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VPN Ghost is a Canada based VPN service has now been officially rebranded as RogueVPN since February 2015.  RogueVPN offers exclusive services to subscribers using P2P file sharing while security & privacy are its prerequisites being a privacy service. Rogue VPN provides its limited VPN servers specifically in regions including Europe, Africa, America, and Asia.



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 150+ Countries29 Countries
Internet Kill-SwitchNo Internet Kill-Switch
24/7 live chat supportEmail Support
Does not keep logsKeeps logs
P2P SupportedP2P Supported


Unique Selling Proposition

RogueVPN offers subscribers their exclusive private VPN server feature. This gives you a personal server to manage through which you can connect multiple devices and get the same IP address for all of them. You can learn more about Rouge VPN private servers in the following sections.

Another exclusive feature that we haven’t seen with many other providers is the P2P package for downloading media. These exclusive packages offer massive download limits and unlimited bandwidth for high speed P2P file transfers.


Pricing and Plans

The provider offers four pricing plans for subscribers that include:

PackagesSubscriptions ($)
One month4.99/Month
Three months11.97 Quarterly ($3.99/Month)
One year23.88 Annually ($1.99/Month)
Three Years34.99 Non Recurring (One Time Payment)


Private VPN Server Pricing Plans

RogueVPN also offers subscriptions for Dedicated Private IP VPN servers. Following is the list of these pricing plans:

TermsSubscriptions ($)
One month12.99/Month
Three months35.99 Quarterly ($11.99/Month)
One year119.88 Annually($9.99/Month)
P2P monthly19.99/Month


RogueVPN is currently offering services in 29+ countries, with servers in strategic locations for users to get the best possible speeds. Here is the list of countries with RogueVPN servers:

  • US
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Netherland
  • Norway
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Turkey
  • Russia
  • Sweden
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong
  • South Africa
  • Latvia


Private VPN Server

RogueVPN also offers it’s dedicated ‘private VPN servers’ providing subscribers enhanced security and blazing fast speeds. Through private VPN servers users can easily obtain optimum level of privacy and anonymity since there are fewer users connected to personal VPN servers.

Considered the next level of secure online connectivity even ISPs and surveillance tactics cannot determine the user is under Rogue VPN protection. Personal VPN servers offer subscriber dedicated IP addresses plus offers multiple security advantages.


Advantages of Rogue VPN Private VPN Servers

There are multiple advantages of using a private VPN server as identified in our RogueVPN review. These advantages are for both business and home Rogue VPN users:

  • Appropriate for businesses interested in maximum online protection
  • Provision of dedicated IP address to each RogueVPN user
  • Online gaming support
  • DDOS protection available on selected servers with subscription price of $15/month
  • Dedicated customer support for Private Server users


Customer Support

Customer support at RogueVPN is nothing extraordinary. RogueVPN should focus on providing a live chat support feature so that subscribers can get the solutions of their queries instantly. The customer support section of RogueVPN includes

  • Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)
  • Community Forum (Only for registered subscribers)
  • Contact us page


Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

After performing a detailed RogueVPN website review, we found the FAQ section lacking massively. In addition, this section does not provide much information to prospects since this part of the website attracts both new and existing VPN users.



This is a great addition to Rouge VPN’s customer support services. The massive community is always available and acts as a live support service for the brand. Rogue VPN subscribers can interact with the other subscribers to get the best solution for their issues.


The Contact section is further divided into 3 areas namely support, billing and abuse. Subscribers can make queries directly to their respective department. In addition, new subscribers can also send email to get more information about RogueVPN services.


Payment Methods

Our RogueVPN review discovered that the provider does not offer a variety of online payment methods for subscribers. While more payment methods are in the pipeline, there are  only two payment methods currently offered by the service such as

  • Stripe (Credit / Debit Card)
  • PayPal (On request, not available in the payment form)



Compatibility is no issue for Rogue VPN. Rogue is compatible with all the major platforms and devices including:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • Linux
  • iOS, and
  • Routers

Rogue VPN does not offer any apps to its subscribers.


Tutorials Provided

The official website does not provide any information related to tutorials and installation guides. The BLOG section is also still under maintenance and provides no insight to configure the service manually either.


Protocols and Encryption

RogueVPN does not offer a wide range of tunneling protocols and currently only provides OpenVPN protocol to subscribers. The provider offers AES 256-bit military grade encryption. The mix of OpenVPN and 256bit encryption is great but the brand should consider adding at least 2 more tunneling protocols.


Log and Privacy Policy

In light of our RogueVPN review, the service does not have any activity or time logs of VPN users. However, the service has categorically mentioned in its DMCA policy that indicates the provider stores users’ information as and when required.


Terms of Service

During our Rogue VPN review we noticed that all polices except the logging policy is mentioned in black & white. The ToS section includes subjects including:

  • Subscriptions
  • Refunds
  • Usage Policy
  • Lifetime Subscription
  • Business Private Servers
  • Torrenting



This term of service states that all subscriptions are applicable for a single user account. Similarly all subscription plans are renewed automatically at the end of subscription term. The subscription also allows a single VPN subscriber to use this service on two devices simultaneously.


The provider does not offer any kind of money back guarantee to users on all its subscription plans.

Usage Policy

All the users of RogueVPN are reminded that it is their own responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of their accounts including usernames and passwords.

Lifetime Subscriptions

RogueVPN lifetime subscription plan cannot be transferred by the subscriber to anyone at any stage. However, users can access and use the services of RogueVPN as long as the services are available to use.

Business Private Servers

All private VPN servers of RogueVPN are renewed at the end of their terms automatically. Likewise the server quality and connection speed of Rogue VPN may vary from user to user.


According to this RogueVPN review, torrenting is only allowed on designated or assigned servers. However, the users cannot access other VPN servers to perform the task of torrenting otherwise the accounts of users will be terminated permanently.


DMCA Policy

The DMCA policy of RogueVPN clearly mentions that the provider can take any legal action against the subscriber anytime. The service advises the users to respect the intellectual property rights of others in true letter and spirit. Hence, a copyright infringement notification could be sent to those users who are found guilty in breaching the copyright infringement law.  The service can also terminate the accounts of those subscribers who are involved in misusing the copyrighted material.


Free Trial

Rogue VPN does not offer any free trials or money back guarantees as of yet.


Final Verdict

Our verdict for Rogue VPN ranks it 2 out of 5.

RogueVPN is a fairly new venture after its rebranding from its previous name VPN Ghost. Various features are unavailable and cannot be reviewed currently.

RogueVPN does offer its private VPN servers and P2P servers which we loved. There is still a long way to go for RogueVPN to become a top notch VPN provider in the industry. This provider follows the DMCA policy strictly and keeps the logs of subscribers. Therefore, users need to think twice before purchasing subscription plans from RogueVPN.

The lack of tunneling protocols (PPTP, SSTP and L2TP/IPSec, IKEV2) hampers the strength of Rogue VPN as a privacy provider. This scenario seriously puts a question mark on the reputation of provider and the service needs to improve & upgrade quickly.

Customer support, tutorials and blogs are the core of any brands after sales service. The absence of tutorials, FAQs, guides and troubleshooting manuals is a massive hurdle in the way of Rogue VPN’s growth.

The saddest part of the service that completely put me off was the ridiculous notion of carrying no apps. Rogue VPN offers no apps either on desktop platforms or mobile devices. The service also requires downloading keys for its OpenVPN client before connecting.

Lastly, a free trial would be a great prospect for Rouge VPN. After rebranding from VPN Ghost customers can have their accounts transferred to the new infrastructure but still no apps, no guides, no security and no free evaluation of the service means a terrible service.

We will be keeping a keen eye on this service and hope for some huge fundamental changes to their services.

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