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StrongVPN has a rich history and has been in the IT industry for almost 20 years. The company started in 1994 in South Lake Tahoe by selling personal computers. It has come a long way since then and it currently offers one of the most popular VPN services. Read this strongvpn review and discover its all features.



  1. Servers in 23 countries (More than 500 servers)
  2. 5 Tunneling Protocols Available PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN and IPSec
  3. Apps available for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android
  4. Free StrongDNS offered
  5. 24/7 Tech Support
  6. 5 days Money Back Guarantee
  7. Bugs in Android app



  1. Expensive monthly plan
  2. US based VPN Provider
  3. Blacklisted IP addresses reported by users
  4. Tech support take too much time to reply via email
  5. Numerous Problems for Chinese Users
  6. Unlimited server switches not allowed




Strongvpn Pricing and Plans Review


StrongVPN has revised its pricing plans trimming its subscription plans to a monthly and a yearly plan. The packages include:

  1. Monthly @$10 per month
  2. 12 Months @ $5.83/month ($69.96 onetime payment every 12 months)


strongvpn pricing plans and account subscriptions


Both subscription plans give you a range of features including:

  1. Servers across 23 countries in 45 cities
  2. Five tunneling protocols to secure your network
  3. 2048bit encryption for certificate authentication
  4. Apps on Windows, Mac, iOS & Android
  5. Free SmartDNS service

The pricing is not really delightful but still something that most VPN users will consider for the long run. The yearly plan costs almost $70 but also gives access to really fast VPN servers in USA & Europe.


StrongVPN Servers Review


Since the last StrongVPN review, the brand has considerably changed the number of servers it offers and the number of countries it operates in.  Strong VPN now offers a dedicated page to display all its global servers in one place, powered by a brilliant interactive map:


strongvpn servers coverage review


You can also get a complete list of all their servers and the ability to perform real time speed tests on any server that you wish to connect to. You can also look up status of dedicated IP addresses and shared IP addresses,plus,you can find out the tunneling protocol a particular server offers.

Since last year’s review, Strong VPN now allows P2P file-sharing & torrents over its network. Strong VPN servers make file-sharing better with their optimized speeds and powerful server infrastructure. There is however caution for Chinese users’, who will definitely face issues with the StrongVPN servers.The brand establishes that the Chinese Firewall is out of its control.

Go through the server locations page now and add to our Strong VPN review’s user testimonials.


Strongvpn Unique Selling Proposition And Additional Features


The unique selling proposition that we uncovered in the StrongVPN review is its excellent customer support and high attention to detail to every aspect.

The customer support service is among the best compared to other providers in the industry. Strongvpn utilizes numerous methods to reach its users and resolve their problem (see section below).

The other factor that caught the eyes about StrongVPN was its attention to detail. Every element is well thought out and provides users with in-depth information and options. From the different pricing plans, setup guides, to different additional services, you can see StrongVPN’s long standing experience in the IT industry.


Strongvpn Servers Stats


StrongVPN offers over 500 different servers located across 22 different locations. However, the number of servers and choice of locations are highly dependent on the pricing plan you select. As described earlier, you can avail all 22 servers in the Special Package by selecting the OpenVPN + PPTP plan.

Server Switching

There are certain restrictions on the switches that you can make in a month. Strong VPN does not allow users to freely jump between its 500+ servers. There is a cap on the number of switches that be made between different servers in a given month.

The allowed switches are based on the package you subscribe to. The lite and deluxe packages allow 25 switches per month while special package allows 15 switches per month. New users get +3 extra switches within first 2 weeks of purchase.

The extra 3 switches are only a one time gig and will not be offered once you renew the package. Strong VPN does offer additional switches if the prescribed switches are less for a user. These extra switches come at additional cost:

  1. 10 switches for $5 per month
  2. 20 switches for $10 per month
  3. 30 switches for $15 per month


StrongVPN dedicated IP Review


Although the StrongVPN website doesn’t offer too much information about dedicated IP services the provider offers dedicated services. I contacted StrongVPN’s Support and inquired about dedicated IP addresses.Their reply was as follows:


strongvpn dedicated ip review


Check our detailed dedicated ip vpn guide.


Strongvpn Speed Test Review


In StrongVPN review, we tested the performance using speed tests. The test was initially conducted without any VPN connect and following results were obtained:

StrongVPN speed

Next, the test was repeated but this time with StrongVPN connected to Washington DC, USA server. Following results were obtained:

StrongVPN speed

The overall results were good as there was a slight drop in downloading speeds while little variation was observed in upload speeds. We further tested strongvpn by accessing different geo restricted streaming sites like Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, and BBC iPlayer, and experienced fast online streaming performance.


Strongvpn Customer Support Review


StrongVPN utilizes different methods to handle customer queries. The channels used include live chat, support desk, forums and blogs, and FAQ section.

StrongVPN provides a full list of supervisors, technical support team, and other customer support members through the ‘Contact Us’ page. The profile of each staff member, along with their areas of expertise, languages they speak, Skype ID and the time they will come online can be accessed from this page.

Live Chat

In our StrongVPN review, we were pleased to see the live chat feature and were impressed with the excellent support. The live chat feature is available around the clock, 24/7, 365 days a year.

The live chat feature automatically prompts when you access StrongVPN website. In testing the feature, we inquired about the VPN service and it’s affect on streaming speeds and quality. We got a quick response with all the details relating to the query.

StrongVPN live chat gets full marks in responsiveness to different queries as the performance was very good.

Support Desk

The support desk can be accessed from the contact us page of StrongVPN. There are various options that are available on the support center; you can open support tickets regarding your problem, get hold of setup instructions, go through articles in the knowledgebase, conduct speeds tests, and use other troubleshooting tools.

Forums & Blogs

There are different forums and blogs available on the company’s website. Blogs are helpful in staying updated with latest VPN and tech industry news. You can also interact with other users in various forums; ask questions, help others out, or leave your suggestion.

FAQ Section

StrongVPN provides support through FAQ section to its users. The FAQ section consists of general questions along with question relating to speed, pre-sales, and technical questions. Users can attain basic information about StrongVPN using the FAQ section.


Strongvpn Payment Methods Review


In our StrongVPN review, the payment methods that we came across included credit/debit cards, BitCoin, and PayPal. These are some of the commonly used payment options and StrongVPN does a good job in incorporating them.

StrongVPN payment method

Perhaps there is room for further improvement in this area as more payment options can be added to the list. However, for the time being the current payment merchants are sufficient for customer around the world to purchase strongvpn.


Strongvpn App Compatibility


One of the strong points about StrongVPN is its high compatibility on different devices and operating systems. StrongVPN has its own software for Windows and Mac OS; it is also has separate apps for iOS and Android devices.

The service can be configured on different routers and handheld devices as well. It even provides its own line of routers as additional services.


From Where I Can Download StrongVPN Apps?


If you have been looking to download StrongVPN apps for desktop and mobile devices then download all relevant apps for all the major platforms including illustrated tutorials in case you want to manually setup the service.


download strongvpn apps


How to setup StrongVPN on Windows PC


The sleek StrongVPN app for Windows is available to download from the website. After downloading the app, simply follow these steps to install:

  1. Run the Setup
  2. Select yourSetup Language> OK
  3. Click Next
  4. Select I accept the agreement
  5. Browse your destination folder, thenNext >
  6. Select your Start Menu Folder, then Next >
  7. Check Create a desktop iconif you want shortcut on desktop, then Next >
  8. Click Install
  9. Check Always trust software from “Strong Technology, LLC.”and click Install
  10. Finish the setup


How to setup StrongVPN on iPhone?


Open Safari or any other browser in you iPhone and follow the steps listed below (follow the official StrongVPN guide here):

  1. Go to Apple App Store
  2. Search and select StrongVPN
  3. Tap on GET button, then INSTALL

Furthermore, Its easy to configure StrongVPN manually using PPTP/L2TP and OpenVPN/IPSec protocols and there are currently14 tutorials available for you on the official website. For your ease, we have provided a tutorial to setup using L2TP on iOS 10 devices.

  1. Tap on Home button
  2. Go to Settings> General
  3. Then scroll down and select VPN
  4. Click on Add VPN Configuration…
  5. Select Type >L2TP


how to setup strongvpn on iphone ios


6. Now the following blank fields are meant as:

  • Description is the name of your VPN, however, we recommend to use Strong VPN
  • Server is your address — and Account, Password and Secret(i.e. IPSec Key)all fields can be get from the StrongVPN’s Customer Area


strongvpn add configuration iphone ios

7. After that, tap on Done


How to Setup StrongVPN on Android Devices?


Download StrongVPN for Android from here and then follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Play Store
  2. Search and select StrongVPN
  3. Install the app

Just like on the iPhone, StrongVPN settings can be configured in Android devices as well. In addition, 12 tutorials are also available for you to setup the service manually. We have provided a step by step tutorial for you below.

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen
  2. Click on Settings icons
  3. Under Wireless &Networks tap on More
  4. Select VPN, then
  5. Click on plus (+) sign
  6. Enter the fields
  • Name is your VPN Service, for example, StrongVPN
  • Type>PP2P
  • Server Address can be found from StrongVPN’s Customer Area
  1. Uncheck PPP encryption (MPPE) option, then Save


How To Setup Strong VPN on Kodi


Strong VPN doesn’t offer any add-ons for Kodi but it does offer a dedicated SmartDNS package for Kodi users named “StrongDNS”. StrongDNS allows users to connect through the provider’s DNS servers rather than default ISP DNS.



how to setup strongvpn on kodi


The StrongDNS Packages are priced at:

  • Monthly Plan – $5 per month
  • Yearly Plan with 16% Discount – $4.17 per month ($50.04 onetime payment)

StrongDNS is a great option for internet users who only wish to stream video & music. Since there is no encryption associated with SmartDNS services they are faster to use for video streaming. Connect to various regional DNS servers including those for USA, UK, Germany, Australia and many others to unblock streaming across popular destinations.

StrongDNS is a brilliant option to use with Kodi like others since Kodi uses global streaming sources in addition to torrent sources to deliver media. When using services like Exodus, SportsDevil, Quasar, Pulsar and other Kodi services it is essential to have internet speed well above 4 MBPS.


How to uninstall StrongVPN?


For Windows PC:

  1. Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features
  2. Select StrongVPN and Unistall

For iOS devices:

  1. Simply tap and hold the icon of StrongVPN app until it begins to jiggle
  2. Click on (x) button, then
  3. Click Delete

For Android devices:

  1. Open the Settings
  2. Click Apps or Applications
  3. Swipe to Downloads section
  4. Right ClickStrongVPN, then
  5. Click Uninstall>Next>OK


Does StrongVPN works in China?


With multiple security layers across your data and sensitive information, StrongVPN gives you freedom to get access to restricted sites in China including North Korea and MiddleEast.


Strongvpn Tutorials Provided


In this StrongVPN review,  i was pleased with the detailed setup guides and tutorials provided. The tutorials and setup instructions can be accessed from the Setup page on StrongVPN’s website. There are separate setup instructions for PPTP/L2TP/SSTP protocols and separate instructions for OpenVPN protocol.

The StrongVPN software and app can also be downloaded from this page. Using the step by step instructions, you can easily setup the service on your chosen platform. The service can also be configured manually, if you don’t wish to use the software.


Strongvpn Protocols and Encryption

There are four different protocols offered by StrongVPN, including OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP and SSTP. In the PPTP package, L2TP and SSTP protocols are included and you can choose amongst these protocols if you prefer higher security level.

The encryption levels range from 128 bit to the highly secure 256 bit AES encryption. These encryption levels and protocols will keep your data safe from hackers, spammers, surveillance agencies and other cyber-goons lurking over the internet. The level of encryption depends on the protocol that you select.

  1. PPTP: 128bit MPPE
  2. L2TP: 56bit 3DES (three 56-bit keys)
  3. SSTP: 256bit AES-CBC

OpenVPN comes with varying encryption levels and you can choose the one that works best for you:

  1. 128bit AES-CBC
  2. 128bit BF-CBC
  3. 192bit AES-CBC
  4. 256bit AES-CBC


Strongvpn Log and Privacy Policy

Our StrongVPN review examined the privacy policy of the service and according to the website, the company does not monitor or stores any logs of its users’ VPN activities.

It explicitly states that StrongVPN does not record the websites visited, files downloaded and other activities performed by the user while using the VPN service.

The information that is collected by StrongVPN when users connect to its VPN service includes the duration of the connection, time, date, and location where the connection was made, and the total bandwidth used during the session.

DCMA & Copyright Infringement Policy

StrongVPN has been noted for being notorious over monitoring torrent downloads and P2P file sharing, and aggressive in blocking users’ account due to copyright infringement. Many users have also reported in the past that their account where terminated or blocked due downloading torrents.

The current situation does seem to have improved as the privacy policy, DCMA notice, and log policy do show clear intention that no usage activity is logged and monitor. However, StrongVPN being a US based company, there are bound to be some metadata being recorded and leaves us in doubt about the service’s privacy policy.


Strongvpn Free Trial


Currently StrongVPN does not offer any free trials to its users. In StrongVPN review, i did try to push our case for obtaining a free trial only for few hours to test the service but all efforts were lost in vein. StrongVPN was very stubborn and kept on pondering its 7 day money back guarantee to try the service.

Considering the multitude of packages offered by StrongVPN, there should be a free trial offered it the users so that they can test the service and select the appropriate package.

But it looks like that we would have to live without a free trial for now and utilize the 7 day money back guarantee to evaluate the VPN service.


Strongvpn Additional Services


In addition to the VPN service, StrongVPN also offers certain additional services. These include VPN routers and a DNS service.

StrongVPN Router

The VPN routers are useful for anyone that requires VPN connection on multiple devices such as Roku, PlayStation, Xbox, Apple TV and other similar devices. StrongVPN bundles a yearly VPN package with the router and ships to your location.

StrongDNS Service

StrongVPN also offers the additional service of smart DNS. Using the smart DNS service, you can access different geo restricted websites and enjoy fast online streaming. StrongDNS comes with a 7 day free trial and prices start at $5 for a monthly package to $50 for a yearly package.

However, with the smart DNS additional service, your data is not encrypted and your identity remains visible. So if you rank online security higher than online streaming, you are better off with a VPN service.




To sum everything up, StrongVPN has years of experience in the IT industry and has paid extensive attention to detail in every aspect. In StrongVPN review,  i was happy with the overall performance and impressive customer support service.

There were some grey areas that we came across in our review. The prices are expensive, even if you choose the low security level package (PPTP). There is also a cap on the number of server switches that can be made in a given month. The privacy policy does state that no usage logs are kept but users have complained about accounts being blocked due to downloading torrents.

However, the service does provide high online security against different threats over the internet through secure protocols and encryption levels.

So if you plan to use a StrongVPN service, our advise would be to plan ahead, go through different pricing packages, select the one that would work best for you and use the 7 day money back guarantee period to fully test the service.

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