What we learned about “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey Through her AMA on Reddit

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Ronda Rousey recently did an AMA on Reddit and we learned quite a bit about her and the most prominent was that you don’t want to mess with this chick. I am going to jot down all the questions to which she responded and what followed through fan reaction.

User dyi01 asked that, “Have you ever had to throw someone who tried to pick a fight with you on the street?” to which Ronda replied, “Yes. See my first appearance on Jimmy Kimmel.” She grabbed a guy by his shirt and started punching him and then grabbed the other guy and threw him! Here is a link where she is talking about it.

Another reminder that you don’t want to mess with this chick especially if you are a guy and don’t want to live the rest of your life in shame of getting beat up by a girl.

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A user by the name TehBrandon asked that, “Do you sometimes wish your fights would last a little longer than just a few seconds?” to which she replied that, “No because the shorter my fights are, the more fights I can have. I only have a finite amount of fight time, and I’d like to fight as long as possible.” Ronda Rousey’s total career fight time is 25 minutes and 36 seconds after 12 pro fights! That number speaks volumes about how talented she is.

We also found out that her go-to hype music before a fight is complete silence! No talking, no music, no cell phones. If she hears a ding from you then you will get the Rowdy Glare. And I am guessing that must be very scary.

We also found out about her Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) in her childhood, she overcame and became the tenacious fighter she is today and she even had a good piece of advice for user saraeveg. You can read the whole response here: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/3gixri/rowdy_ronda_rousey_here_ama/ctylg5i

Her favorite cheat meal is “buffalo wings naked with chunky blue cheese and extra hot sauce on the side.” And her favorite Mortal Kombat character is Princess Katana because in the Sega version you could press down and punch to get to the fifth opponent with flawless victories. We reckon she needs to be a character in the MK game and her fatality should be her ripping the arms of the opponent with an armbar.

And she says that her greatest achievement is the Olympic gold Medal which she won at the 2008 Summer Olympics for Judo. And her idea of great date is doing absolutely nothing. Have fun figuring that out guys.

Her favorite movie is “Leon the Professional” and she doesn’t care what you perceive about her…

A user by the name of WiFiForeheadWrinkles (that username!) asked her, “If you were to be in a superhero movie, which hero would you play?” she responded that, “well… a lot of the good ones have been taken, but I’d like to vie for Miss Marvel.”

Rousey and Miss Marvel

Have fun telling her no.

If she could fight any historical figure she would fight Buffalo Bill, because he destroyed the buffalo population and the Native American culture. She loves her buffalo meals though!

Her favorite Game of Thrones character is Dany but heart belongs to Team Stark. And if she had a house in the GoT lore it would have a Sigil of Mew with Vegeta Hair. I love her!

kwicked did us the courtesy and made this sigil and TheBaltimoron more gave us the perfect words for her House.

Rousey GoT

“The fight is short and full of takedowns.”

You deserve that Gold sire!

Other takeaways from her AMA were that:

  1. She can eat 60 Chicken Wings in one sitting,
  2. She hasn’t seen Surf Ninjas so you can put those rumors to rest now,
  3. She plays WoW and she was talking about some TaiChi Panda which I don’t know about because I have never played WoW enlighten me with this.
  4. She was a mod at GameTalk!
  5. And if she could fight a Pokemon in the ring that would be Throh
  6. She would rather train with Vegeta than Goku in a hyperbolic Time Chamber because is a goodygoody that he’d be fun to be friends with but she would get annoyed with him after two weeks! I can’t believe she said that!
  7. She doesn’t use ‘Finish Her’ like they do in MK games when she takes down her opponents. Bummer
  8. Her Favorite sandwich is ‘Bay Cities Godmother – everything on it.’
  9. She would love to enter WWE after she retires.

This next question is what made this Reddit AMA even more significant. It’s a long question so I’ll summarize it for you. Rousey made it clear that it doesn’t matter if Cyborg makes the weight because she is going to retire undefeated. When she was asked that if she could beat Mayweather in a ruleless fight? She said that she can beat anyone on this planet in a ruleless fight. And she isn’t all that excited about the possibility of Tyson returning to the ring. Thank you Knuckledork for the question this is why I love Reddit.

Even though I have summarized most of it but if you want you can read the full AMA at: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/3gixri/rowdy_ronda_rousey_here_ama/

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