Update (August 20, 2015): Indonesia Blocks Pirate Bay & Other Websites

Indonesia has finally taken action against copyright infringement and online piracy after years of speculation. Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication has decided to block The Pirate Bay along with other torrent websites like IsoHunt.to at ISP level.

Previously, websites like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Reddit, Imgur and Vimeo were blocked on the grounds of decency. Now, any website offering illegal content or infringes copyrights is also said to be blocked. The action was taken in an attempt to preserve the work of the artists and protect intellectual property.

However, you can unblock Pirate Bay and other blocked websites with the help of an Indonesian VPN. Below is the list of top VPN providers for Indonesia that will allow you to evade internet censorship and access these websites. An Indonesia VPN will also protect your identity while you use P2P file sharing services, keeping you safe from copyright sharks and DMCAs.


Indonesia, an Internet Safe Haven? Maybe Not!

Indonesia, is a country known for its biodiversity, beautiful islands, rich culture and the fourth largest population in the world. But to its citizens, it is better known for strict restrictions over the internet. You might see Indonesia as a free flowing nation but in reality, nothing can be further from the truth.

The Act on Electronic Information and Transaction provides the government legal grounds to implemet internet censorship and to restrict online content in Indonesia. All the content on the internet is filtered and heavily monitored by the Indonesian government. Many popular social sharing websites are blocked in Indonesia, including the likes of Facebook, YouTube and MySpace.

Google was also blocked in Indonesia in 2012, which also caused Google services to stop working in Singapore and South Korea for a few hours. Antics like these can keep you from using the internet freely in Indonesia. However with our guide, you will be able to overcome these restrictions and bypass internet censorship using a VPN for Indonesia.

Act on Electronic Information and Transaction

Before we go onto to list down the different Indonesian VPN services, it is important that you know about the root of the problem: the Act on Electronic Information and Transaction. This act was introduced in 2008, and as a result any web content, website, or online service that showing any signs of pornography or nudity are banned. Take the example of the video streaming service ‘Vimeo’ which was banned in Indonesia for showing nudity in a video.

Hard-line members of the clergy in Indonesia also denounce any posts or comments that come across as hate speech; relate to gambling; spread social uproar; or relate to religious blasphemy. Using this act, they can penalize anyone indulged in such online activity. As a result, the act gives them the power to monitor your online activity – leaving you vulnerable and exposed.

According to the act, there are strict actions for anyone creating (or distributing access to) defamatory electronic content. It can result in imprisonment and may involve hefty fines for the offense.

Top 5 VPN for Indonesia

Now that you know about the tight internet regulations and the censorship act behind it, here are some of the best Indonesian VPN providers. These Indonesia VPN services will keep you anonymous over the internet, safeguard your privacy, and help you overcome internet restrictions.

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Bypass Internet Restrictions using Indonesia VPN

A VPN service allows you to overcome the internet restrictions placed by the Indonesian government. The wide spread of servers offered by a VPN makes it possible for you to connect to servers located in different regions. When connected, all your internet traffic passes through these servers and hides your true location.

This way you can access Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, and many other blocked websites within Indonesia. In addition, a VPN for Indonesia also helps you overcome geo restrictions. There are many websites and streaming services that cannot be accessed outside of Indonesia. Channels like Bali TV, SINDOtv, and Metro TV can be accessed from anywhere while using an Indonesian VPN.

On the other hand, there are various streaming channels that will not work within Indonesia. Services like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, Spotify, NBC, ITV, and many more are geo restricted and will not open while you are in Indonesia. This is where using a VPN for Indonesia will help you overcome the geo restrictions and unblock these websites.

Remain Anonymous with VPN for Indonesia

If you are afraid of being spied upon and want to keep your online privacy protected then use an Indonesia VPN to remain anonymous over the internet.

A VPN has this unique ability to cloak your IP address, which keeps you hidden over the internet. When you connect to any of the servers offered by a VPN, your original IP address is masked and replaced with the IP of the VPN server. This way the Indonesian government will not be able to track or monitor your online activity.

An Indonesian VPN also keeps your sensitive and private information safe. There are numerous malicious goons out there that are trying to use your personal information to their advantage. A VPN for Indonesia encrypts your data and tunnels it through secure protocols; making you impervious to hackers, spammers, phishers, malware, and other surveillance agencies.

Increasing Usage of VPN in Indonesia

The numerous benefits that a VPN provides have increased its usage and popularity in Indonesia.

According to a report by Global Web Index, by the end of the fourth quarter of 2013, Indonesia was the second highest market for accessing content through a VPN. Indonesia has almost 25 million internet users using a VPN, which makes it almost 42 percent of the total population accessing restricted and geo blocked content via Indonesian VPN.

This is a familiar pattern as countries with strict internet restrictions continue to increase their need for a best VPN service. Indonesia is among these countries and according to the same report by Global Web Index, most internet users in Indonesia use a VPN to access social media networks.

Indonesia VPN


Indonesia may be a pretty and a beautiful place but it is nowhere near as open ended in terms of internet usage. The strong internet restrictions and censorship laws will make it difficult for anyone to use the internet while living or traveling to Indonesia.

With the Indonesian government looking to ban and block any website, comment, post or service that gives them the slightest whiff of inappropriate content, pornography, and religious profanity, your only option is to use an Indonesia VPN.

There are many VPN providers to choose from but our list above gives you some of the best VPN for Indonesia. These providers are sure to unblock restricted websites, keep you anonymous over the internet, and help you enjoy internet freedom in Indonesia.

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