Founded in 2005, Reddit has grown into a reliable discussion website for members all over the world. It is a web content rating and social news aggregation platform, which allows registered users to submit content such as direct links and text posts. Users can find debates and information on all types of subject matters, which includes image sharing, technology, food, fitness, music, movies, books, science, gaming, and internet. As a result, Reddit may come up often in business conversations with colleagues.

This is what makes it the perfect place to gain opinions about services like VPNs. As a dependable social forum, you can find various threads regarding different VPN providers, troubleshooting common issues, and insight about fraud services. However, the issue with analyzing legitimate Reddit VPN feedback is that you have to look through the marketing jargon. You can find incredibly “blunt” and sometimes distraught users reviews on various Reddit threads. This can lead to great confusion and double-mindedness.

Therefore, to ensure you receive unbiased information regarding the best VPNs, we have gathered some of most talked about VPN services, and their subsequent reviews by Redditors in this blog. Feel free to read the reviews to ease the decision-making process during VPN selection, and do not forget to share your experience in this exclusive Reddit VPN voting chart below:


Reddit VPN by Redditors VOTE *Updated October 2017*

Votes Providers Name Price Features Expert Review Website
$1.91Per Month
PPTP,SSTP,OpenVPN,Socks5 Proxy,OpenWeb,L2TP over IPSec
Windows XP,Windows 8,Windows Vista,Windows,Linux (Ubuntu),Mac OS X,Windows 7
Visit Site
$8.32Per Month
Windows XP,Windows 8,Windows Vista,Windows
Visit Site
$3.29Per Month
Windows XP,Windows 8,Windows Vista,Windows,Mac OS X,Windows 7
Visit Site
TunnelBear VPN
$4.99Per Month
Windows XP,Windows 8,Windows Vista,Windows,Mac OS X,Windows 7
Visit Site
$4.87Per Month
Windows XP,Windows 8,Windows Vista,Windows,Linux (Ubuntu),Mac OS X,Windows 7
Visit Site
Hotspot Shield
$4.99Per Month
Windows XP,Windows 8,Windows Vista,Windows,Linux (Ubuntu),Mac OS X,Windows 7
Visit Site
$2.90Per Month
Windows XP,Windows 8,Windows Vista,Windows,Linux (Ubuntu),Mac OS X,Windows 7
Visit Site
$4.99Per Month
Windows XP,Windows 8,Windows Vista,Windows,Linux (Ubuntu),Mac OS X,Windows 7
Visit Site
$7.50Per Month
Windows XP,Windows 8,Windows Vista,Windows,Linux (Ubuntu),Mac OS X,Windows 7
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$3.33Per Month
Windows XP,Windows 8,Windows Vista,Windows,Linux (Ubuntu),Mac OS X,Windows 7
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Reddit User Ratings Help Choose the Best VPN

Though Reddit is a great place for gaining opinions about services, it can sometimes get very confusing. However, we will make life easier for you by adding the most crucial reviews about VPN providers in this blog. This ensures that you receive nothing but the best recommendations for the decision-making process. Please note that we selected the VPNs after a comprehensive analysis of comments over 60 sub-reddits relating to best Virtual Private Networks.


Reddit VPN – Free Recommended Services

When it comes to VPN services, many users look for a FREE provider. However, what they do not realize is that they sacrifice privacy in search for zero costs. A wise person once said, “There is no free lunch in business” and that goes true with VPNs too. If you want to receive the best reliability, customer support, compatibility, and performance, you need to look beyond. However, after analyzing a few Reddit VPN threads, we did find a few services that go the extra mile. Among these, include:


Reddit Reviews

Since our guide assesses customer opinions & experiences, it is only reasonable to check what users are saying about the best VPN Reddit providers. In light of this, we researched through countless Reddit threads and sub-reddits to create a picture of what each brand shapes into. Continue reading to learn more about the top VPN providers, and their comprehensive analysis from Redditors.


PureVPN Reddit Analysis and Reviews

After conducting an in-depth research of PureVPN, it was clear many users adore the service and its reliability. Of course, there are users who claim the VPN is a fraud, but upon testing the provider ourselves – we actually enjoyed using the service. It gives you access to 790 servers in 140 countries for just $2.92 per month, which is perhaps the most reasonably priced plan ever. Below you can see a user talking about the reliability of PureVPN servers. The VPN proves handy in unblocking geo-restrictions.


PureVPN Reddit VPN


In another Reddit thread, a user discusses purchasing their lifetime subscription and highlighting that there have been no problems experience when using the service. The customer further goes on to state that the Netherlands server is perfect for torrenting and offers good speeds. There is a little uncertainty regarding the services’ logging policies. Many claim that PureVPN records user information, but so far, there has been no news of service forwarding private data to governmental agencies. This means, you are in safe hands when using the VPN for exploring the internet securely!

PureVPN Reddit Analysis


Below is another example of the reliability of PureVPN. The user signs up for the 2 years plan at a low $56 and reveals that his journey started by a simple Google search. However, there are concerns about the software making the computer lag. To check whether this was authentic or not, we tested the product on Windows. We experienced no lag issues whatsoever.

PureVPN Reddit Reviews



Reddit ibVPN Review

After analyzing tons of Reddit VPN threads regarding the ibVPN service, it has become clear the VPN has quite the reputation in the marketplace. Where some users reported to have experienced slow speeds and connectivity issues, others claimed everything worked perfectly fine. Of course, a service cannot satisfy all of its customers, but ibVPN manages to do a good job in offering as much insight and help as possible to the user base. Below you can see a thread praising the service and highlighting a few cons.


Reddit ibVPN Review


The Redditor claims that the pricing is excellent, when he subscribed via Bitcoin. He further goes on to praise the SmartDNS service of the website, then highlights that the Mac client tends to be a little buggy. At the time of the review, an update was not available. However, now the service has introduced new versions for all its clients. You can feel assured to receive good compatibility and reliability from the VPN. As you can see below, ibVPN even has a team on Reddit.

Reddit ibVPN Analysis


The concerned prospect asks whether the service supports Port Forwarding. The team at ibVPN is quick to respond and gives out a solid and elaborative answer. For more information about ibVPN, you may also want to check out our complete review. Here you will find up-to-date details regarding the service, its offerings, reliability, compatibility, support, etc.


Reddit IronSocket Reviews

According to our IronSocket review, the Reddit VPN gains its initial popularity for being a service that allows users to access the US Netflix. However, after reading plenty of Reddit reviews, we came to know the provider has been facing trouble in granting access to the website. This has caused it to lose many customers, especially those who are avid Netflix watchers! Below are a few threads from Reddit discussing whether the VPN is allowing accessing to the worldwide famous TV shows/movies streaming website.

Reddit IronSocket Reviews


Upon reading more comments we also found users giving detailed reviews on the VPN service, where some Redditors stated that the VPN boasts an exceptional customer service and generous policies. Other review were slightly on the negative end, but that was due to the inability to access Netflix. One reason for this could possibly be Netflix blocking all VPNs trying to access their website. Below is a brief review from one of the users, which elaborates how the corporate background of the Reddit VPN is unclear.

IronSocket Reviews for Reddit



Redditors Review of HideMyAss

After observing numerous comments from Reddit users on HideMyAss, one thing is definitely clear the service is all talk and no show. It is quite surprising how the VPN stands as the most popular service for users in the US, especially when it offers no privacy and anonymity to its customers whatsoever. Yes, there was a time where the VPN actually supported a free internet world, but now it seems that it has drifted away from the goal of being a virtual private network in the first place.

The screenshot you see below is from a user receiving a warning letter from HideMyAss stating that it recorded the date, time, and IP address of the time when an illegal file sharing was taking place at the same metrics. The user seems to be disappointed, as the main reason for using a VPN is to keep the browsing traffic encrypted and secure. It should be noted though that HideMyAss does not support P2P/Torrenting or file sharing, which is why them must have sent a warning.

Redditors Review of HideMyAss


In another Reddit thread, a user highlighted that the service is prone to logging information of their customers. Although they claim that they do not log any sort of vital information, they still happen to give away information during an FBI investigation. As a later comment states, if they did not log or have information, they really could not turn anything over. This just justifies that the service is not as open as one would may believe.

Reddit HideMyAss Reviews



TunnelBear VPN Feedback on Reddit

TunnelBear VPN is a good service altogether. However, if we talk in terms of privacy and reliability, it does not pass our tests. To begin with, the provider offers no support for P2P/Torrenting. For its high pricing, it is rather uncanny that users cannot explore the internet and download files freely, without the worry of copyright infringements. Some users also complained about receiving poor speeds on the proclaimed value package.

TunnelBear VPN Reddit Review



Private Internet Access Reddit Reviews & Feedback

By scanning through plenty of Reddit VPN reviews, it is clear that PIA is a good service offers a huge network of servers across the USA and Europe. The only problem is that during its initial days it worked brilliant with the Netflix website and HBO Now, but with streaming platforms constantly blocking IP address – service cannot bypass geo-restrictions on them anymore. In addition, there was a Reddit thread that highlighted service has trouble with IP leaks.

Private Internet Access Reddit Reviews


Another customer of PIA reported that the torrenting experience seems to be extremely slow. Although the user has disable many of the protocols, it still tends to give poor speeds. Nevertheless, on the same thread, there was a solution to the problem. Many users reported that using servers in Romania and Netherlands offered good speeds. Another user stated that Mexico servers seem to work perfectly. If you are using PIA for torrenting, you might find this information useful!

PIA Reddit Reviews



CyberGhost VPN Assessment by Redditors

CyberGhost is another famed best Reddit VPN service known for its free plan, which comes with limited server selection, advertisements, and sever waiting times. The service gets a lot of marketing on Reddit, majorly because they keep it simple and allow users to given in their reviews of the service, without avoiding the criticism. Below is a review from a customer who has been using CyberGhost for more 3 years and the experience is mostly balanced. This may give users a better opinion about the VPN.

CyberGhost VPN Assessment by Redditors


Another user published a review about the service stating that the experience has been phenomenal. The customer has not gone through any trouble using the service, demystifying some of the facts in the above review. Regardless of what you think about CyberGhost, one thing is for sure that there are no data retention laws, as the VPN is located in Romania. CyberGhost provides shared VPN IP addresses; hence, there is nothing to pin on anyone. This VPN is perfect for receiving the utmost level of privacy!

CyberGhost VPN for Reddit



IPVanish Reddit Reviews

Based in the US, IPVanish is a famed VPN provider that has quite the reputation on Reddit when it comes to unblocking streaming, torrents and gaming. Initially, IPVanish had one of the most powerful VPN infrastructures available for subscribers all over the world. However, over the years, there has been a radical decline in IPVanish user reviews with complaints ranging from speed to privacy issues. Below is a comprehensive review from one of the users. It describes the pitfalls of using the VPN, displaying problems with performance, support, and issues with the Windows Client.

IPVanish Reddit Reviews



ExpressVPN Reddit Reviews

ExpressVPN ranks among the best VPN providers in majority of lists and websites – thanks to its amazing service, reliability, customer support, and performance. The VPN tackles issues relating to privacy very seriously and ensures to provide a service that guarantees the utmost level of privacy and security. Below is a review from a Redditor that describes the shift from IPVanish to ExpressVPN. The customer seems to be very happy regarding the switch and the increase in performance. This ensures that the VPN is a good choice, if you want to leverage good speeds for streaming or downloading!

ExpressVPN Reddit Reviews


Express VPN Reddit reviews also commend the provider for its brilliant customer support. The service has a support system that has proven to be quite diligent in responding to queries and complaints over social networks. If you notice in the Reddit VPN review below, the user claimed to have experienced troubles in running the client on Windows 10. Upon contacting the support team, the user quickly received answers and possible fixes within an hour, along with a no questions refund. ExpressVPN definitely manages to create quite the reputation in the marketplace.

Express VPN Reddit



NordVPN Reddit Reviews

Based in Panama, NordVPN is another hit service (following ExpressVPN and PureVPN). It has a massive following, but also receives massive criticism, upon analyzing comments on Reddit VPN reviews. After reading the opinions of many users, it is clear that there has been a radical decline over the past 2 years and the time we wrote our NordVPN review. There is massive criticism in customer service and server speeds. Below a user shares the experience after switching from PIA to NordVPN and the disappointment in torrenting speeds.

NordVPN Reddit Reviews


Another recent review from a user reveals that joining NordVPN was an incredibly bad idea. There are problems experienced with the OpenVPN configuration files, as the user was unable to combine them together and use a “remote-random” protocol. The user quickly contacted the support team, but after offering multiple solutions, the problem persisted. Therefore, the last resort was to request a refund. Luckily the customer managed to get the refund.

NordVPN Reddit Reviews 2



What are Redditors saying about VyprVPN

VyprVPN markets itself as the world’s fastest VPN provider, but it forgets that making such a claim – invites a lot of negative attention. This goes true, especially if a service does not manage to meet the expectations set. The service is not only expensive, but comes with a very stern set of privacy and TOS policy. As you can see below, the provider does not tolerate torrent traffic on its servers, which makes it an inconvenient choice in the first place. Majority users opt for VPNs in hopes to receive freedom for streaming/torrenting.

VyprVPN Reddit VPN


Things take a whole new turn to seriousness, when we came across a Reddit VPN review where the service was tagged as a honeypot for the FBI to spy on users who engage in torrenting and illegal streaming activities. Thought these allegations have not been proved, there is an article by Cryptome that provides comprehensive insight into the matter. We would not recommend anyone to use the service, especially until we receive a solid response from VyprVPN.

Redditors saying about VyprVPN



Best Paid VPN on Reddit

After carefully analyzing hundreds of reviews on Reddit, we concluded that there three best paid VPNs on Reddit. These include PIA VPN, PureVPN, and ExpressVPN. There are some very interesting sub-reddits that offer great insight on these 3 best Paid VPN on Reddit. Here are links to some of them, checkout what experienced users are saying about the best brands.


What Redditors Say about Kodi VPN

Upon reviewing many Reddit VPN reviews for Kodi, we concluded that only two services did not manage to attract any negative attention: ExpressVPN and PureVPN. Both services seemingly offer the best security and privacy for streaming movies/TV shows on the open source, media entertainment platform. If you want to receive good anonymity, it is time you considered subscribing to any of the two services. Do also share your experience in the comments section below.


Final Words

While we have listed plenty of reviews of different Reddit VPN providers above, we can only determine the best service by creating a vote system. Scroll to the top of the page and let everyone know which VPN service Redditors prefer over the best-marketed ones. If you liked reading this article, do not hesitate on sharing it to your friends/family members. Also, feel free to share your experiences regarding different Reddit VPN providers in the comments section below. Have a nice day!


15 Responses to Reviews on VPN Providers by Redditors
  1. Blanc says:

    I’d say that PureVPN and ExpressVPN are definitely two of the best services in the marketplace today. You can see a lot of competition between the two. I plan on checking out both so that I can determine the winner!

    • admin says:

      Thanks for sharing your feedback. We look forward to hearing how your experience with both VPNs go. The more reviews, the merrier! 

  2. Mateo says:

    Never thought id be going across Reddit reviews on a blog :p Thanks for making my job easier. I opted for ExpressVPN after reading this. And I am very much satisfied.

    • Admin says:

      Not many people hold Reddit to its great value. Thanks for sharing your experience. And feel free to leave a complete review on ExpressVPN. We would like to hear how the VPN is for you!

  3. Levi says:

    This guide led me to use PureVPN, and I must say that It is the best decision ive made. I was previously using SwitchVPN ended up disappointed. Then I tried TunnelBear, but that didn’t convince me much either. PureVPN has a very nice client and browser extension. I’d recommend it to anyone!

    • Admin says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience Levi. Feel free to share a complete review on the service. We will really appreciate it!

  4. Noel says:

    Damnnnnnnnnn a website that actually holds Reddit to great value it deserves. Thanks for posting these screenshots I love reading reviews of different providers from Reddit users.

    • Admin says:

      Reddit is indeed one of best places to receive knowledge and unbiased opinions regarding all services/tools/software. Thanks for commenting Noel!

  5. Alpine says:

    i didnt beleive your reddit reviews at first so i crosschecked, honest reviews thanks

  6. Alpine says:

    a friend told me to skip the first two and i signed up to nordvpn service. so far so good, nice streaming, works with torrents and i can even use it with my ftp server requirements. will be coming back for a detialed review

    • admin says:

      Hi Alpine
      A great choice, NordVPN is a best performers of 2017. You can always comeback with a detailed critical review of service, feedback is always welcome from our devout readers. The brand has also gained fame in reddit reviews that you can check out anytime.

  7. AutumSun says:

    great idea this survey, thanks for the reddit comments posted in the later half explains lots of issues with the providers. these days reddit marketing is getting worst everyday, hard to find a winner on threads

  8. richie rich says:

    i have read some very concerning facts about purevpn on a reddit thread, its ranked top on your survey, why? is this not misleading the reader?

    • admin says:

      Hi Richie
      I know I have read through the threads too, it is concerning what is available on Reddit for PureVPN.
      Our voting table open to all vpn users for voting, it is merely a reflection of user experience with the VPN. It does not imply that the top voted provider is the best in the world. While users up vote the brands they can also down vote the brand, we have given users the choice to do so. PureVPN is a known service for China and South East Asia so there will definitely be a lot of votes, while it is a very average service in the European & North American countries.

      If you do have any queries regarding performance i will retest and provide you detailed stats for all top ranking services, simply leave me a reply. Hope this helps.

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