Reddit has remained one of the most reliable social forums for VPN users from all over the world to visit for best VPN Reddit suggestions, various VPN related issues and realistic user opinions on different VPN brands. The industry is so famous amongst forum users that there are proper Reddit VPN rankings and dedicated sub-reddits being operated by mods working with Reddit VPN providers.


Reddit VPN by Redditors VOTE *Updated August 2017*

Votes Providers Name Price Features Expert Review Website
$3.25Per Month
PPTP,SSTP,OpenVPN,Socks5 Proxy,OpenWeb,L2TP over IPSec
Windows XP,Windows 8,Windows Vista,Windows,Linux (Ubuntu),Mac OS X,Windows 7
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$8.32Per Month
Windows XP,Windows 8,Windows Vista,Windows
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$5.75Per Month
Windows XP,Windows 8,Windows Vista,Windows,Mac OS X,Windows 7
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TunnelBear VPN
$4.99Per Month
Windows XP,Windows 8,Windows Vista,Windows,Mac OS X,Windows 7
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$4.87Per Month
Windows XP,Windows 8,Windows Vista,Windows,Linux (Ubuntu),Mac OS X,Windows 7
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Hotspot Shield
$4.99Per Month
Windows XP,Windows 8,Windows Vista,Windows,Linux (Ubuntu),Mac OS X,Windows 7
Visit Site
$2.90Per Month
Windows XP,Windows 8,Windows Vista,Windows,Linux (Ubuntu),Mac OS X,Windows 7
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$4.99Per Month
Windows XP,Windows 8,Windows Vista,Windows,Linux (Ubuntu),Mac OS X,Windows 7
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$7.50Per Month
Windows XP,Windows 8,Windows Vista,Windows,Linux (Ubuntu),Mac OS X,Windows 7
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$3.33Per Month
Windows XP,Windows 8,Windows Vista,Windows,Linux (Ubuntu),Mac OS X,Windows 7
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The issues of searching for legitimate Reddit VPN feedback is like any other social platform, you have to look through the marketing jargon. You will find some of the most “blunt” & sometimes distraught users reviews on various Reddit threads.

Which VPN provider has given you the best experience, share your experience in our exclusive Reddit VPN voting chart below.

Reddit User Ratings Help Choose the best VPN

For beginners, Reddit can be a confusing and at times dodgy place to get an honest opinion. We take the best VPN  testimonials and reviews to the next level, making them completely transparent by gifting the power to choose the best recommendations for you (a democratic process of sorts). Using the collective experiences & knowledge of Reddit users we give you the power to decide which VPN service deserves what ranking by voting for your favorite brands in the rating chart listed above.

reddit vpn

Note: Listed VPN on Reddit were chosen after careful analysis of comments over 60 sub-reddits related to Virtual Private Networks & Reddit best VPN brands. To ensure the reliability of listed VPN discussed on Reddit we have provided voters important features that each VPN provider offers.


Reddit VPN – Free Recommended Services

The chances of discovering a free VPN recommended on Reddit is slim, given the inability of these free Reddit VPN services to provide proper privacy. Always remember that a wise person once said “there is no free lunch in business”, Reddit’s free VPN recommendations are also businesses handling some of your most crucial information.


Usually, users look for free best VPN Reddit recommendations on Reddit mostly to unblock geo-restricted streaming services like Netflix, Fox and HBO. It is suggested to keep your usage limited to streaming because a free VPN is no good for privacy & anonymity online. Most free Reddit VPN you will notice have no privacy policies at all, while they are claiming they will keep your privacy protected … silly isn’t it!

Here is a list of some popular free best VPN Reddit recommendations for you to try out (do share your experience in the comments section):

  1. VPN Gate
  2. Betternet
  3. ZenMate
  4. WindScribe
  5. Ninja


Reddit VPN Reviews

Since our guide is completely based on user opinions & experiences it is reasonable to check what users’ are saying about the best VPN Reddit providers. I browsed through countless sub-reddits, reading through thousands of comments creating a picture of what each brand shapes into through user experiences.

Here is my take on the opinions & reviews on some leading brands mentioned as Redditors tell us how to evaluate VPN.


PureVPN Reddit Analysis and Reviews

After in-depth research of PureVPN on Reddit forums I concluded that the case is same for all other brands too. There is no VPN service that works the same for everyone, and while your friends maybe enjoying cracking internet speed with one brand you may not get the same performance.

PureVPN Reddit reviews in the last 2 years have been appalling, while several cheap marketing tactics have been attributed to them,but which VPN provider hasn’t? PureVPN has been one of the longest serving privacy brands in the industry. There have been problems with the service including a hack on their email server, yes, but never has there been a reported case where PureVPN has handed over user information or sent out DMCA notices in case of downloading copyright material.

There are other important issues that PureVPN Reddit users have highlighted including non-compliance for refunds, but since the service has been considerably improved. For those who find PureVPN miserable, consider that VyprVPN doesn’t refund any amount in case there is a problem and its services don’t work for you. I always recommend my reader to first test self proclaimed best VPN Reddit services before subscribing for a full year. Sparing $4 is not a bad idea if you consider your online privacy sacred, if it performs poorly you can always discontinue after the first month.

Another issue identified on PureVPN Reddit reviews was the brand offering virtual servers, instead of physical servers are directly infrastructure related. Remember that there are providers who rent physical VPN servers across the world, these services usually cost somewhere between $10 and $15 a month. PureVPN is comparably an economical brand for those with a slim wallet, this means you have the option to connect through servers of over 140 countries for only $3.25 per month.

I wouldn’t however recommend PureVPN to Australian users’, since results have usually been poor for the entire continent. PureVPN has worked brilliantly for me over streaming services so I did find the provider useful for unblocking HBO, Netflix, Sky and HotStar. I was happy to see that there are over 50 locations to download torrents from which is super for the dedicated torrent user and they have readily updated their apps to improve customer experience.

PureVPN also recently added its signature ad-blocker that doesn’t slow down your browser(I have been running it for the past 5 months), you can download Bad Ad Johnny from its official page. In addition I saw new features including the Stealth VPN protocol (double encryption)feature in the Windows apps, but I disliked that connecting to some servers is always an issue followed by massive bandwidth drops.


Private Internet Access Reddit Reviews & Feedback

PIA VPN is famous on Reddit, there is no sub-reddit I found that was without a mention of the brand. It’s good to have a great marketing team, but, user reviews I noticed were really a mix treat. Older Redditor reviews for PIA VPN (2-3 years old)are very good, some claiming that speed loss after connecting PIA was a mere 15 to 20 %.

Sadly, over time as the brand gained fame I noticed multiple concerns addressed by Redditors including a very poor customer support service, inability to connect to some servers, sudden disconnection, DNS leaks, and unstable speeds. Take these poor souls for instance, they were downloading torrents and got exposed:

pia vpn reddit review

Generally, PIA is a good service offers a huge network of servers across the USA and Europe. It worked brilliant with the Netflix website and HBO Now on my Android phone. PIA apps are also highly regarded for their ease of use and simple UI. The simple UI is something I haven’t seen in a lot of other best VPN Reddit providers.

The internet kill switch is also a great addition to PIA VPN and a great reason to use the app for torrents. Advanced users have established that it’s better to use the PIA VPN service through OpenVPN client or manual configuration. There have been a number of iOS users who have complained that when their devices goes to sleep the VPN simply disconnects.

As I mentioned before, depending on location these best VPN Reddit work the different for everyone, since there are multiple factors to consider when connecting to VPN servers. In case of PIA, the growing user base plus the massive streaming and torrent bandwidth being used, it is inevitable that users on selected servers begin suffering. It’s also good to try the OpenVPN protocol on PIA apps for high speed connectivity.

Remember that PIA VPN is one of the worst choices if you are going to China, consider other options. Since PIA VPN is based in the United States I will cannot recommend it to anyone for anything, but this is just my opinion.


CyberGhost VPN Assessment by Redditors

CyberGhost is another famed best VPN Reddit service known for its free service, which comes with limited server selection, ads,and sever waiting times. Cyber Ghost gets a lot of marketing on Reddit, majorly because they keep it simple and allow users to given in their reviews of the service without avoiding the criticism.

CyberGhost is Romanian based and has been periodically maligned with shady business, but as a Redditor who assessed CyberGhost VPN claimed:

cyberghost reddit vpn review

CyberGhost offers some 1000 servers across 30+ countries and these servers are hosted separately than those for free users. The premium apps have an attractive UI but I still felt Redditors assessment of the apps was not great. The app on my Android Phone works seamlessly, has not crashed (as with other Reddit VPN apps) but does disconnect after the VPN has been connected for 2 hours or more sometimes.

CyberGhost is expensive and all its servers are physically hosted so it’s quite worth the price. Torrents download with excellent speeds, I tested on 4 different devices. Streaming was a problem although test speed on Ookla was close to 18 Mbps. Kodi sources were playing really bad, even the very good BBC iPlayer.

The great thing about CyberGhost is that there are no data retention laws, neither is there an NSA in Romania. CyberGhost provides shared VPN IP addresses hence there is nothing to pin on anyone.


IPVanish Reddit Reviews

IPVanish is a famed VPN provider based in the USA and has been occasionally mentioned on Reddit when it comes to unblocking streaming, torrents and gaming. Historically IPVanish had one of the most powerful VPN infrastructures available for subscribers all over the world. Recently I noticed a radical decline in IPVanish user reviews with complaints ranging from speed to privacy issues.

ipvanish reddit vpn review

Check out the complete discussions here

Let’s just get the biggest rock out of the way first, IPVanish is a USA based VPN service and hence falls straight into the jurisdiction of the NSA & US data retention law. IPVanish mentions in its privacy policy that it retains the source IP address, email and various other pieces of information on its users. This is not just an issue with IPVanish but every other Reddit VPN provider in the USA monitors user activities and retains critical pieces of user information for up to 24 months.

While connectivity issues are common among VPN providers’ worldwide, persistent customer support errors are a routine IPVanish Reddit user complaint with multiple cases of unresponsive support, denial of refunds and unsatisfactory service. IPVanish may have great performance but it is not a brand I would recommend to you now.

ExpressVPN Reddit Reviews

As one of the more respectable brands ExpressVPN Reddit reviews project a very honest image of the privacy provider. As a specialist VPN reviewer I have learnt that not many Reddit VPN providers carry the same loyalty as ExpressVPN does.

Not only is the service known for its superb server connectivity & speeds, Express VPN Reddit reviews also commend the provider for its brilliant customer support. ExpressVPN customer support have proven quite diligent to respond to queries and complaints over social networks. If you notice in the user review below, the issue was cleared up immediately.

ExpressVPN Reddit


ExpressVPN Reddit reviews also frequently mention the different ExpressVPN apps available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, and Amazon devices. One of the surprising aspects of ExpressVPN apps are their uniformity of design and performance. The success of ExpressVPN must be attributed to the powerful server infrastructure powering the brand. After reviewing the brand for a 4th consecutive year I have to agree there is no equal to ExpressVPN when it comes to server stability.


best vpn reddit - ExpressVPN


Remember that ExpressVPN Reddit reviews have established that it is indeed a ‘premium’ Reddit VPN brand. Subscriptions vary between $13/month to a wallet breaking $100/year, which obviously makes it “not everyone’s cup of tea”. You although get everything from servers in 97 countries, apps for all major OS, a 30 day money back guarantee, 24/7 instant chat support, 3 simultaneous connections, cutting edge encryption with 4 tunneling protocols.


Reddit Best VPN - ExpressVPn


NordVPN Reddit Reviews

Panama based NordVPN has a massive following, but, also massive criticism when we analyze comments on Reddit. NordVPN Reddit reviews show a radical decline over the past 2 years especially in customer services, while experiencing the same issues as ExpressVPN, PIA and PureVPN. NordVPN support is only available for 12 hours during the day, I noticed that while reviewing them for the last 3 years, so you might want to be patient when contacting them.


NordVPN Reddit Review


One area where NordVPN actually beat the competition was its ability to unblock the US and UK Netflix domains. Not only did users appreciate this but also recommended the service in their reviews based solely on the fact that it unblocked Netflix after the VPN ban. While Netflix remained active on NordVPN US servers there was a massive issue that NordVPN has failed to address over the last year.


NordVPN Reddit


Multiple users have complained in their NordVPN Reddit reviews that the Windows and Android apps leak user IP addresses. When reviewing the service last year I experienced the Windows app leaking my IP address on the Netherlands, Germany and Canada servers. I have reached out to the provider and will post my answer in a NordVPN Reddit post soon.

One feature that gives NordVPN the edge is their 900+ servers across almost 60 countries around the world. It has been one of the leading Reddit VPN user choices for China and other regions with repressive cyber regimes. It is a great service to use when unblocking geo-blocked websites and streaming services, but not a great choice for privacy.


What are Redditors saying about VyprVPN

Marketed as the fastest VPN provider in the world, VyprVPN is up there amongst the more expensive brands in the industry today. VyprVPN is not only expensive but comes with a very stern set of privacy and TOS policy. The provider does not tolerate torrent traffic on its servers even when you are made to pay close to $13 per month.


vyprvpn Reddit review


Performance issues began 2 years back for VyprVPN and even to this day the service does not perform in accordance to its fastest VPN service claims. While testing VyprVPN for our yearly review we noticed that the performance was in fact appalling. Connectivity issues over the Android & Windows apps, up to 85% bandwidth loss, slow torrent downloads and one of the worst streaming experiences on Netflix I have experienced.


vyprvpn FBI Reddit


Finally, the allegations against VyprVPN just hit the roof when it is tagged a honeypot for the FBI to spy on torrenting and browsing users. These allegations have never been proved though but this cryptome article provides some detailed insight. After constant deterioration in service quality I would recommend not to use VyprVPN if you are looking to download torrents and, communicate online using chat & VoIP apps.


Best Paid VPN on Reddit

There is a massive competition between the following 3 best paid VPN on Reddit:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. PureVPN
  3. PIA VPN

There are some very interesting sub-reddits that offer great insight on these 3 best Paid VPN on Reddit. Here are links to some of them, checkout what experienced users are saying about the best brands.

  1. ExpressVPN Query and Responses
  2. PureVPN Queries, Responses & Deals
  3. PIA VPN Queries


In a Nutshell

The best Reddit VPN can only be decided upon with a vote, and that we have put up for you. Get to it now, vote for your favorite VPN provider to let everyone know which VPN service Redditors prefer over the best marketed ones. If you like the article remember to share it using the social buttons, do remember to join us on Facebook and Twitter for more privacy news and latest deals.

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  1. Levi says:

    This guide led me to use PureVPN, and I must say that It is the best decision ive made. I was previously using SwitchVPN ended up disappointed. Then I tried TunnelBear, but that didn’t convince me much either. PureVPN has a very nice client and browser extension. I’d recommend it to anyone!

    • Admin says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience Levi. Feel free to share a complete review on the service. We will really appreciate it!

  2. Noel says:

    Damnnnnnnnnn a website that actually holds Reddit to great value it deserves. Thanks for posting these screenshots I love reading reviews of different providers from Reddit users.

    • Admin says:

      Reddit is indeed one of the best places to receive knowledge and unbiased opinions regarding all services/tools/software. Thanks for commenting Noel!

  3. Alpine says:

    i didnt beleive your reddit reviews at first so i crosschecked, honest reviews thanks

  4. Alpine says:

    a friend told me to skip the first two and i signed up to nordvpn service. so far so good, nice streaming, works with torrents and i can even use it with my ftp server requirements. will be coming back for a detialed review

    • admin says:

      Hi Alpine
      A great choice, NordVPN is one of the best performers of 2017. You can always comeback with a detailed critical review of the service, feedback is always welcome from our devout readers. The brand has also gained fame in reddit VPN reviews that you can check out anytime.

  5. AutumSun says:

    great idea this survey, thanks for the reddit comments posted in the later half explains lots of issues with the providers. these days reddit vpn marketing is getting worst everyday, hard to find a winner on threads

  6. richie rich says:

    i have read some very concerning facts about purevpn on a reddit thread, its ranked top on your survey, why? is this not misleading the reader?

    • admin says:

      Hi Richie
      I know I have read through the threads too, it is concerning what is available on Reddit for PureVPN.
      Our voting table open to all vpn users for voting, it is merely a reflection of user experience with the VPN. It does not imply that the top voted provider is the best in the world. While users up vote the brands they can also down vote the brand, we have given users the choice to do so. PureVPN is a known service for China and South East Asia so there will definitely be a lot of votes, while it is a very average service in the European & North American countries.

      If you do have any queries regarding performance i will retest and provide you detailed stats for all top ranking services, simply leave me a reply. Hope this helps.

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