Rating Criteria

At BestVPNProvider.com we rate each of the VPN service providers thoroughly and use different variables while evaluating their listing & ranking. Our team extensively tests the service based on the factors mentioned below.

Do note that there are no influences from any third party or sponsors that affect the ranking tables at BestVPNProvider.com.

Here are the rating criteria used by us.


No performance measure is complete with how fast the service is and not to disregard this notion, speed is an important rating criterion at BestVPNProvider.com. We perform speeds tests of each service in our reviews, listings, and rankings.

Using different servers, switching between protocols, and then comparing with original speeds (without VPN) we are able to judge how fast the service performs.

Protocols & Encryption

One of the main line of defenses that any VPN provides is by tunneling your data through secure protocols and data encryption. There are different protocols offered by various providers.

Our rating criterion takes into account the number of protocols supported by the service. At a minimum, a provider should offer three basic protocols and OpenVPN should be one of them as it is the most secure of all the protocols.

Data encryption encodes your data into random alphanumeric characters, protecting your data from be accessed by cyber-goons. Our rating criterion is based on the level of encryption provided by different VPN providers. A 256 bit AES is the strongest level of encryption and will keep your data secure.


We rate different VPN services based on the number of servers they provide. A service that offers wide range of server choices shows that you can keep your data safe by connecting to different locations and enjoy internet freedom across various countries.

We evaluate different VPN services and rate them based on their performance across various servers. This shows their pedigree in terms of accessing geo restrictions while performing at top levels.

IP Addresses

A VPN service that offers numerous servers also allows you to choose from multiple IP addresses. When rating different providers, we closely look at the number of IP addresses they provide and whether they have an option for dynamic or static IP’s.

This is aspect is important when it comes to privacy. Users that are conscious about their anonymity use IP addresses from a different location in order to safeguard their original identity. The higher the number of IP addresses the less chance that your identity can be tracked.

Customer Support Service

The integrity and devotion towards the customers is seen in the level of customer support service offered by the VPN provider. We evaluate and rank the VPN service based on the level of customer support that they provide to their users.

When assessing the customer service, we consider the different methods though which a VPN provider offers assistance. These include basic setup guides, tutorials, email enquiry and ticketing system, FAQ section, and live chat availability.


A VPN can be used for many purposes and we rate different VPN providers based on a certain purpose for which a user would use it. For instance, there are certain VPN providers that perform exceptionally well for online gaming while others work well for P2P sharing / torrent.

We test each service based on the given purpose and rate the provider judging on their respective performance.

Mobile Apps

Various VPN providers are compatible across various platforms and operating systems including mobile devices. Protection on public Wi-Fi hotspots is of top concern in today’s time which is precisely why this is one of the rating criterions on our website.

We rate the services that offer mobile apps and evaluate their performance on different mobile platforms before ranking.


At BestVPNService.com, we evaluate different VPN services while taking into account the reviews from other users, experts, and feedbacks provided by the customers. These reviews show case the overall performance and customer satisfaction that the VPN provider offers.