Say ‘hello’ to Microsoft’s newest member of operating system family, Windows 10. The new and improved operating system by Microsoft relieves you all the pain experienced in Windows 8.1 while blending the best features of Windows 7 with exciting new ones.

Windows 10 rolled out on July 29th 2015 and for the very first time – it will be free for everyone. If you are currently using Windows right now, you must have received an option for upgrading to the new version. Well, before you do upgrade, there are certain security vulnerabilities that should be taken into account.

It has been reported that Microsoft snoops on your computer, collects information without your knowledge, and perhaps send data to various third parties. Some of the data includes your credit card information, passwords, websites you visit, and other similar private information.

Top 5 Windows 10 VPN Services

One of the ways to safeguard against the threats that come along with Windows 10 is to use a best VPN service. Below are some of the best Windows 10 VPN providers you can choose from.

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Since Windows 10 is new, there are only a handful of providers that are compatible on the new OS. The VPN providers listed above on our list are compatible on Windows 10 and each of these services can be easily configured on the new OS.

With a Windows 10 VPN, you can protect your online privacy and sensitive data from all the threats exposed by Windows 10. The secure protocols and encryption levels keep your confidential data safe from hackers, spammers, snoopers, and other malicious cyber threats.

The wide range of servers allows you to remain anonymous over the internet while being able to unblock geo restricted and internet censored websites.

Security Issues in Windows 10

In an attempt to make Windows 10 more customizable for the users, Microsoft has left gaping holes in protecting your online privacy and security. Here are some of the security concerns that you should look out for while using Windows 10.

Collection of Personal Information

Windows 10 collects information about you and communicates it to Microsoft. According to the technology website, Ars Technica, Windows 10 communicates with Microsoft even when you have features like Bing Search and Cortana disabled.

Right from the word goes, various bits of information is transmitted to Microsoft. The moment you login into Windows 10, data such your name, passwords, credit card and banking details, Bing search queries, contact details, and much more are communicated to Microsoft.

This makes your sensitive data susceptible to cyber attacks from hackers and other malicious cyber-goons. You can protect this information using a Windows VPN. It will encrypt all your information while keeping it safe in case of any security breach.

Cortana – Your Personal Assistant

One of the most striking features of Windows 10 is its Cortana feature. A voice automated assistant that helps you complete all your tasks on Windows 10 while personalizing the overall experience. Albeit this feature is impressive, there are few major security threats related to Cortana.

The conversations that have with Cortana are recorded and transmitted to Microsoft as well. In addition to this, Cortana utilizes the information about who you called, the data from text messages and emails, calendar and contacts, and your internet web browsing history and location in order to provide a personalized service.

You can turn off Cortana from your Windows 10 settings. However, the tests conducted by Ars Technica revealed that Cortana will not fully switch off and will continue to deliver information to Microsoft. This violates your privacy and leaks all your private data.

You can protect your privacy with the help of Windows 10 VPN service. It will hide your true location while encrypting all the data transmitted from your system.

Your Personal Data used for Targeted Advertising

Windows 10 has been heavily criticized by various privacy campaigners for violating the free speech rights while compromising one’s privacy. Windows 10 assigns a unique advertising ID to each user; this way whatever you write, say or do is used for targeted advertising.

According to the 45 page long Terms of Service (which is very ambiguous and unclear), Microsoft has a broad range of rights that allows it to collect a host of information about you through Windows 10.

Although the company defends this saying that the information is used to provide better service and improve technical issues. We were not quite convinced by this but we do know that you can protect yourself from targeted advertising by using a VPN for Windows 10.

Geo Restrictions & Internet Censorship – Not a Problem!

Now that you know some of the security vulnerabilities of the new OS and how to defend them using a Windows 10 VPN, here is one added advantage of using a Windows VPN.

You can bypass geo restrictions and unblock websites subject to internet censorship using a VPN on Windows 10. Here are a few examples of what you can unblock with a Windows 10 VPN:

  • Streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, ITV, UK TV, Sky Go, and many more are geo restricted and are only accessible in certain locations.
  • Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are blocked in countries like China, Turkey, and Indonesia due to internet censorship laws.
  • Such countries also block news websites, blogs, and any other medium that promote freedom of speech in order to protect national security and avoid civil disobedience.
  • Numerous sports events take place in certain countries and are not broadcasted everywhere in the world

You can unblock all these websites and web content using the numerous servers provided by a Windows VPN service. When you connect to anyone of the VPN servers, your original IP address is replaced with the IP address of the VPN server.

What this does is that it makes it appear as if you are actually living in that region. For instance, you can unblock Netflix by connecting to the US server provided by the VPN and stream your favorite show or movie no matter where you are located.

Final Verdict

With any new software or service, there are various bugs and weaknesses that accompany it. In Windows 10, the amount of personal information collected and transmitted to Microsoft leaves your online security exposed.

Although it is still early days for the new OS, you cannot take your online privacy and security of sensitive data for granted. Until Microsoft rolls out an update for fixing these vulnerabilities, you can use a VPN service on your Windows 10 operated device.

Our list of top 5 Windows 10 VPN services are sure to keep you anonymous and hidden while you browse the internet. It will encrypt all your data sent over the internet and keep it safe from cyber-threats. The wide spread of servers will help you unblock web content and enjoy unrestricted internet access.

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