August 1st was the day when Rousey didn’t keep her promise it was the day when she said that she is going to punish Correia but instead she choose to finish the fight in a mere 34 seconds and we loved every second of it! The build of this fight was intense and the comments correia deserved this humiliation after the comments she made about Rousey’s dad. After the fight Rousey said “I hope that nobody really rips on my family anymore when it comes to my fights. I hope this is the last time."

While we were Cheering for Ronda we were also helping out our readers with their streaming issues. The fight was awesome and was an embarrassment for Correia but she managed to embarrass herself before she was kissing the mat.

Bethe Correia’s Octagon Entrance

This kinda looked like this…

Not surprisingly, she found herself in the wrong corner

Talk about pre-match jitters….“Wrong corner champ”

That cringe-worthy Introduction!

And that cringe-worthy Sword Thing she did.

The Next Thing You know…

Correia Kissing the mat

From another angle…

"Don't Cry"….

With that being said do you know why Ronda is undefeated? Its because she is a Super Saiyan..

We were at her side from the start because we just can’t help loving her. She is not only a great fighter but a great human being too. We wish her all the best for the future and pray that she retires undefeated. 

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  1. GrampsFord says:

    Truly the most entertaining woman of this decade.

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