What Is SecurityKISS Tunnel?

SecurityKISS (Keep it Smart & Simple) is an Irish VPN service that focuses on simplicity and ease-of-use, but tends to be completely the opposite. It has a free plan available that requires no registration. However, the service struggles in offering complete anonymity and security. It lacks AES-256 encryption algorithm, logs session information, and places restrictions on accessing certain websites, such as pornographic content. Read this SecurityKISS review for an unbiased opinion about the VPN provider:

1.       50% Discount When Using Bitcoin

2.       Exclusive Tunneling (Kill Switch)

3.       Free accounts require no registration

1.       Basic Windows Client

2.       Some session logging

3.       Weak customer support

4.       Premium Plans are expensive

5.       No P2P/Torrenting support


SecurityKISS Pricing Review

SecurityKISS boasts one of the most intricate pricing structures in the VPN market. There are five plans available in one, three, six, and twelve-month subscriptions. However, only top-tier packages deliver good value to users. The low-priced plans have a bandwidth limit. This makes the VPN a bad option, according to our SecurityKISS review, particularly if you want to stream or download.

securitykiss pricing review

While topping free plans with limited data is comprehensible, the deed of fixing data transfer limits on paid versions is difficult to fathom. Considering that most VPN providers offer unlimited data usage with premium packages, our SecurityKISS review makes us ponder why anyone may want to use the service? Look below for a more detailed stance on the pricing and offerings of each plan:

securitykiss free


SecurityKISS Free Review (Green Plan)

The free plan is limited to a maximum 300MB data limit per day, a restricted choice of protocols, and access to 5-10 servers in four countries. No sign up is required for this plan. You can simply download the Windows/Mac/Android/iOS client. There is no expiration date. You can use the free version for as long as you like, and enjoy good online privacy and anonymity.


SecurityKISS Olivine (Economy Plan)

The economy plan starts at a low $3.25 per month. If you opt for the 3-month plan, you will have to pay $8.69 (per month price $2.90). The 6-month plans requires you to pay $16.26 (per month price $2.71). The 1 year plan is billed at $25.99 (per month price $2.17). It comes with a limited access to 38 servers across 10 countries, 20GB data transfer per month, and Telnet, RDP, FTP, and SSH transfer protocols.


SecurityKISS Malachite (Basic Plan)

The basic plan starts at a low $4.34 per month. If you opt for the 3-month plan, you will have to pay $11.95 (per month price $3.98). The 6-month-plan requires you to pay $21.70 (per month price $3.62). The 1 year plan is billed at $39.05 (per month price $3.25), which is quite expensive – considering you have a 30GB data limit per month. For the same price, you can get unlimited bandwidth speeds and data transfers.


SecurityKISS Jadeite (Premium Plan)

The premium plan gives you access to 58 servers across 16 countries. It is available for $6.51 per month. However, if you opt for the 1-year plan, you can receive a 35% discount. This lowers the monthly price to $4.89 per month (accounting to $58.62 annually). However, it still proves to be quite expensive, as you receive no additional features. In fact, our SecurityKISS review finds you still have a data limit of 50GB!


SecurityKISS Emerald (Ultimate Plan)

The ultimate plan offers you access to 63 servers in 16 countries around the globe. The plan starts at $10.87 per month, which is a little too costly. Its 1-year plan is no good either, touching $97.87 yearly. The only good thing, according to our SecurityKISS review is the unlimited data limit (which should not be a “feature” in the first place). Otherwise, the offerings are the same as in the premium plan.


SecurityKiss Sign Up and Cancellation Review

Our SecurityKISS review establishes that signing up with the VPN is simple. If you opt for the free plan, there is no need to create an account or register with the service. Simply click on the “Download SecurityKISS Tunnel” on the home page. The service redirects you to the platform page. Choose the operating system you use and the download will begin. Install the software, and connect to the free VPN.

Registering for a paid account is easy too. Choose the plan you want to buy on the pricing page. Click on the suitable “order now” option. Select if you are a new or existing user. Enter your email address and payment method to move on with the process. Once the service verifies payment details, you will receive a confirmation email. Follow the steps to activate account.

For cancelling your account, simply contact support or submit a ticket to the billing department. Any remaining balance will be proportionally calculated and refunded. Our SecurityKISS review indicates that you can even stop making your payments to end membership. There is no information on the website concerning the VPN provider deleting data relating to your account from its systems upon cancellation.


SecurityKISS Tunnel Activation Code

Upon deciding on a plan that best suits your encryption needs and budget requirements, SecurityKISS will send you an activation email containing a link/code. Use this for activating your account. In circumstances where you have to reinstall your windows, it is essential to download a new copy and activate the product again. Avoid sharing the program you download, as every copy is unique and has a client ID.


SecurityKISS Tunnel Crack

Since VPNs are still gaining in popularity around the globe – thanks to internet restrictions taking over one country at a time – many individuals are not ready to pay for network encryption services. They may opt for other methods like cracking usernames and passwords. Why waste so much time, when there is a free trial available? Although the 300MB is rather restrictive, it is not bad if you need a VPN instantly.


SecurityKiss Accepted Payment Methods Review

Our SecurityKISS review indicates that the service accepts payments in the form of Bitcoin, wire transfer, e-wallets (PayPal and cashU), and credit cards. Users who purchase a plan with Bitcoin can leverage an astonishing 50% discount.


Can You Get a Refund from SecurityKISS?

Since SecurityKISS offers a free VPN, it does not give a money-back guarantee to customers. Nevertheless, if you do choose to cancel your account, you will receive a prorated refund. There is a welcome cancellation clause, which calculates any remaining balance and refunds it to your account.


SecurityKISS Servers Review

According to our SecurityKISS review, the service offers different severs and locations for its five packages. However, if you opt for the ultimate package, you enjoy global access. This means, you can connect to 63 servers in total across sixteen countries.

These include security gateways in Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, and United States. The service also unveils that it has plans on setting up new servers in other locations, which it will update on its site regularly.


SecurityKISS Speed Test Review

To give our viewers/readers a better opinion on the dependability and connectivity of SecurityKISS, we performed a speed test on our 35Mbps connection:


Local ISP

The results will give you comprehensive knowledge about our primary network speed and SecurityKISS servers. Below is a speed test of our internet connection.

SecurityKISS Speed Test Review


Connected to SecurityKISS Germany Server

Our US to Frankfurt server tests showed some impressive speeds, almost matching the bandwidth of our primary network with 237ms latency, 31.9Mbps download, and 36.4Mbps upload.

securitykiss germany speed


Connected to SecurityKISS France Server

Our US to France server tests showed a drastic drop in speeds. From 34.6Mbps, the download speed reduced to 12.3Mbps, with latency up to 412ms.

securitykiss france speed


SecurityKISS Dedicated IP Review

Our SecurityKISS review discloses that the VPN provider does not offer dedicated IPs for customers. The service primarily operates on shared IPs, which offers good privacy and anonymity. If you are searching for dedicated IPs, you may find better luck with our tested servers here.


SecurityKiss Privacy and Security Review

Our SecurityKISS review unveils that as an Irish-service, the VPN is subject to certain data retention laws. While we have not observed any cases of the VPN handling over information to governmental agencies, it is definitely a risk factor. Nevertheless, once you connect to the service, you can easily secure open Wi-Fi connections, hide your IP address, watch online TV abroad, and unblock censored websites.

There is a catch though. Some websites may detect that you are using a proxy! This makes us judge the authenticity and security measures of the service. We connected to different servers and checked our IP address on ‘whatismyipaddress.com’. The results on some servers exposed that we were using a proxy.

If things were to go south, due to any reason – there is a solid chance, your IP is traceable back to you. On the lighter side, the VPN uses exclusive tunneling, which aids in privacy. This deletes the route of data packets that are sending and receiving via a predetermined routed if your VPN connection fails.


SecurityKISS Protocols Review

Our SecurityKISS review discovers that all VPN servers support L2TP and OpenVPN protocols with 128-bit Blowfish encryption. For the exchange of connection keys, the service uses 1021-bit RSA certification. The VPN refreshes session and connection keys once every hour.

When compared to other VPN providers, SecurityKISS tends to fall short in supporting a higher range of protocols and enhanced encryption. We would definitely like seeing an improved level of protocols like PPTP, SSTP, and SoftEther, along with AES-256 encryption.


SecurityKiss P2P/Torrenting Review

According to our SecurityKISS review, the VPN does not have any policies about P2P activity and torrenting. However, there is a broad “Prohibited Uses of the Service” section on the website, which states that all users must abide by the copyright infringement laws.

Indirectly, this means that SecurityKISS users do not have the capability of downloading torrents. Besides, unless you sign up for the Emerald (ultimate) plan with no data limits, you probably will not be doing any torrenting anyway.


How Safe Is SecurityKISS?

The service states that it has a “strict” no logging policy. However, our SecurityKISS review discloses that it does indeed record information. While it does not monitor, store, or record logs for session activities, the provider does collect bandwidth, duration, time, and user IP address, during a VPN connection.

SecurityKISS states it does this for monitoring service usage per user. It automatically deletes these details after 10 days, but there is no way we can have complete surety. Besides, if the VPN logs your IP address, what is the use of it?

The whole purpose of a VPN is to remain anonymous, and the guarantee of not releasing any details about anyone, unless “legally required” is not exactly convincing. While scanning the “Terms of Use” page, we also came across a strict law on pornography.

Every VPN bans and disapproves of its service for child pornography, but SecurityKISS goes the extra mile in prohibiting it altogether. Our SecurityKISS review unveils that you must not “access or transmit pornography” of any type. While every provider has its own views on what is acceptable and not, we think, banning clearly “legal” acts is a little over-the-top.


SecurityKISS Support Review

Our SecurityKISS review indicates that the service offers email and ticket support for Green and Olivine plans. Live chat is available for Malachite, Jadeite, and Emerald plans through Zendesk and operates during regular business hours. However, most of the times Live Chat is too busy to respond.

securitykiss support review

There is a comprehensive FAQ page, divided into 8 sections (General, Manual, Security, Troubleshooting, Privacy, Integration, Technical, and Other). If that does not prove helpful, you can always submit a ticket or email at support@securitykiss.com.

securitykiss form

There are multiple troubleshooting guides for various scenarios and devices. This proves incredibly useful for users on the Free Plan. SecurityKISS even runs a Facebook page, providing you a faster way to get in touch with the support team for assistance.


SecurityKISS Compatibility Review

According to our SecurityKISS review, the VPN supports all platforms that allow L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN connections. In particular, the tunnel program will work in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. There is a customized Tunnelblick installer with SecurityKISS configuration for Mac users. Linux OS users have a separate software application available, but they can also configure the VPN manually.

Users of iPhone and iPad can download a ready to use configuration for GuizmOVPN and L2TP. Android users can download the SecurityKISS Tunnel VPN from the Google Play Store. Additionally, the software also works on other operating systems like Symbian and DD-WRT with detailed tutorials available on how to install and configure the VPN.


The SecurityKISS Windows VPN Client

Our SecurityKISS review discovers that you can use the VPN without registration. Simply download the software, install and enjoy using an encrypted connection. While it may seem like a convenient system, there are some unexpected issues too. Every Windows client has its own unique identifier.

Upon installing the software, Windows SmartScreen and Kaspersky both warned us that this was an unrecognized application. This means, if you need to use SecurityKISS, you need to give the application immunity from your antivirus, firewall, and other security programs.

securitykiss windows client

The SecurityKISS Tunnel is a very lightweight VPN client. With a 2.58MB installation file, downloading and using the VPN is quite easy. The main menu has options for you to check geo-location, server load, articles, FAQ, and Feedback. Plans that have a data limit will have a bar displaying daily usage.

securitykiss tunnel

Switching to different servers is easy. You can view connection statistics from within the client. There is also an “exclusive tunneling” feature. Once you have connected to a server, you can enable this from the client via the “option” menu. It performs much like a “kill switch”, which disables everything, upon VPN disconnection.


SecurityKISS Android Client

According to our SecurityKISS review, unlike iOS and other mobile platforms, Android users have an exclusive app available via Google Play Store. The software is hardly 4.75MB, which means it downloads and installs instantaneously.

It is incredibly lightweight and boasts a better and more streamlined appearance than the Windows Client. The main menu provides connection and payment details, including the server you connect to and the amount of data you have remaining.

securitykiss android

Connecting to different servers is simple. Simply click on “change server” and select a country. You will then receive a list of IP address located in different cities. Choose one that works for you and enjoy complete anonymity for mobile browsing.

securitykiss android app


SecurityKISS Resources Review

According to our SecurityKISS review, one of the best things about the service is the availability of VPN setup guides for a variety of platforms. Upon accessing the tutorial page, you will gain all the information you need for configuring different protocols on varied operating systems.

securitykiss l2tp ipsec configuration


Alternatives to SecurityKISS Tunnel

To test SecurityKISS tunnel, you can always consider going for its free plan. If it does not prove appealing enough, there are plenty other alternatives to SecurityKISS Tunnel. These include TunnelBear, CyberGhost, Hide.me, ZenMate, and Browsec.


Final Verdict

Our SecurityKISS review discloses that the service is not a terrible option as a free VPN. You can use it for your phone and leverage the 300MB data limit per day. However, as a permanent solution, the VPN provider has a lot of work to do. The pricing for premium plans is too expensive.

In the age of fast-internet speeds, imposing a data limit is rather unnecessary. The service also logs IP address information and suffers from inconsistent connection speeds. When you combine these pitfalls to Ireland’s tough data retention laws, SecurityKISS undoubtedly becomes a less appealing option.

The Good

  1. Free VPN service
  2. No account registration
  3. Bitcoin payments are accepted
  4. Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android clients

The Bad

  1. Based in Ireland
  2. Poor customer support
  3. Shifting connection speeds
  4. Bandwidth limits on all paid plans (except Emerald)
  5. iOS devices may require jailbreak for SecurityKISS VPN


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  1. Cotructo says:

    Great and detailed review. Currently I’m using only the free SecurityKISS plan but I can confirm it’s safe to try the premium one since I used to have premium and I cancelled in the middle of the month and they refunded in full.
    I run on many OSes. It’s a pity they don’t have their own Mac app, in order to use from Mac I have to configure L2TP manually.

    • admin says:

      The 300 MB is not bad at all for a free plan you can use daily. The premium plans are good too. The only problem is the bandwidth limit. For lesser price, you can actually avail unlimited bandwidth from a variety of providers. If you face trouble setting up the L2TP manually, SecurityKISS does offer a guide. Hope this helps

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