In this torrid time of internet censorship, cyber security bills, copyright infringement notices, geo restrictions, and constant surveillance of online activity, it is difficult to safeguard your privacy and share files over the internet.

Numerous copyright sharks have dished out infringement notices and taken action against various torrent and P2P file sharing services. Not long ago, Pirate Bay came back from the dead after being raided by police and Kickass Torrents had to change its domain after it was seized by copyright officials.

These copyright holders have even gone to great lengths for tracking down ISP’s and obtaining IP addresses and geographic location of users of these services.

To overcome these issues, you have two alternatives for P2P file sharing and torrents: use a Seedbox and a torrent VPN. These two methods will allow you to protect your true identity and use file sharing and torrent services carefree. However, the question beckons, which is better a Seedbox or a torrent VPN.

In the article, you will find the comparison between Seedbox and VPN for torrents. You can also check out some of the best VPN services that support torrents and file sharing, and lastly see our recommendation based on the comparison.

What is a Seedbox?

Before we devolve into the debate over Seedbox vs. torrent VPN, it is essential that you know what a Seedbox is. To simply put it, a Seedbox is a server located in particular location that allows safe download and upload of torrents at high speeds.

A Seedbox is a dedicated server that is connected to high speed internet and the speeds that you can achieve ranges around 10Mbps to 1Gbps. When you use a Seedbox, you are actually sharing these high speed servers. To put these speeds into perspective, imagine downloading an HD movie in 2 – 4 minutes; this is how fast a Seedbox works.

Once you have downloaded a torrent on Seedbox, you can transfer the file using a FTP or SFTP. This is the amazing thing about Seedbox as none of the torrent traffic comes to your home network and you can control your torrents and P2P files from anywhere. However, if these remote servers are seized or closed by copyright sharks and governmental officials, any downloads in process and files that are not transferred onto your PC are lost.

Top VPN for Torrent & P2P File Sharing

A VPN will provide you with many benefits and features that a Seedbox may not be able too. Here are some of the best VPN for torrents and P2P file sharing. Each of these services has dedicated servers that will allow you to share files and download torrents without exposing your original identity and unblock geo restricted websites.

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Seedbox vs. Torrent VPN

When it comes to using torrents and P2P file sharing, there are certain benefits provided by torrent VPN and Seedbox. Here we have listed some of benefits of a torrent VPN and a Seedbox and made our recommendation based on these pros and cons.

VPN for Torrent


  • Multiple servers to connect too
  • Keeps your identity anonymous & protect you from online surveillance
  • Unblocks geo restricted and internet censorship websites
  • Cheaper than other online security & privacy tools
  • Cheaper than Seedbox services
  • Encrypts your data and tunnels your traffic through secure protocols
  • Offers additional benefits such as DDoS protection, NAT firewall, SmartDNS, etc.



  • Doesn’t offer the same high speeds as Seedbox
  • Can be complex and technical to setup



  • Very fast download & upload speeds
  • Keeps you out of the torrent and P2P download/upload loop
  • Offers encrypted file transfer using HTTP
  • Keeps your internet connection safe from ISP throttling
  • Your identity remains safe and anonymous while using torrents / P2P.


  • Expensive prices
  • Does not protect your identity and data while you surf the internet
  • Limited regional accessibility as Seedbox offers one dedicated server
  • All your downloads or file are lost if the Seedbox is blocked or seized

Which one to Choose?

Now that you know the benefits and drawbacks of both, a Seedbox and torrent VPN, the question beckons which one you should select. Our recommendation – select both!

The drawbacks of a VPN and Seedbox are covered by each of their advantages. When it comes to online privacy and safeguarding your personal data, a Seedbox would not help in this situation but a VPN would. Similarly, if you do try to sign up for a Seedbox, your ISP and other surveillance agencies can trace your steps and dish out DCMA and copyright infringement notices.

Even when you have downloaded the torrent, you still need to transfer the file using FTP. This could again be monitored and recorded by your ISP, governmental surveillance and other spy agencies. This is where having a torrent VPN will protect you while using Seedbox for torrents.

A fusion of these services creates the ultimate framework for torrent and P2P file sharing. A Seedbox will provide you with high speed download and upload of files and torrents. While a torrent VPN will add an extra layer of security, ensuring that your online privacy and sensitive information are never traced and recorded by the malicious cyber-goons over the internet.


The age old debate of Seedbox verse VPN for torrent can be settled by comparing the pros and cons of each service. As we have highlighted these aspects in our article, the final choice remains in your hands. Copyright sharks are always on the hunt for penalizing anyone that indulges in torrents and P2P activities which infringe copyrights.

Our recommendation, based on the benefits and disadvantages, led us to conclude that using both the service in combination will provide you the fastest and safest torrent and P2P experience. Some of the best Seedbox service offer VPN packaged with their service.

Carefully select the Seedbox that works for you and select the best torrent VPN from our list above, in order to strengthen our online network and keep your true identity anonymous while using torrents and sharing files.

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