As the holiday season commences, you can see a number of giveaway events being promoted online or turning up in your email account. Surely, it’s a delight watching different websites/services trying their level best to lure potential customers into participating to win amazing gifts.

However, what if we told you, there is a giveaway that’ll leave you completely dazzled? That’s right. *Cue suspense music* *Cue drum roll* We are talking about the biggest giveaway of the YEAR from none other than the most budget-friendly privacy service, PureVPN!



22 LUCKY individuals who subscribe to any PureVPN plan will gain the opportunity of getting a brand new iPhone X or Apple Watch! This means, if you’ve been looking forward to a new smartphone or watch, then here’s your opportunity to get it.


How Can You Get an iPhone X or Apple Watch?

The rules are quite simple. In order to be eligible for the giveaway, you need to participate in a few activities to earn POINTS. The more you earn, the better your chances of winning an iPhone X or Apple Watch. Typically, there are 16 ways you can start earning points, which are listed here.

However, to give you an overview, you need to perform simple tasks like Tweeting a status, view a post on Facebook, follow @PureVPN on Twitter, visit PureVPN on Facebook, and subscribe to PureVPNs YouTube Channel, etc. Once you generate 500/400, you can unlock the iPhone or Apple Watch.



If you quickly want to earn a good sum of points, it’s advisable to subscribe to a PureVPN plan (which will give you a boost of 450 points). The same goes for users who previous customers of the provider. If you pay your PureVPN recurring invoice or upgrade your plan, you can gain 450 points.

When Will the Winners Be Decided?

The users who manage to generate the highest number of points will, of course, be the ones to take away a brand new iPhone X or Apple Watch home. The first winner will be named on the 21st December with the others in the subsequent dates till 2nd January. A new winner will be announced Every Day!




Wrapping Things Up

PureVPN exists as one of the few providers that always introduces new ways to promote their service, while offering something of value to its customers. This giveaway is another example. Our job was to inform our viewers regarding it. If you participate and by any chance win, don’t forget to drop a comment below and let us know all about it. Have a lovely day! J

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