What is that ‘one’ dialogue that you remember from the last movie you watched? Over the years, Hollywood has given us memorable catchphrases that resonate even today when you hear someone saying it.

You might not have seen the movie but you would remember these killer punch lines. So to commemorate those moments, we have compiled the top 10 movie catchphrases of all time.  Most of these movies are available on Netflix and other streaming channels. If you are having trouble accessing them then head on to our Netflix VPN page.

The Terminator 

I’ll be back!” – Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger)


“Say Hello to My Little Friend” – Tony Montana (Al Pacino)

The Dark Knight

“Why So Serious…” – The Joker (Heath Ledger)

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

“Alrighty Then…” – Ace Ventura (Jim Carry)


“This… Is… SPARTA!” – King Leonidas (Gerard Butler)

Pulp Fiction

“Say WHAT Again…” – Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson)

James Bond 007

“My Name is Bond… James Bond” – James Bond (all actors that have played this character)


“Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!” – Ray Parker Jr.

The Shining

“Here’s Johnny!” – Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson)

Apocalypse Now

“I Love the Smell of Napalm in The Morning…” – Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore (Robert Duvall)

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