. It is a great idea to secure your private network against cybercriminals and malicious network requests. Having a SSL VPN on your router is essential if there are more than 5 people connecting to the Wi-Fi network. The varying uses and data

To learn more about SSL VPN services compatible with routers, check out our exclusive provider review in the table above.


An SSL VPN is easy to use, offer top tier security while it is versatile to use over multiple operating systems & devices. SSL VPN is even considered the best alternative to traditional IPSec tunneling protocol. SSL or OpenVPN services are a great option for new VPN users looking for an easy way to secure themselves over public Wi-Fi and those looking to stay protected (like business users) with low costs.

Have a look at our tested SSL VPN providers, save when you buy and enjoy the countless benefits of SSL VPN technologies.

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