Headquartered in Zurich (Switzerland) Perfect Money has become a leading payment solution since its inception in 2008. Perfect Money can be classed an ideal anonymous payment method to buy VPN with, since one of its leading features is that it doesn’t require subscribers’ to verify their identity.

buy vpn with perfect money

Not all VPN can be bought with Perfect Money, you will have to confirm through the editorial reviews listed in our provider table below. Check out the top 5 providers and enjoy proactive privacy with hands-on anonymity:

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Benefits of Buying VPN with Perfect Money

When you buy VPN with PM, it brings together with it a range of amazing benefits that not only keep your location & identity safe but also makes the payment process simpler, less costly and highly secure. Perfect Money boasts some excellent advantages for buyers including:

  1. Perfect Money does not require verifying your identity when registering an account with the service
  2. Money sent through Perfect Money is untraceable to a person
  3. Perfect Money offers three types of wallets namely Dollars, Euros & Gold
  4. Perfect Money provides subscribers the ability to convert currencies at the prevailing rate
  5. Transaction fee can be relegated to as low as 5% if subscribers verify their identity, otherwise its stands at 1.99%
  6. Perfect Money does not conform to USA, European Union or other central banking authorities
  7. Perfect Money wallets are really easy to fill using a huge variety of exchanges including credit cards, SWIFT Bank Transfers, bank account, vouchers, payment terminals
  8. Provides two step security authentication through Phone & Email checks
  9. Allows transfer of large amounts of money anonymously
  10. Perfect Money also provides a prepaid debit card

How to Buy VPN with Perfect Money

Perfect Money enhances user anonymity over the internet when buying good & services online, while also allowing subscribers to easily send money to their wallets from a huge range of exchange services & currencies. Our step by step guide will help you learn how to buy VPN with Perfect Money.

  1. Go to Perfect Money.is (the official portal for Perfect Money hosted from Iceland)
  1. Click the Sign Up button on the top right of the main webpage

perfect money sign up

  1. Once registered, the system will require you to confirm via email

perfect money confirmation

  1. You should now be ready to buy VPN with PM

perfect money member

  1. Once you are in the members area, proceed to add funds using the My Accounts menu on the left hand side as shown in the screenshot below

perfect money

  1. You can now buy authorized VPN services with Perfect Money. For options head over to our ranking table above.


We hope you will find our mini guide helpful and easy to understand. If you have any questions simply leave them in the comments section below and we will get back to you within 24 hours to resolve all you issues. Or you can check out our buy vpn editorial guide for more information.

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